Tucker Carlson Maligns Women and People with Disabilities in the Most Cringeworthy Clip of 2022

From its inception, the mission of Fox News has been to advance the interests of wealthy white men. And that mission was tightly aligned with the goals of the Republican Party for which they served as their official Ministry of Propaganda. That relationship grew stronger over the years, and culminated with the invention and promotion of Donald Trump and his crusade against democracy.

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Leading the parade of anti-American hate and fear mongering at Fox News is their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. Every night Carlson manages to dig ever deeper into lunatic conspiracy theories and divisive rhetoric intended to foment discord and violence. And always present in his screeds is an overt contempt for all things liberal in general, and for people of color and women in particular.

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On Wednesday night’s episode of his hate-fest, Carlson devoted much of the program to disparaging women and people with disabilities. Because it’s a hallmark of Republicans to punch down at those who are already suffering hardships. He began with a cringeworthy tirade against two inspirational young women – climate change activist Greta Thunberg, and National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, saying that…

“We’re supposed to accommodate Greta Thunberg’s disability, pretend her words are profound. Just like the fake poet at Biden’s administration. [Sarcastically] Oh, she was so great. We dare you to say she wasn’t. She was ridiculous.”

First of all, what is up with that demonic cackle that he so frequently unleashes? Does Carlson really think that sane people relate to his screeching and fake attempt at emulating human laughter?

More to the point, Carlson is typically casting repulsive insults at two accomplished and gifted women. In Thunberg’s case he is attacking her for daring to be an articulate and effective advocate for the planet, despite having Asperger’s. She has spoken eloquently around the world, including at the United Nations.

However, Carlson was satisfied making asinine comments about Thunberg, so he dragged Gorman into his hate speech. Gorman’s offense, in Carlson’s eyes, is merely that she is Black.

Still not content with his outpouring of malice, Carlson went on to malign Vice-President Kamala Harris as “the dimmest person,” and President Biden as “demented” and “deranged.” Then he set off to spew scorn on Pennsylvania Senate candidate, John Fetterman, who is recovering from a stroke. Carlson outright lied about Fetterman using a computer to provide closed captioning during an interview because he is still having some minor auditory processing issues. According To Carlson…

“The guy’s reading his answers off a screen with a reporter three feet away.”

Carlson knows damn well that Fetterman was only using the computer to assure that he was hearing the questions correctly. There were no answers on the screen, which was shown during the interview. But that didn’t stop Carlson from lying about it. It’s just the latest dishonest attack on Fetterman by Fox News where they are afraid that Fetterman will defeat the Republican snake oil salesman and dog killer, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

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Fetterman’s disability is temporary and he is expected to fully recover. But taking Carlson at his word, he is saying that a deaf person would be unfit to serve in Congress. That’s consistent with the right-wing view that people with disabilities, people of color, women, and anyone who isn’t rich, white, and male, is automatically disqualified. That’s the goal of the Republican Party and its mouthpieces at Fox News. And Carlson just keeps proving it in the most explicit terms.

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