Blame America First: Trump Says if Putin Goes Nuclear in Ukraine ‘It’s Because of the U.S.’

One of the most predictable and ironic traits of Donald Trump and his cult followers is that they pretend to be passionately patriotic, while actually acting adversely to American interests and finding fault with everything the nation does if it isn’t in direct alignment with the whims of Trump.

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Trump himself demonstrated this crackpot quirk during an interview with Fox News Trump-fluffer, Brian Kilmeade. The topic was the Russian war against Ukraine. The entire Western alliance of free nations is united in supporting Ukraine against Russia’s aggression. So is President Biden and the Democratic Party. So naturally, Trump has taken a knee-jerk opposition to the pro-Ukraine stance and is, as usual, backing his hero, Vladimir Putin.

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The conversation Trump had with his media minion Kilmeade revealed once again that Trump’s sympathies lie with America’s enemies. He has proven, as he invariably does, his devotion to the “America First” doctrine that he rants about incessantly. To clarify, that’s the “Blame America First” doctrine. He began by exposing his pitiful ignorance of world affairs…

Trump: Ukraine is a much smaller military, you have to remember. And now they’re using tactics and don’t forget those tactics are going to get a lot worse. And importantly – I call it the “N” word – the nuclear word. People get a little angry when I say that. Don’t get angry. It’s the biggest threat in the world today.
Kilmeade: Do you think he’d uses them. There’s a story that Putin wanted to use them and his inner circle stopped it. Do you think Putin would use nuclear weapons?
Trump: Well, I don’t think he’ll stand for losing. So in some form, maybe limited form – but to think we’re even having this conversation. You know, you never mention the “N” word. Either one. You never mention the “N” word or the “N” word. The nuclear “N” word never was supposed to be mentioned. Now I’m reading every day – as an example, today I’m reading somewhere that there’s at least a 40% chance that he’ll use nuclear weapons. How the hell did this happen? And it’s because of the United States.

First of all, Trump is apparently unaware that Ukraine’s much smaller military is winning this war against Russia. What’s worse is that he is almost sanctioning the prospect of Russia using nuclear weapons. Trump’s infantile speech patterns have him repeatedly referring to the “N” word, as if it were naughty. And he thinks that people have a problem with discussions about nuclear weapons, that he thinks should never be mentioned.

Trump also told Kilmeade about something that “I’m reading somewhere,” that said “there’s at least a 40% chance that [Putin will] use nuclear weapons.” Notice that he didn’t say where he allegedly read that. Suffice to say that it was either in the QAnon Daily News, or on a cocktail napkin handed to him by his chief foreign affairs advisors, Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon.

The most repulsive part of Trump’s comments, however, were his closing remarks where he said that the threat of Russia escalating the war into a nuclear conflict was “because of the United States.” Because blaming America is always Trump’s first inclination. And he has worshipfully demonstrated for the past six years that he would never attribute anything negative to his Moscow messiah.

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  1. My God, that picture with the big head of Putin on it with TUMP sitting in the foreground is a statement of pure EVIL…He just looks like he is itching to use Nuclear weapons somewhere, be it Ukraine or somewhere else. Putin is one ugly, sinister looking monster. A mask made that looks like that picture would make a great Halloween mask…TUMP would buy up thousands of them….

    • I notice in particular Putin’s eyes. The eyes are the window of the soul. If that old expression (and for other reasons) is true, Putin is going straight to hell. As far as I’m concerned, he can take Trump with him

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