Trump’s Delusional, Desperate, and (as Always), Dishonest Response to Musk’s Twitter Takeover

The soap opera that commenced after Elon Musk proposed to buy Twitter in April has finally come to an end. Well, at least the buying part. Complex melodramatic narratives will continue into the future due to the unstable mental state of Musk, as well as the social and political ramifications of his ownership of a virtual town square with international scope.

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Donald Trump, Twitter

Leading the parade of emotional defectives is, of course, Donald Trump. His view of Musk taking over Twitter is typically drenched with personal interests that range from his competition with Twitter, via his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, and his massive but fragile ego. Remember, Trump was so hurt by Twitter permanently suspending his account that he sued them. The suit was quickly dismissed because the court found that it had no rational legal basis.

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On Friday Trump responded to the news that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was completed. And as expected, it was riddled with his hallmark personality traits: whining, bragging, and lying. He posted on Truth Social that…

“TRUTH SOCIAL has become somewhat of a phenomena. Last week it had bigger numbers than all other platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest. It also looks and works better to my eye. I am very happy that Twitter is now in sane hands, and will no longer be run by Radical Left Lunatics and Maniacs that truly hate our country. Twitter must now work hard to rid itself of all of the bots and fake accounts that have hurt it so badly. It will be much smaller, but better. I LOVE TRUTH!”

Indeed, Truth Social is a phenomenal flop. When Trump asserts that “it had bigger numbers than all other platforms,” he is referring only to the number of downloads from the Apple and Google app stores. It still has a tiny percentage of the users that Twitter and other popular social media sites have. And the only reason its download numbers were high is because it just became available many months after its launch. In fact, it has already dropped below all of the apps Trump mentioned, and isn’t even among the top fifty on either the Google or Apple app stores.

Trump’s comment has the requisite infantile insults that he includes in virtually every public statement he makes. And it’s always the same malarkey about alleged “Radical Left Lunatics and Maniacs that truly hate our country.” You have to wonder whether there are any medications that can correct his tedious repetitions, or if he is already on medications that are causing it.

In addition to Trump’s pathetic post, he also gave a comment to Fox News regarding Musk and Twitter. And it was predictably demented. He told Fox that…

“I don’t think Twitter can be successful without me.” And that…

“Twitter was a failed enterprise. It was only when I got on that it became successful.” And that…

“If I choose to run, I will only use Truth.” (Which he has said before, although this time he’s leaving an out in case he doesn’t run)

The notion that Trump won’t return to Twitter if he is allowed is preposterous. He has about four million followers on Truth Social. He had more than 80 million on Twitter. Do you think he’d pass up that opportunity to languish in the adoration of his cult?

It really is astonishing how deranged Trump is. He really thinks that people miss his tweets. As an example of what the Twitterverse is missing without Trump, he posted 47 times on Truth Social yesterday. The subjects ranged from praise for Brazilian fascist Jair Bolsonaro, to a rancid rant against the judge presiding over his trial in New York. But mostly he posted about how magnificent he thinks he is and how much everybody loves him.

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However, Trump didn’t post a single note of concern or sympathy for the attempted murder of Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Perhaps he’s still hurt by Pelosi observing that he “is not man enough” to comply with the subpoena he received from the January 6th Committee investigating the insurrection he incited.

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6 thoughts on “Trump’s Delusional, Desperate, and (as Always), Dishonest Response to Musk’s Twitter Takeover

  1. “If I choose to run, I will only use Truth.”

    Oh, if that were only accurate. But of course, Lord Moronikus Benediktus never spoke truth before, and it ain’t happening now. Certainly won’t happen in the future either.

  2. I like it when Pelosi refers to him as morbidity obese! I’m sure that drives him insane.

    • That may be why he requires Adderall. For weight reduction. But amphetamines can trigger mental illness or cause outright psychosis. To repeat Pelosi, again, “He is Crazy!”

  3. I was amused at the notion he thinks everybody loves him, The deranged SOB better think about that. There are many more people that HATE him than loves him. I have never even like him, much less love the big fat orange turd. He once made a statement back in the year 2018 that everyone in United States is supposed to love ME and if they don’t i will see to it that everyone will be required to love me….. That was while he was Dictator of the USA.. That made me hate TUMP even worse than i already did at the time and still do to this day..

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