As Trump Prepares to Lose Another Presidential Race, Most Americans Say He Shouldn’t Run

Former reality TV game show host, Donald Trump, has been teasing for weeks that he intends to run for president again in 2024. And he promised that he would make a “big announcement” on Tuesday, November 15, that he openly implies will be the commencement of his campaign. He is even laughably previewing it as “one of the most important days in the history of our Country!”

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Donald Trump, Presidenty

On Monday Trump dropped more than 70 self-exalting posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. Most of them portrayed him as the messiah of his worshipful cult followers, with images of him hovering the heavens or sporting the regalia of a valiant warrior. Which is ironic for a perpetually whining crybaby who has demonstrated nothing but cowardice.

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While Trump is clearly infatuated with himself, his perverse presumption that there is a groundswell of supporters clamoring for his re-occupation of the White House is preposterous. And a new poll reveals that reality in stark terms. According to the survey…

“A Politico-Morning Consult poll showed that 53 percent of registered voters believe he definitely should not run, while 12 percent said he probably shouldn’t. Less than 20 percent of respondents said he should definitely run, while only 12 percent said he probably should.”

On the heels of the midterm election Trump is descending to new lows. Historically the party in the White House loses dozens of seats in Congress. That didn’t happen this time. And there is widespread agreement that Trump was the single biggest reason that voters abandoned him and the parade of deplorable clown candidates that he endorsed. Even many Republicans spent the post-election week blaming Trump and trying to pretend that they weren’t part of his crusade.

Despite the American people’s overwhelming revulsion of Trump’s MAGA movement, he still suffers under the delusion that he is a beloved leader whose efforts on behalf of the phalanx of GOP losers were a smashing success. Not only is that irrefutably false, but the poll also found that Trump’s support among his own party is pitifully weak…

“A majority of Republican respondents in the Politico-Morning Consult poll said they wanted Trump to run, with 61 percent saying he definitely or probably should. But 35 percent said he should not run.”

So a third of the Republican Party doesn’t merely prefer a different candidate. They don’t even want Trump in the race. They know that his presence will be a drag on the rest of the Party’s candidates for every office from the presidency to the sanitation department. Consequently, the most avid advocates for a Trump candidacy are an odd combination of his most glassy-eyed disciples, and Democratic campaign consultants.

Trump may have some reservations about running himself. In fact, his “big announcement” may actually be a head fake that just reveals a 50% off sale of all MAGA merchandise at the Mar-a-Lago gift shop. After all, he already lost the presidency once. He lost the popular vote twice. He lost the 2022 midterms. His notoriously fragile ego couldn’t survive another rejection. So he might be laying the groundwork for an alternative career. But it’s one that is just as likely to result in a humiliating failure as another White House run: Trump TV?

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7 thoughts on “As Trump Prepares to Lose Another Presidential Race, Most Americans Say He Shouldn’t Run

  1. If he runs, I hope he runs as a third party candidate so he takes votes away from the republican candidate.

  2. This Trumpie thing, if it hasn’t always been sick, is just getting sicker. Republican candidates like Kari Lake and might I mention definite Trumper MTG ,who has marbles for brains anyway you look at it, are saying midterms are stolen and fraudulent. I am so tired of Trump’s politics if you could call whatever he does politics.

    • The fraudulent and stolen thing is their best and only excuse for them when they lose elections. I knew they were going to scream this when they lost several elections in this mid-term. Kari Lake, MTG, Lauren Boebert….. The 3 stoogettes, with an apology to Larry, Curly, and Moe for insulting them.
      TUMP’s politics is really a cult thing similar the Jim Jones cult, but on a much bigger scale. Propaganda, threats and threatening violence is the name of their game. I am sick of it to the extreme.

  3. In essence he’s forecasting more of his diarrhea, not surprising since it’s been going on since 2016, great fanfare over one more “loose stool” brain fart. It really doesn’t matter anyway, and he’s no longer funny. He is in possession of more Nuclear weapons placements, and Allies own capabilities. He is using it to blackmail the USA, France, Great Britain, and Israel. Putin told him what to take. Those are real facts, not a fucking joke.

    • gary owen: Has he threatened blackmail to Canada too?? I agree that these are the facts and this is very concerning to me also. I do know that TUMP did have many disagreements with Canada when he was Dictator from 2017-2021 here in the USA. The only way anyone can get along with TUMP is to commit total and unwavering loyalty to him just like Adolf Hitler.

      • Your last sentence clearly explains his ‘base’, who do choose to be ignorant. Only their ignorance can explain their Idol worship. He always turns on his “supporters” even after they risked Political careers to prove their loyalties. He does know better, yet it is his insecurity over being hated daily, which trips him up. He is his own greatest ‘worshipper’, since all other accolades by the ‘base’ mean nothing to him. He knows he is far smarter than the rest of us, so he must be so lonely, as Dictator-in-Chief. He did fail to protect Putin from recrimination over Putin’s invasion of the Ukrainian Nation. He did all he could while in Office, to weaken Ukraine and allow wholesale mass murders by Putin after colluding with Vladimir Putin. That was made clear by his attempt to Blackmail the Urkraine , by withholding needed weapons, if they refused to stage an Investigation. They refused, so he retaliated.

        • One more thing, while TUMP was in the White house sometime in the year 2018 i saw a news article in an interview with him and the host asked him, ” what do you think about all of the voters in the United States that do not like you and actually despise you?” TUMP replied, ” They are going to like me, i will see to it that they are going to like me.” That sounded like a thinly veiled threat to me. That is the reason i call him a Dictator. Presidents do not say things like that, at least not here until he became Dictator. I won’t ever forget that even though i can’t remember the person who interviewed him. That is the day my hate for TUMP intensified a thousand times….Just think about the clown carnival the House of Representatives is going to be now….especially with that MTG tramp leading the way.

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