Why Elon Musk Restoring Trump’s Twitter Account is Ignorant, Dangerous, and Hypocritical

Nearly two years ago Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s account due to his reckless and relentless lies about election fraud. Twitter imposed the ban on January 8th, two days after Trump’s deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill, saying that “we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.” Now Elon Musk has personally intervened to restore the account.

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Musk has contradicted his prior promise not to restore Trump, or anyone else, until after his “content moderation council” (whatever that is) met. But this reversal is wrong for many reason: 1) It’s pitifully ignorant. 2) It’s predictably dangerous. And 3) It’s flagrantly hypocritical. Let’s drill down into each of these reasons…

Musk tweeted that Trump’s account would be restored because “The people have spoken.” He was referring to a poll that he previously posted asking whether the account should be reinstated. The results were pretty close, with “Yes” besting “No” 51.8% to 48.2%. However, it is extraordinarily idiotic to take such a poll seriously. For one thing, Musk knows that the votes could be rampant with bots.

In addition to that, it isn’t a scientifically valid survey with a representative sampling of either Americans or Twitter users. It is merely the opinion of people who happened to come across Musk’s tweet and chose to click on a response. And with only 15 million votes, it isn’t even a representative sample of Musk’s 117 million followers. If Barack Obama (who has 5 times the followers of Musk) posted the same poll, you would have a completely different outcome. So for Musk to revive Trump’s account on the basis of this poll proves that he doesn’t have even the most basic grasp of what it means in reality when “the people have spoken.”

When Twitter suspended Trump’s account, they did so in recognition of the imminent threat that his tweets posed to the country and the American people. He was openly and repeatedly inciting violence and encouraging the hostile tendencies of his cult followers. His toxic rhetoric contributed to the anti-American riots on Capitol Hill on January 6th that resulted in more than 140 law enforcement officers being injured.

Trump’s advocacy of such violence continued on other platforms after he was booted from Twitter. Apparently Musk believes that fomenting violence is acceptable free speech and protected by the Constitution. It isn’t. And given Trump’s predilection for sedition and bigotry, Musk clearly doesn’t care who gets hurt.

Musk pretends that his intention is to bring free speech back to the masses by relaxing the moderation policies of Twitter. However, it’s notable that the only accounts Musk has seen fit to restore are those of well known politicians, celebrities, and others in the elite class. He is demonstrating that his true intent is to pander to wealthy right-wingers, like himself. So while he reinstates only privileged conservatives like Trump (and Kanye West, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Babylon Bee, Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas), the accounts of all the non-aristocrats remain shuttered. That’s hardly a restoration of free speech for the masses.

[Full Disclosure: News Corpse is one of the banned commoners. And another appeal to be reinstated was denied just prior to this article being published]

Adding more soap to this opera, is the fact that Trump has stated repeatedly that he would not return to Twitter even if his account were restored. Earlier this year Trump told Fox News that “I am not going on Twitter, I am going to stay on TRUTH.” That’s his shorthand for his own floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. He reiterated his rejection of Twitter as recently as yesterday in post wherein he linked to Musk’s poll and said “don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere. Truth Social is special!”

Trump’s animosity toward Twitter is complex and extends way beyond his stated reluctance to rejoin the platform. That’s partly because he has an obligation to promote Truth Social. Although it’s hard to imagine that Trump wouldn’t jump back into the Twitterverse where he had 80 million followers. He has only about four million on Truth Social. His ego would compel him to reconcile, despite having previously raged that “Twitter is a disgrace to democracy. They shouldn’t be allowed to do business in this Country.” And he has sued Twitter, albeit without any legal basis or coherent allegation to support his case. Which is why it was so quickly thrown out of court.

This is the guy that Musk is going out of his way to suck up to. Perhaps it’s because Musk is so badly managing Twitter that he is desperate for the (intensely negative) attention that Trump would produce. Since his acquisition of Twitter a couple of weeks ago, Musk has fired half its staff. Hundreds more have resigned. Advertisers are fleeing in droves. Hate speech has skyrocketed. And the operation is struggling just keep from falling of its own weight.

Meanwhile, Musk has been posting some bizarre and offensive tweets, including one that promoted a callous conspiracy theory about the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. So, good work, Elon. You’re doing a great job of proving how superior you upper-crusters are to the rest of us.

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9 thoughts on “Why Elon Musk Restoring Trump’s Twitter Account is Ignorant, Dangerous, and Hypocritical

  1. Proof positive. Muskrat Hate isn’t restoring free speech. He’s pandering to the Lord God Trumpovah and his fellow worshipers.

    I am already suspended from Twitter and I have no desire to restore my membership. But a boycott would be in order if Twitter hadn’t become such a coalition of, to quote Spiro Agnew, “nattering nabobs of negativism.” Or, even if it destroys the alliteration, nabobs of treason.

    The Traitors have spoken. Their God is back. We now know Muskrat’s true priorities. And he can rot in hellfire.

    • I see the Traitors have spoken, and he is not only their God, he is the Lord Master of the Universe above all other of their Gods. And as the Twitler thing goes, i don’t give a damn if the Musk rat or Lord TUMP causes it to bankrupt, i would say good riddance to it. I have never used it or that Farcebook or any of those social sites. If i had tried it, i would be suspended after the first hour on there because i would have told one of those MAGAt bastards off the first time they insulted me. I got suspended off of that Daily KOS comment site twice about 2 years ago and am now suspended permanently because i give my blunt opinions about Donald TUMP and that tramp Marjorie Traitor Goon. They said i was inciting violence, but MTG was inciting violence at that time when she said she would like to put a bullet in the head of Nancy Pelosi. When i said the same thing about her they kicked me out forever.
      TUMP, Musk and ALL of their traitor followers can rot in hell as far as i am concerned

      • A lot of persons with similar experiences back you up, John. I for one was kicked off twitter twice. Before Musk. Once for being mean to roaring loud Ted Cruz. Once for calling out gun-strapped-to-right-thigh Lauren Boebert. I still read comments by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Boebert. Disgusting. Sounds like with Musk, they will continue not to be moderated. One thing for sure, I will not try to get back on twitter for the third time. Not if Looney Tunes Trump has secured a place.

        • I was suspended for speaking the truth to TraitorBots – first time was to TommyLiar, the second to Charlie Jerk. That’s not permitted on the new ReichTwit System.

          Also, Maggot Traitor Garbage got her own personal account back. Muskrat doesn’t care about rules. He cares about kissing up to the Traitors. Twitter is going to be a cesspool before too long. The Traitors will demand WE be suspended and Twitter will follow their lead, but they will never pay attention to OUR demands that the Traitors be suspended.

          • Here in the United States there is one set of rules for people like us, and there is another set of rules for rich and Fascist people. Actually there is NO rules for the rich and Fascists they do as the please and we get suspended for speaking the truth. From what i have read thus far, Twitler already has gotten off to a fast start to becoming a cesspool, same goes for the entire United States. Oh how the mighty USA has fallen. Things will only get better if this Fascist, Nazi terrorist traitor party can be put down, somehow, someway.

        • Musky and TUMP are out to destroy the United States, that seems to be their ultimate goal. My daughter liked and used Twitler before Musky purchased it. Now she never gets on there and is angry as i am about the whole thing. I am watching a TV program right now on the Tubi thing titled, ” Hitler’s Henchmen” This whole thing with the MAGAt’s and TUMP AND Musky is almost a mirror image of what they are trying to do right here in the USA. I just hope we can overcome this madness by getting more people educated about this Nazi thing and beat it back and destroy it
          Wonder what Musky is going to buy up next and ruin it? I am disgusted about the whole thing.

          • As, I believe, Mark NC wrote, the razor thin majority Republican House is going to have a hard time passing bills, without the interference of House Democrats. I’m thinking, Nancy Pelosi is still in the House.

  2. Let’s see how much musky likes his version of free speech when someone THREATENS to harm him or his family members. It’s only a matter of time or maybe it’s already happened.

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