Trump Suffers Massive Ego Hemorrhage, Gives Thanks for ‘Magnificent Compliment’ He Gave Himself

Whenever Donald Trump perceives his public image being damaged by the copious quantities of personal problems for which he is largely the cause, he resorts to praising himself with fake flattery because, in his nakedly narcissistic fog, he can’t find anyone else to do it.

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

Trump is someone who is so pitifully pathetic that he has to repeatedly remind his glassy-eyed cult followers that he is their “favorite president.” He spends an enormous amount of time regaling himself with accolades for “achievements” that he never accomplished, and for “victories” that exist only in his perverse imagination. Which is the sort of derangement that leads to comments like this one that he posted on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social

“‘TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING’ One of most often used current phrases or statements. Wow, such a magnificent compliment. Thank you!”

The “magnificent compliment” that Trump is so conceitedly celebrating is one that is “most often used” by himself. If it is uttered by anyone else, it is generally with his prodding. So in addition to being factually ludicrous, it is a contrivance that Trump has invented and disseminated in order to fluff up his own ego.

Trump stoops to these depths of desperation because he is sinking in political and legal quicksand. His Trump Organization was recently found guilty of financial fraud. The House Select Committee investigating the January insurrection that he incited has issued criminal referrals to the the Department of Justice. He has Special Counsel Jack Smith investigating his criminal activities related to the January 6th insurrection that he incited, and the theft and hoarding of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort/home. And his tax returns for the past six years were just made public after his frantic efforts to keep them secret.

No wonder Trump is so hysterically hyping himself. Along with the concocted compliment above, Trump posted a list of politicians that he undeservedly took credit for electing, despite the vast majority of them being in safe seats in red districts.. He also bragged about defeating other politicians that opposed him, who all happened to be Republicans. But for some reason he neglected to mention all of his endorsed candidates who failed, making him this electoral cycle’s biggest loser.

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Trump went on to whine about his having been cast off from some social media sites due to his rampant disinformation and incitation to violence. He singled out Facebook for criticism saying that…

“Facebook has lost over 80 Billion Dollars in Value since ‘deplatforming’ President Donald J. Trump. Also, it has gotten very BORING and UNINTERESTING. That stupid, unnecessary, and probably illegal move is now considered a major business mistake. I agree!”

First of all, notice that in his post Trump is agreeing with himself. Totally normal, right? More to the point, he is demonstrating his extraordinary ignorance by asserting that Facebook’s stock decline had anything to do with Trump being banished. The Internet sector was hit hard due to a variety of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and the fact that it had risen to levels entirely out of proportion to its earnings potential.

Despite the 65% decline in 2022, Facebook’s parent company, META, is still a $300 billion corporation. Compare that to the shell company that was expected to take Trump’s Truth Social public, Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC), that lost 85% of its stock value last year.

Trump also failed to mention the financial state of his own businesses. With the release of his tax returns America learned that Trump lost over $300 million dollars in the past six years. And that was even after selling properties that he inherited from his father, and gouging guests at his hotels during his occupation of the White House, including his staff, the Secret Service, and foreign dignitaries.

That isn’t exactly a record of being “right about everything.” To the contrary, Trump may have set a record for wrongness. It’s a legacy that will endure, especially considering how awful he is at generating positive press. For instance…

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11 thoughts on “Trump Suffers Massive Ego Hemorrhage, Gives Thanks for ‘Magnificent Compliment’ He Gave Himself

  1. Wow!!! now he is talking to himself and congratulating himself. Sure sign his mental condition is deteriorating at a faster pace now. Is it finally time to arrange his stay at the insane asylum???? They need to make sure they have a XXXXXXXXXL size straight jacket to fit him with. They may have to have one made for him…. And he wants to be Dictator in 2024?? Good luck, nutso TUMP……..

    • The extent of Trump’s egomania and megalomania coupled with complete ignorance never ceases to amaze me. John, I admire your use of your full name. My family says, “You’d better watch it, or the FBI will come knocking on your door.” Not if Marjorie Taylor Greene gets her way to impeach everyone she thinks of! Just call me judy. No more “guest”.

      • About 10 months ago, someone on the DKOS site said that people better watch what they say on comment sites about TUMP or these MAGA nuts would find out where you live and beat you up or maybe worse. Did your family say why the FBI would come knocking at the door??? I don’t care if the FBI or the MAGA idiots come to my door, i am not afraid of either one, and i will tell them to leave or else… i would tell them i haven’t committed a crime and demand to leave my property..
        There was a Judy on this site many months ago, but she disappeared quite a while ago, that wasn’t you back about a year ago was it?? There was a lady on here that used the name, ” Sunny B 13” that i liked to trade comments with and she mysteriously disappeared about the same time, but i fear she must have passed away because she said her carotid arteries in her neck were almost completely blocked. Glad you are here and have an actual name i can call you…

        • My family is just getting crazy, I guess. My son thinks, probably that his doctor cohorts will read my first and last name on comments. Apparently, they are Republican by nature. Worried about their taxes, or something. I say to hell with taxes and concentrate instead on human rights. I wasn’t ever simply “judy” before. On Quora, I used my full name, and to quote Kali about Trump, my son almost had a BRAIN hemorrhage. That’s okay On Quora one contacts all the extreme right nuts. Was tired of hearing from them. Praising Trump and equally disturbing comments. I too have wondered about Sunny B. Yes, with a diagnosis like that, she could have been in real trouble.

          • My paternal grandmother and one of my uncles had a very severe cerebral hemorrhage and seeing both of them in a vegetative state after that was very disturbing and heartbreaking to me. Both of them died just days after that.. I just don’t think i would wish that on anyone, including TUMP. I would like to see TUMP languish in a prison without any outside contact with anyone. That would be brutal for a deranged shitbag like him. even worse than death to him… Judy, did your son have an anuerism that almost ruptured when he almost had a brain hemorrhage? The human body is more fragile than what some people think it is.. The things TUMP eats makes me wonder how he is still alive, and it’s a wonder he hasn’t had a stroke or heart attack with all of the temper tantrums he has all of the time over his imagined ” stolen election” rants.

            • No, my son is fine. He just gets worked up over my heavy concentration on politics. Thinks I should be a rocking chair grandma sitting there knitting. I have to be myself. No male superiority for me. Confidentially, I still have plenty of time for my granddaughter who gives me nothing but joy.

        • But, I don’t know what I’d do if Marjorie Taylor Greene came knocking at my door. I’d be no match for big Marge. So, I’d rush to call the police while she’s pushing my door down.

          • I agree, MTG does look like the cave woman type. I would rush and call the police and tell them there is a big female GOON trying to break my door down. Then i would run and hide to avoid the vile odor she was emitting from her body..

  2. I think most of us would prefer hearing that Traitor Orange suffered a BRAIN hemorrhage….

    • The way he rants with his random ideas and insane remarks, i believe he may actually had a brain hemorrhage, or many small ones, that is, even if he has a brain. Sometimes i wonder about that.

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