Trump Renews Whining that Mike Pence is a Deep State Traitor for Not Overturning the Election

It’s only Tuesday, and yet this has already been been a terrible week for Donald Trump. It’s week that follows several wherein he has been brutally and deservedly chastised for having dined with racists and anti-Semites, and for calling for the “termination” fo the Constitution, and for hawking his ridiculous NFT trading cards.

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Donald Trump, Deep State

As if that weren’t enough, the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection that Trump incited has issued criminal referrals to the Justice Department citing at least four charges that they recommend be brought against him. Needless to say, he didn’t take that well.

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True to form, Trump is lashing out wildly in every direction. He is attacking every perceived foe in his twisted mind, including the January 6th Committee, Special Counsel Jack Smith, the FBI (that was headed by his appointees), Hunter Biden, and the ever present and nefarious “Deep State,” that is supposedly populated by Democrats and Republicans conspiring to destroy Trump.

In a typically unhinged harangue Tuesday morning, Trump unleashed his rage at those responsible for what he still calls the “rigged and stolen” presidential election of 2020. Although now that Congress is about to pass the Electoral Count Reform Act, he is now focusing on that aspect, and the role that he believes his former vice-president, Mike Pence, had in betraying him and his tyrannical aspirations.

In a series of posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump laid out his laments over Pence choosing not to violate the Constitution by failing to certify the election results. Trump whined that…

“They said the Vice President has ‘absolutely no choice,’ it was carved in ‘steel,’ but if he has no choice, why are they changing the law saying he has no choice?”

And that…

“it is because the Vice President did have a choice, and looking back at it now, the 2020 Voting Fraud was far greater than anyone thought possible, with even our Government, through the FBI, changing the results of the Election by millions and millions of votes.”

And that…

“John Eastman and others were correct in stating that the Vice President of the United States had the right to do what should have been done. […] The whole thing is one big Scam!”

And that there was a…

“highly successful effort made by the FBI in illegally changing the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.”

Trump’s infamously ignorant grasp of government and laws is evident here as he demonstrates his failure to understand the Constitution’s directive regarding the vice-president’s largely ceremonial role in certifying the Electoral College count. Trump thinks that because a bipartisan majority of members of Congress seek to clarify some of the archaic language in the original Electoral Count Act of 1887, that the old law permits the vice-president to unilaterally discard any of those votes that he chooses.

That, of course, is absurd. And cleaning up the language is just being done in order to prevent future corrupt leaders like Trump from trying to misinterpret the law in order to assume dictatorial control of the government.

What’s more, Trump is alleging – without any factual basis – that the FBI played some sort of role in “changing the results of the Election by millions and millions of votes.” As usual, Trump doesn’t provide a shred of evidence to support his allegations. However he does manage to get his toadies in Congress to go along with him. James Comer, the incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee said this on the subject…

“We need to halt everything with the FBI. All funding. Until they come forward and explain to Congress exactly what they were doing, why they were doing it, and who gave them the authority to do it.”

So now Republicans are openly advocating to defund the police. Someone needs to ask them how an unfunded FBI will investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop. Or the election “fraud” that put Joe Biden in the White House. How will the FBI probe the FBI’s corruption on behalf of the “Deep State” cabal in the FBI? It’s all so very peculiar. Which, in the MAGA mind, is proof that it must all be true. And now according to Trump, it’s all Mike Pence’s fault.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Renews Whining that Mike Pence is a Deep State Traitor for Not Overturning the Election

  1. Brace ourselves … the lunatics are (sort of) in charge of the loony bin that is the Rpugnican side of the House. The drivel headed our way over the next 2 years will be astounding in its stupidity.

  2. Someone please explain to me how the FBI changed millions and millions of votes???????????? TUMP’s mental condition has gotten very serious now. His delusions are also much worse now too…. This is what we allow to run for President now??? How much lower can the USA go now??

    • Any American can announce his or her decision to run for president (At the risk of laughing themselves out of their bid. ) Look at Kanye West ( “Ye” or whatever he calls himself). I wouldn’t wear Adidas for the longest time until Adidas (as well as many other corporations banishing this crackpot). kicked him off advertising their product. It’s even more ridiculous that Trump is running for president. I can only hope that the regular and social media keep publishing about how sick Trump is. MAGAt’s will be MAGAt’s,, though. Guess what, John. Our 2 right wing extremists, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are fighting each other.

      • I had heard something about the Goon vs. Boebert feud that has just started… i didn’t read anything about that. Do you know what started that, and why they are feuding? I thought they were good friends with each other. They aren’t fighting over who gets to go out with Max Gaetz are they?? Gaetz is a sleaze bag like both Goon and Boebert. He could date both of them.

  3. Because these two idiot power hungry women are grasping at straws, I’ll try to keep it short. Greene supports Kevin McCarthy for speaker( so she can be up for a higher position in the House), and Boebert does not support him. This led up to Boebert saying she didn’t believe in Greene’s statement about Jewish space lasers starting California Wild fires. Greene shot back calling Boebert “high schoolish” adding Boebert only won her re-election in Colorado by a thin margin. I couldn’t find out who does Boebert support for speaker. I agree with you about Gaetz. I think all 3 have sexual hangups. And didn’t Gaetz just get married? She, not like Gaetz, is very attractive. But who could stand this creep Gaetz? By the way, Boebert, Greene, and Gaetz were playing around with phones and such and did not stand during the Congressional standing ovation for Zelensky . I doubt that they’re worried about Medicaid. There is just too much evil in their hearts.

    • Max Gaetz is about as sleazy looking as it gets. The first time i saw this crook i thought to myself , ” My god, what a sleazy looking character that Gaetz asshole is. The way him and that Boebert bimbo hangs around each other there must be something going on between them. I too, wonder what woman could stand that creep??? But then again, Lauren Boebert looks like a loose woman that would do favors for men just to get her way all of the time.. Her and Marjorie T GOON aren’t my idea of desirable good looking women to me. Ever if i were younger i personally would not give either one a second look if i were looking for a woman to date or have a romantic relationship with. Their hateful and arrogant personalities would put me off worse than their ugly faces would.. and like you said, ”guest” there is way too much evil in both of their hearts.. As for Gaetz, wasn’t he accused of molesting under age girls a while back?? If so, he is even a much worse sleze bag than i thought he was.

      • You’re right about Gaetz, John. And he used his campaign money to pay for his defense lawyers. By the way, John, I might not be able to enjoy your comments after a while. Because of the Artic (spelling) blast and the severe winds the internet went out for hours. It came back an hr ago. Someone would have had to go out in -2 degree temp to fix the wires. I use the name guest because I promised my son not to use my name (the same as his).

        • That Arctic air has hit us hard too…. as i write this, my expensive weather equipment i have at my house the temperature is currently reading 9 degrees and is going to bottom out at 6 degrees tonight.. It hasn’t been this cold since the famous January 2014 winter when the temperature bottomed out at 5 degrees with just under 5 inches of thick snow on the ground. I never will understand how those MAGA voters can vote for some of the most vile, corrupt, and no good creeps for congress and senators. It’s a shame the USA has went down by letting people like Gaetz, Boebert, and MT Goon even run for congress, not to mention the worst one of all, Donald TUMP.

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