Trump Bathes Himself in the Glory (Blame) of Having Made Kevin McCarthy the House Squeaker

After a week of infighting – and nearly actual fighting – and a historically humiliating fifteen votes, Kevin McCarthy finally squeaked through to realize his dream of being Speaker of the House of Representatives. Although, to get there he had to bargain away much of the power that post has traditionally had.

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Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker (Squeaker), Donald Trump

In addition to having been coerced into agreements that make him a puppet of the Republican Party’s fringiest right-wingers, McCarthy also exalted Dear Leader Trump for his contribution to the freak show that resulted in McCarthy’s ascension to Chief Cheese of the GOP. Shortly after the fifteenth vote, McCarthy fulfilled his obligation as a dutiful Trump-fluffer by thanking the Beast of Mar-All-Ego, saying that, “I do want to especially thank [former] president Trump. I don’t think anyone should doubt his influence.”

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The alleged influence to which McCarthy referred consisted of Trump ignoring the Speaker’s race for the first couple of days as McCarthy was floundering, and eventually weighing in with a comment imploring Republicans to vote for McCarthy, not because he’s deserving, but in order to “WATCH CRAZY NANCY PELOSI FLY BACK HOME!” Even so, there’s no evidence that Trump swayed a single vote.

Clearly Trump’s influence as a Republican leader and wannabe kingmaker has devolved into his being an impotent figurehead to whom no one is listening. Well, no one but himself. In Trump’s acutely damaged, narcissistic neurosis, he is convinced that it was his efforts that pushed McCarthy over the top. And he let his cult followers on his pitifully failing Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, know it by asserting that “I did our Country a big favor!”

As “proof” that he deserved full credit and/or blame for McCarthy’s promotion, Trump claimed that “The Fake News Media was, believe it or not, very gracious in their reporting that I greatly helped Kevin McCarthy attain the position of Speaker of the House.” Then he posted links to eight separate, nearly identical puff pieces by wingnut press regaling his imaginary relevance…

  • Kevin McCarthy credits Donald Trump for House speaker victory ~ New York Post
    McCarthy thanks Trump after House speaker vote: ‘He was with me from the beginning’ ~ Fox News
  • ‘Thank you, President Trump’: Newly elected Speaker McCarthy praises former president for being ‘all in’ ~ American News Wire
  • Donald Trump Played Key Role in Getting Kevin McCarthy Across Finish Line ~ Breitbart News
  • Sources: Donald Trump Was Instrumental in McCarthy’s Victory ~ PJ Media
  • Trump Credited With Calling in to Close Deal for McCarthy ~ Newsmax
  • ‘Thank You, President Trump’: McCarthy Credits Ex-Prez for Speakership, Says Trump’s Grip on Republicans Is Firm ~ Mediaite
  • Kevin McCarthy Thanks Trump after Speakership Win: ‘I Don’t Think Anybody Should Doubt His Influence’ ~ National Review

Well, that settles it then. Now we know who to fault when McCarthy flops as Speaker. We know who to hold responsible when his “leadership” results in an economic fiasco due to his defaulting on American debt. We’ll know who gets credit for attempting to cut Social Security and Medicare. We’ll know whose efforts weaken Ukraine’s defense against Putin’s war crimes. We’ll know who cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy, putting the burden on everyone else. And we’ll know who to thank for endless, meritless, revenge hearings aimed at President Biden, his family, and his administration.

It’s all Trump! Because he’s just so influential and essential to everything at all times. Particularly the things that hurt the interests of average Americans, embarrass the nation abroad, and undermine democracy and the Constitution. That’s real influence.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Bathes Himself in the Glory (Blame) of Having Made Kevin McCarthy the House Squeaker

  1. I am so tired of getting upset by the shenanigans of one Donald J. Trump. I no longer feel that getting red in the face is good for my complexion.

  2. Hi Judy, i get upset about the orange bloated baboon TUMP too. But most of the time i read something he said, i get angry and outraged about it. That doesn’t do my repaired heart any good either. Mark NC mentions a few words about TUMP embarrassing the nation, TUMP has made a career of embarrassing our once great nation, well at least for the past 6 years he has. Some of these people i have talked to from Canada tell me they feel sorry for us for having to put up with his deluded, corrupt, criminal, and treasonous ass. I just hope i live to see the day when he is dead and gone. That will be a great day for our nation..

  3. Last evening one of my husband’s oldest friends sent an email with the capsion, “Doesn’t he have a good voice?” It was ass Trump Bump singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Horrible And I love Queen too much for their song to be ruined. Admittedly, my daughter sat there and laughed. She gets entertained by this complete moron. I can’t make her understand that this is one of the ways TRump gets followers. Entertainment. And as to the 85 yr. old friend. He’s probably demented.

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