The Trump Cult Knows He’s Guilty, So They’re All on Fox News Yammering About Planted Evidence

In the wake of the FBI searching Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker, his worshipful cult followers have been mired in panic mode. Their reaction is perhaps the the most telling proof that Trump is guilty of serious crimes, and they know it.

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What’s astonishing about the post-FBI search is that none of Trump’s Deplorables are attempting to argue that he’s innocent. They are in lockstep formation attacking the the FBI and the Justice Department as corrupt, dishonest practitioners of radical leftist, banana republic tactics. Never mind that they haven’t produced a shred of evidence to support their hair-on-fire harangues. And pay no attention to the fact that FBI Director Chris Wray was appointed by Trump, who said he was “an impeccably qualified individual, and I know that he will again serve his country as a fierce guardian of the law and model of integrity.” Oops.

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More specifically, the Trumpists are falling in line behind the utterly baseless charge that the FBI planted evidence against Trump during the Mar-a-Lago visit. It’s a shameful and reckless allegation for which the only basis is their perverse imaginations. But it has rapidly become the mantra at Fox “News” because, despite it’s pitiful idiocy, it’s the least idiotic defense they can fabricate on such short notice.

What Trump and his Fox friends are doing is laying the groundwork to deny the validity of the evidence that they know the FBI has confiscated from Trump’s Palm Beach compound. In other words, they know that Trump is guilty. And since the hard documents that Trump stole from the White House – many of which are classified – will be unimpeachably incriminating, the only thing Trump’s minions can do is try to characterize them as fake or planted by a cabal of dozens of law enforcement professionals working in tandem with Justice Department officials and the White House.

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It’s a conspiracy theory that puts the “lizard people” proponents to shame. But it’s what is on the script for Team Trump today. As evidence of the coordination in place for this preposterous fan fiction, what follows are some of the wild commentaries on Fox News from just the past 24 hours…

Jesse Watters: What the FBI is probably doing is planting evidence, which is what they did during the Russia hoax. We also have a hunch that they doctored evidence to get the warrant.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba: Quite honestly, I’m concerned that they may have planted something. At this point who knows? I don’t trust the government.

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt: What Was in Those Backpacks?
Sen. Rand Paul: Do I know that the boxes of material they took from Mar-a-Lago, that they won’t put things in those boxes to entrap him? How do we know? […]
Ainsley Earhardt: His lawyer said they brought in backpacks, what was in those backpacks? Did they bring those in to fill them up or did they have something in there?

Trump attorney (and former OAN shill) Christina Bobb: At this point I don’t “necessarily” think that they would even go to the extent of trying to plant information. I think they just make stuff up.

And of course, Wannabe messiah Trump

“The FBI and others from the Federal Government would not let anyone, including my lawyers, be anywhere near the areas that were rummaged and otherwise looked at during the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting.’ Why did they STRONGLY insist on having nobody watching them, everybody out? Obama and Clinton were never ‘raided,’ despite big disputes!”

Who wants to to tell Trump that neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton committed crimes that warranted being raided? Although the FBI did examine Clinton’s emails just eleven days prior to the presidential election of 2016, she never presented any risk of tampering with, or destroying evidence. Unlike Trump. Also, it is routine for search warrants to be executed without others around contaminating the potential crime scene. Particularly others with interests in altering the outcome of the search.

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Trump is known to have shredded, flushed, and even eaten documents that were required by law to be preserved. He took dozens of boxes from the White House and, when challenged, only returned some them, lying that it was all he had. And now that the FBI has recovered more of the materials that Trump stole, he and his goon squad are maligning law enforcement and manufacturing an argument that any evidence of a crime was planted. Which is a pretty good indication that they know there is evidence of a crime – or crimes – in what the FBI recovered.

Finally, if Trump is really so upset that the search warrant was improper, why doesn’t he release his copy of it as proof? The FBI cannot do so if it is under seal, but there is nothing stopping Trump – except his consciousness of guilt. Trump’s glassy-eyed disciples should ask themselves this question: Why would he hesitate to release information that would exonerate him? The answer: For the same reason he refuses to testify under oath and obstructs his supporters from doing so. He’s guilty and he knows it.

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  1. Predictably, trump is already bilking the sheet-for-brains magats for money, based on this latest “persecution”. Maybe instead of hallucinating that the FBI is “planting evidence”, they should entertain a more logical conspiracy theory. How about, trump faked the “FBI raid” to use the faux outrage it would generate to fleece his sheep again.?

  2. If we don’t get rid of the maggot Trump we will lose this country to fascism! It’s as simple as that!

  3. The lawyer’s comments, made without any evidence or knowledge, appear to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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