Fox News Fanboy Tucker Carlson Oozes His Perverse Trump Love at Right-Wing Cult Festival

For more than six years Fox News has served as the de facto Ministry of Propaganda for Donald Trump and his Republican Party. Their hosts and guests have marched in lock-step to the beat of Trump’s dystopian drum, even after he incited a violent insurrection in Washington, D.C., or stole and lied about hoarding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, or called for the “termination” of the Constitution. And that only scratches the surface of his overtly illegal and anti-American offenses.

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The devotion to Dear Leader Trump has been unshakable at Fox News no matter how hostile he becomes toward the principles of America or the values of its citizens. And the competition for the most adoring Trump-fluffer at Fox has been fierce with the likes of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jeanine Pirro, and Jesse Watters among the slobbering contenders.

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This weekend, however, Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, moved into a leading position. He spoke at the devoutly Trump worshipping affair, Americafest, put on by the ultra-conservative Turning Point USA in Phoenix, Arizona. The roster for this event was a rogues’ gallery of right-wingers that included four Fox News hosts and five GOP members of Congress, along with crackpots like Mike Lindell, Steve Bannon, and Trump spawn, Donnie Jr.

In his address to the Trump cultists in the audience, Carlson literally professed his love for Trump, who he says “completely changed my view of everything.” It was an extended sonnet of his sickly sentiment toward the twice-impeached wannabe dictator. You have to wonder how he managed to discretely wipe the drool from his mouth. The infatuation began after he was asked a straightforward that he never actually answered (video below)

Question: Who do you plan to support, Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis?
Carlson: Well, as you’ve noticed, my endorsement means a lot to the American people. […] Donald Trump completely changed my view of everything. Donald Trump is why I left Washington. And he did it in a really simple way by asking questions that no one around him could answer.

Questions like “Are stealth bombers really invisible?” And “How many birds do windmills kill?” And “Can you inject bleach to cure COVID?” And “Why don’t we nuke hurricanes?” And “Why shouldn’t I believe Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies?” And “Who needs elections when you should just install me as President-for-Life?” Carlson actually provided his own examples of Trump’s ignorant queries…

“[Trump] showed up and said things like, ‘Why do have a border?’ Shut up! Or my personal favorite, he says, ‘What’s the point of NATO?’ I wouldn’t have known any of that until Trump showed up and started asking these kind of like simple autistic questions like ‘Why are we doing this that way?’ And sort of exposed the whole thing. And I’m so grateful to have seen that.”

So Carlson is bragging that Trump is his mentor who informs him about all of the important bullcrap that a good propagandist needs to know. Especially about ways to advance Putin’s agenda by weakening the United States and its alliances around the world. But then Carlson sinks into his flagrant fixation on the “animal joy” he derives from the object of his depraved affection…

“Also I should also add, since why not, I actually love Donald Trump as a guy. I think he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever talked to in my life. I think he’s got this unbelievable life force to him. But talking to Trump is one of the great animal joys of life because he exudes this sort of animal joy. Trump is like totally charming and engaging, and fun, and interesting. And the last thing I’ll say about Trump that I really love is that his insights into people, which are always expressed in this like – Trump expresses in this way that’s like totally original.”

Get a friggen’ room, Tuckums. This is Olympic-grade sucking up. But it’s no wonder that Carlson is so enamored of Trump. He has a disturbing affinity for narcissistic totalitarians who seek to rule as tyrants. For instance, in addition to his consuming kinship with Putin, the strongman-smitten Carlson embraces Victor Orbán of Hungary. So it’s apparent that Carlson’s obsession with neo-fascism runs deeper than just his passion for Trump. It’s in his oh-so-pure, white supremacist blood.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Fanboy Tucker Carlson Oozes His Perverse Trump Love at Right-Wing Cult Festival

  1. Ugh. perverse drooling Tucker. Why don’t those who have like appreciation for Trump’s humor realize it comes from his experience as an entertainer? He ceases to be funny when his threat to America is fully realized, actually just considered. And those ridiculous statements of Trump, as mentioned. If Tucker doesn’t remember them, he’s increasing his idiocy, or maybe his evermore overwhelming extreme right propaganda.. People, laugh yourself sick at Trump’s antics. And you are sick.

    • I have NEVER thought TUMP was funny. Way back when my estranged wife was here with me, she wanted to watch the first episode of that horrible show ”The Apprentice” Right off the bat he struck me aa an arrogant, narcissistic, self serving asshole and i could only stomach about 10 minutes of that trash., i went to my bedroom and got on my computer.. My ole My the MSM sure did build this SOB TUMP up like he was a god or something. I have always hated that SOB and never ever did see anything even remotely appealing about him.

  2. Where do these criminals, Donald TUMP and Carlson Tucker get off saying the ”American People” puts a lot of faith into their endorsements?? Do These fantasy land deluded criminals mean ALL of the American People? The way they put it sure seems like they think they do… I am very offended when i hear these statements from these rotten no-good horrible excuses for human beings. About 80% of the so called American people hate these rotten toxic scum bags. I get downright angry when TUMP says things like that.. He thinks he is so damn popular, but he is now hated by a large majority of Americans. Another thing that makes me angry is when he says he wants to ”Save America?” HA HA, that’s a good one there, I wonder out loud if this rotten ball of orange vile protoplasm has ever said ANYTHING that is true??? I should know better than that, he doesn’t have a clue how to tell the truth… and never has told the truth. He is a horrific freak mistake of nature that should have never existed.

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