Mealy Mike Pence Tells Fox News that He is Against Indicting Trump – Who Nearly Got Him Hanged

After months of hearings, with evidence provided by hundreds of (mostly Republican) witnesses and millions of documents, the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection that Donald Trump incited is preparing to release their final report.

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Along with that report, the Committee is also issuing criminal referrals to the Justice Department for a cadre of Trump cohorts, as well as for Trump himself. The charges include Trump’s role inciting and/or assisting the insurrection, obstruction of official Congressional proceedings, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. In anticipation of the Committee’s conclusions, a frightened Trump has been acting out in his typically infantile, and ultimately impotent, fashion.

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On Monday morning Trump’s former vice-president and certified toady, Mike Pence, visited Fox News for another softball interview. In this outing Pence affirmed his allegiance to his former boss whose response to the insurrection contributed to the mob’s hostilities and their fevered chants to “Hang Mike Pence.” As an expression of his gratitude for nearly getting him killed, Pence told Fox News that “Few Americans are paying attention” to this Committee. He then elaborated on his opinion that Trump should be allowed to get away with his treasonous crimes…

“I would hope that [the Justice Department] would not bring charges against the former president. I think the president’s actions and words on January 6 were reckless, but I don’t know that it’s criminal to take bad advice from lawyers and so I hope the Justice Department is careful.”

Actually, Pence, who practiced law before his political career, does know that it absolutely can be criminal to take bad advice from lawyers. If your lawyer advises you to commit a crime – say rob a bank or lie under oath or incite a riot – and you take that advice, you are definitely criminally liable. And so, by the way, is your lawyer.

Even Fox News co-host Dana Perino shot back at Pence’s reference to Trump’s shady lawyers saying that “There might be criminal referrals on that too.” She was referring to reports that criminal referrals are likely to be issued for Trump-associated attorneys John Eastman, Jeff Clark, and Rudy Giuliani. Pence then continued saying that…

“I hope the Justice Department understands the magnitude, the very idea of indicting a former president of the United States. I think that would be terribly divisive in the country at a time when the American people want to see us heal.”

Pence doesn’t have to worry about whether the Justice Department “understands the magnitude” of indicting a former president. It’s obvious that they do. However, he might want to pay more attention to the magnitude of a former president trying to undermine democracy and overthrow the government.

He may also want to consider the necessity of holding such criminals accountable, not just to punish their unlawful acts, but in order to deter others from committing similar acts in the future. Trump is already advocating absolution for his insurrectionist hordes.

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What’s more, Pence is misinterpreting – or more likely lying about – the American people’s desire to “heal.” They surely do. But a majority of them favor prosecuting Trump as the path to that healing.

For his part, Trump is behaving precisely as would be expected of a self-serving, narcissistic, wannabe dictator. He posted on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that…

“Republicans and Patriots all over the land must stand strong and united against the Thugs and Scoundrels of the Unselect Committee. It will be a dark period in American history, but with darkness comes light!!!”

The darkest period of modern American history has already passed. It ended when Trump was evicted by the American people from his occupation of the White House. The light emerged with the election of President Biden. But sadly, Trump continues to cast his corpulent shadow over the nation. And the only remedy for that is the for the law to be finally and fully enforced without fear or favor. Whether Pence wants it or not.

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9 thoughts on “Mealy Mike Pence Tells Fox News that He is Against Indicting Trump – Who Nearly Got Him Hanged

  1. Regardless of what happens with this, the United States is never going to ” heal” at least not for the next30 years. Isn’t going to happen. With so many ignorant people living in the United States, they will be the ones that want a criminal figure at the head of our government just like Donald TUMP. The number of ignorant, gullible, stupid people is in the many millions here in the USA and they are so stupid there is no reasoning with these types of people. I know because most of my relatives are ignorant, gullible, dumb, stupid people.. I actually believe that brainwashed Mike Pence would not want TUMP to be indicted if TUMP cut Pence’s hand off and shoved it down his throat. I only hope someday that someone will figure out exactly what is wrong with all of these deluded idiots’ brains.. There is a deficiency somewhere in their sick minds.

    • I know that Trump makes you angry, as it does most Americans. But I think you need to check your pessimism. It isn’t productive or reflective of reality.

      A majority of Americans voted for Joe Biden. A majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton, too. A majority of Americans want Trump prosecuted. The American people kept the Senate in Democratic control – including in your state of Georgia – and avoided the predicted red wave.

      It does our side no good to simply throw around vulgar insults and calling people names. We need to stick with facts and find constructive ways to advance what is in the nation’s interests. We have good reasons to be optimistic. There are more good people in this country than bad. And they don’t want to hear a constant stream of unbridled negativity.

      • Sorry about that, the GQP seems to expose the ugly side of me way too often. Mark NC, in your opinion, do you think the John Birch Society prevalent back in the 1960,s had anything to do with the TUMP and MAGA thing now? I know from watching these TV programs on the AHC channel that there was a NAZI uprising thing here in the United States back in the middle and late 1930’s and that was squashed fairly quickly.. as 8 actual Nazi’s had sneaked into the United States from Germany…. According to the TV program, they were quickly tried and executed by firing squad, and the American born leader of that Nazi uprising was caught and sent to prison for many crimes including treason. It would ease my fears greatly if our voting laws were restored to prevent the GQP from cheating, and we could get rid of that Electoral college thing for elections of our Presidents. I almost forgot, the Joe McCarthy thing back in the 1950,s was TUMP like too.

      • Forgive me, Mark NC, but I must stick up for John. I answered him once that English was my major in college, but I went on to study nursing and wound up in the coronary care unit. John has had very extensive heart surgery and is angry with the government’s treatment. My sister lived in Georgia for some time, but then she is a born again Christian zealot so I don’t pay much attention to her. Some of John’s neighbors and even half of his family plus the “hicks” that live in Georgia who do crazy things. Sound like worshiping Trumpsters. All of them. My daueghter swallows everything she sees on Fox especially Gutfield. But she knows not to repeat it to me. I know John can be vulgar ad harsh, but sometimes I really appreciate his humor. Like his rendition of Marjorie Taylor Green’s statement on farts which she posted on twitter

        • Thank you and bless you Guest for the very nice compliments. I sure needed that. I was very sick last week with what i thought was the flu. i finally got to see a doctor at a critical care clinic yesterday and they tested me for 2 variations of the flu and tested for the Covid 19 virus and they were all negative. It turned out i had bacterial bronchitis and they prescribed me antibiotics and feel almost normal now.. I know sometimes i go overboard with my ranting on here, but those Rethugs do make me very angry with their actions. The United States in my opinion would be much better off with a Federal Government like Canada has. They have NO Rethug party there to obstruct passing laws for their citizens. They have a much better healthcare system too. We have way too many corrupt wealthy people in positions of power here and they want us ordinary citizens to have nothing and are always trying to take away what we do have from us…That is maddening to me…

  2. Pence is pathetic. He wants to believe he can be president by sucking up to the MAGAts, the same wonderful folks who erected the gallows for him on 6 January.

  3. What’s Pence trying to do? Score points? I watched Jamie Raskin today laying out all the crimes of Trump to be sent to the Justice Department. What a man he is. I personally hope Trump is sent to prison for 10 yrs. He’ll be 86 to 87 the soonest he will be left out. Then who will be the brunt of senility jokes?

  4. Apparently Pence is worried that Trump might be successful the next time he tries to kill him.

  5. Mike Pence is totally irrelevant, thankfully! Being VP under the criminal Trump, who almost got him killed, was the pinnacle of his political career. Good riddance MP!

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