Tucker Carlson’s QAnon Creed Comes Out as He Calls Democrats a ‘Child Sacrifice Cult’

The continuing outpouring of abominations expressed by Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, is reaching ever more noxious depths. That might seem impossible for someone who has already so despicably demonstrated his overt racism, misogyny, and fondness for fascism and fascists. But if you didn’t think Carlson could do it, you don’t know Tucker.

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On Monday’s episode of his nightly hate mongering sermonette, Carlson unleashed an outraged rant (video below) over Democrats angered by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade. He almost immediately contradicts himself to assert that Democrats were actually thrilled by the decision because, in Carlson’s warped mind, it provided them with a political issue.

Carlson claimed that Democrats have no other issue to run on in the midterm election. He must have missed the passage of the popular American Rescue Act, the Infrastructure bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, and legislation that addressed gun control, gas price gouging, access to healthcare, climate change, voting rights, and more.

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Carlson’s tunnel-blind view that Democrats were fixated on abortion because they had no other issue to run on was patently absurd. Nevertheless, he hammered on it incessantly. And then he got to what he thought was a profound point. He accused Democrats of hypocrisy saying that…

“…there was a problem with the messaging. So COVID had just ended. And people not being entirely stupid still remembered that this very same Democratic Party, the same people had forced the entire population to wear paper masks like children, and then to take the shot as a condition of going outside. So women have the right to control their own bodies? Hmm, they used to tell us that.”

Carlson went on to describe the COVID vaccine as “experimental” and to mock the the slogan “My body, my choice.” However, his attempt to malign Democrats as hypocrites was logically perverse and it swung back to smack him right in his smug face.

There is no rational equivalency between the government’s interest in abortion rights and COVID mitigation. Women who want to preserve their right to decide whether or not to carry a fetus to term will not infect other women around her at the grocery store or the post office. A deadly virus, though, does spread in exactly that way.

So there is no governmental interest in mandating abortion decisions which are private and personal. But there is a government interest in preventing the spread of deadly viruses that can – and tragically have – killed more than a million Americans. Many due directly to Fox News in general, and specifically to Carlson’s reckless and callous campaign of deliberate disinformation.

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So Carlson’s argument fails on every level. He is intellectually incapable of comprehending that women who have had abortions won’t cause other pregnant women standing behind them in line at the dry cleaner to spontaneously abort. But someone with COVID could transmit the virus to anyone within proximity to them. And in his ignorance, Carlson concluded his idiotic harangue with an insane, QAnon inspired delusion…

“Abortion politics is a total fixation of Democratic donors. It’s the main thing they care about. Why is that, by the way? It’s a religion. It’s a child sacrifice cult.”

That’s right. Carlson has been fully indoctrinated into the QAnon cult that believes that Democrats feast on the blood of babies. And this nauseating perspective is permitted to be aired on Fox News, a network that is seething with heinous allegations and crackpot QAnon conspiracy theories that have a high potential of leading to violence. And once more, after their role in exacerbating a deadly pandemic, Fox News will have blood on their hands.

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5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson’s QAnon Creed Comes Out as He Calls Democrats a ‘Child Sacrifice Cult’

  1. Carlson Tucker, i would think it is quite obvious this criminally insane raving lunatic is unfit to be a part of the human race. I am wondering if this thing called Carlson Tucker was put together in a mad scientist’s lab using brain parts from dead serial killers, murderers, serial rapists, and life long violently insane persons. This crazy son of a bitch doesn’t need to be out among the public. Things like Carlson Tucker should be locked up in a padded cell and in a straight jacket for life. Just goes to show how far the United States has went down the rabbit hole for letting this raving insane bastard spew this crap on a national cable and satellite network. This dangerous raving and ranting is dangerous and inciting violence and hate is unacceptable…SHUT DOWN FOX SPEWS!!!! Exile Carlson Tucker to Siberia and let Putin have him. We don’t need that extremist sleaze bag here….

  2. What an idiot! What an idiot! If it weren’t for his postgraduate education and years as a tv journalist, I could easily compare him to MTG, the most mentally ill member of Congress.

    • Hmmmm, i learn something new every day. I had read somewhere that all he had was a high school degree. I guess that was some fake statement that person had written. The way this insane asshat acts i would have thought he might have a postgraduate education from Kindergarten. He is one incompetent journalist if i have ever seen one. MT Goon behaves like someone that didn’t ever graduate from grade school. That dumbbell Herschel Walker is another example running against Rapheal Warnock. He is dumb as a rock and prone to violence if he is provoked. Hell, even i could do better than those idiots and i only have a high school degree and 1 year of Tech College. Like i said in the earlier comment, Carlson Tucker belongs in a mental institution in a padded cell in a straight jacket instead of inciting hate and violence on a third rate TV broadcast.

  3. I suppose reality TV news was a logical progression from reality TV drama. It’s become very hard to distinguish actual reality from pretend reality. Republicans realized that, if you buy that the competitors on the island are actually starving but the cameramen and crew aren’t, you’ll probably buy anything they make up. I would point out that Trump was a reality TV star.

    • I remember when they broadcast that first show, ”The Apprentice” because my ex wife wanted to see it so badly. After 15 minutes of watching that arrogant SOB i couldn’t stomach any more of that shit show…I thought to myself, ”what an arrogant bossy SOB” i quietly went to my room.. i have hated and despised that arrogant bastard every since then…You are exactly right it has become hard to distinguish actual reality from pretend reality.. MAGAts only believe in the pretend reality of TUMP…….

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