Crybaby Trump Throws a Tantrum in Response to the House Select Committee’s Criminal Referrals

It was a long time coming, but the House Select Committee investigating Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection on January 6, 2021, has finally completed its work. And the first order of business was to issue criminal referrals to the Justice Department for Trump’s well documented crimes.

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The Committee is recommending that charges be brought against Trump for obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to make a false statement, and incitement, rebellion or insurrection. It’s a historic and unprecedented action taken in response to the historic and unprecedented acts of a rogue president. And Trump predictably lashed out at the Committee (that he was too chicken to testify before) with all the determination of a bratty six year old denied a toy that he wanted. On his pitifully floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump said that…

“The Fake charges made by the highly partisan Unselect Committee of January 6th have already been submitted, prosecuted, and tried in the form of Impeachment Hoax # 2. I WON convincingly. Double Jeopardy anyone!”

There’s a surprisingly large amount of bullshittery in that brief statement. Let’s explore it…

  1. The charges are not “fake.” They are very real and histoically profound.
  2. The Committee was not “highly partisan.” There were two conservative Republicans on the panel.
  3. It was a Select Committee, not as Trump calls it in his infantile manner, the “Unselect Committee.”
  4. The charges have never been “submitted, prosecuted, and tried” before in any court.
  5. Trump survived conviction, but he cannot by any stretch of the imagination honestly say that he “WON convincingly.”
  6. A congressional impeachment is not the same as a court trial and thus there was no “Double Jeopardy.”

Poor Donald Trump is struggling desperately to absolve himself of his obvious guilt with a pathetically ignorant comment that totally avoids facts and rational analysis. He wishes the charges were “fake” so that he could go on pretending that there is no imminent legal peril in his near future. And no matter how much he tries, he can’t shake the fact that the Congress of the United States has found that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute him for multiple crimes.

Consequently, Trump fires up his imagination to create a false recollection of what has taken place since the insurrection that he incited. Contrary to his lies, the House voted to impeach Trump by a 232–197 vote, with all 222 Democrats voting to impeach, joined by ten Republicans. In the Senate Trump survived due to the two-thirds requirement for conviction. The final vote was a majority of 57 guilty to 43 not guilty, including seven Republicans, but short of the two-thirds threshold.

Failing to make a coherent legal case for his innocence, Trump took a detour to rely on the devotion of his cult followers, as if that has any relevance under the law. And he repeated another couple of lies that he has been telling for nearly two years, saying that…

“These folks don’t get it that when they come after me, people who love freedom rally around me. It strengthens me. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Americans know that I pushed for 20,000 troops to prevent violence on Jan 6, and that I went on television and told everyone to go home.”

Not exactly. Setting aside the overt threat in Trump’s comment, the truth is that Americans know that he never pushed for any troops on January 6th to protect the Capitol – from his own supporters. That doesn’t even make sense unless he expected his cult followers to riot. And he didn’t go on TV for almost three hours after the assault was in progress and many people, including law enforcement, were injured. When he did make a statement, he told the rioters that he loved them.

SEE THIS: Trump’s Lame Address to His Terrorist Coup Plotters: “Go Home, We love you.”

Furthermore, Trump is still showing support for the traitors who stormed Congress, promising to halt their prosecutions or pardon them, if he returns to the White House.

Trump posted several other comments on his website that were equally riddled with flagrant falsehoods and devoid of any substance. He raged about “Radical Left Democrats (Communists),” and non-existent election fraud, and “the Massive number of CRIMES committed by JOE & HUNTER BIDEN” that reside only in his twisted mind.

Trump also posted a video clip of Nazis being sentenced from the film “Nuremberg” with Alec Baldwin. But somehow he didn’t get that most Americans will associate Hitler’s henchmen in the clip with him and his cadre of traitors. That’s how oblivious he is to reality in his current state of derangement.

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UPDATE: Trump Responds to the January 6th Committee Report By Flagrantly Lying About What it Says

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12 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump Throws a Tantrum in Response to the House Select Committee’s Criminal Referrals

  1. I don’t know how true this is, but did or did not TUMP delay the arrival of the his 20,000 troops so the insurrection could proceed as scheduled?? I know one thing, he sure has a way to twist and turn statements to make himself look bold and brave. Projection is what it is called. I watched those J6 riots as they were happening in real time and it was horrifying. i thought it was all over for us when that happened. I honestly think now that good will prevail over evil eventually here in the USA.

  2. I’m going to say what I’ve been saying all along: this disgusting slug of a being named Trump is going to walk away from ALL of this without any of it slowing him down or affecting him legally. Nobody is going to arrest Trump, nobody is going to touch him. The legal “powers” are too terrified of massive civil unrest if they do. Let’s just face the revolting truth which is this asshat is beyond any punishment and his sheep are holding a nation hostage.

    • Attorney General Merrick Garland has stated NOBODY is above the law. Take a little faith.

    • Adrienne, Your comment is the very reason i have applied for Canadian citizenship. I hope i will be ready to flee to Canada by 2024 or 2025 if they don’t do anything with this corrupt, career criminal TUMP and they allow him to cheat and win the Dictatorship in 2024. I refuse to let myself live under a Dictatorship rule. I won’t stand for it, never!!!

  3. Merrick Garland will simply state that there is not irrefutable evidence that t-Rump committed any crimes. No prosecution and not above the law.
    Garland should have been a republican member of congress so that he could run against McCarthy for speaker.

    • I don’t think anything is simple regarding Trump. Garland appointed as a special prosecutor, Jack Smith, who is notorious for prosecuting and winning cases involving Mafia-like criminals and their criminal members (Trump and his MAGA’ts)). Smith even brought down the corrupt president of Kosovo who is now serving time in prison. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

      • Smith doesn’t prosecute. He investigates, gathers the evidence and recommends to Garland. Same as the J6. Garland decides thereafter. It has been said that Garland is apolitical. But IF he even convenes a Grand jury you know the Republicans are going to lose their minds. That’s what may stall this whole potential charge/prosecution. The further division within the country.

        • I talk chickens and you get combative. NY Times, CNN, NPR, Daily Beast call Jack Smith a special Prosecuting Attorney. He is in charge of the criminal investigation of Trump,, including Trump’s part in the January 6 insurrection and his theft of secret documents hiding them at Mir-a-Lago. Jack Smith has prosecuted heads of government and won. He has prosecuted war crimes at Hague. In addition, crimes against humanity, genocide. I doubt Merrick Garland is going to argue with this man. Without Jack, we have prosecuted Trump successfully on his tax returns and over half of the insurrectionists are in prison. The Republicans didn’t lose their minds excepting those who are sick to begin with like Lauren Boebert and definitely Marjorie Taylor Greene.

          • I am wondering how many other stolen goodies TUMP has hidden and Mir a Lardo?? i would bet there are much more hidden there in some secret out of the way places there.. Donald TUMP is a walking, talking crime wave.

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