Trump is Silent About the Insurrection in Brazil, But is Very Upset About Late Night Comedy TV

Two years after the violent and deadly January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C., that was incited by Donald Trump, supporters of his compadre in Brazil, ousted president Jair Bolsonaro, launched an eerily similar assault against their own government. Ironically, Bolsonaro was in Florida at the time.

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The parallels are too alike to ignore. The anti-democratic Bolsonaro seditionists were protesting what they believe to be a stolen election, despite having zero evidence of any irregularities. Even some of the key players are the same. Trump and two of his advisors, Steve Bannon and Jason Miller, met last month with Bolsonaro’s son at Trump’s resort/home, Mar-a-Lago. Bannon is currently appealing his felony conviction for contempt of Congress.

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In the 24 hours since the attempted coup in Brazil, Trump has been uncharacteristically silent. Perhaps his advisors managed to persuade him that speaking out in support of Bolsonaro would only remind everyone of his own traitorous behavior. The only time that Trump was so reticent to rant was during the January 6th insurrection when he didn’t say a word for nearly three hours as his StormTrumpers were besieging the Capitol.

Meanwhile, Trump had no problem spouting off about other matters that were bouncing around in his perpetually embittered brain. For instance, he rattled off a long series of exaltations of himself as the mastermind of Kevin McCarthy’s selection as Speaker of the House. And he took another swipe at Senate Republican leader “Mitch McConnell and his China flagrant boss, Coco Chow,” a racist reference to McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao. Then Trump broadened his attack to include any senator that voted with McConnell, saying “PRIMARY THEM ALL!!!”

However, Trump truly demonstrated his comprehension (or lack thereof) of the political zeitgeist that most stirs the souls of the American people in a comment concerning a subject that he ought to more about – television. As someone who starred as a reality TV game show host for 14 years, Trump is embarrassingly ignorant of the medium. He posted on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, the following foolishness…

“Wow, those TRUMP Hating Late Night Network ‘Shows’ are doing really badly…The worst ratings that those time slots have had (in Television History!). Why are the untalented fools who ‘host’ paid so much? Does the DNC make a $contribution as a wing of the Democrat Party? They are all a total joke – Not Talent, No Laughs!”

There’s a remarkable quantity of wrongness in that brief paragraph. Beginning with the fact that just about every TV program has suffered in the ratings due increased competition from streaming and the reemergence of movie theaters and other out-of-home entertainment after two years COVID.

It goes without saying that Trump’s opinion of the late night hosts as “untalented fools” is driven by his massive, yet fragile, ego that is incapable of tolerating jokes at his own expense. And of course he is jealous of their high salaries that are justified by the revenue they generate from advertising. Not to mention his envy that they are TV five nights a week, but he can’t get reporters to show up for his infrequent press conferences.

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Trump’s crack about the DNC contributing to the pay for these hosts is a rather lame attempt to malign them politically. He seems oblivious to the fact that, if these late night comedy programs can be accused of being financial donors to Democrats, then what does that make Fox News, where the entire network is the Ministry of Propaganda for Trump and the GOP?

Trump and other right-wingnuts like to compare the ratings of the network late night shows to Greg Gutfeld on Fox News. However, that’s a blatantly dishonest comparison. The network shows air at 11:30pm local time (tape delayed) across the country. Gutfeld airs at 11:00pm Eastern time nationwide. That means that Gutfeld is on at 8:00pm in Pacific time, 9:00pm Central, etc. Therefore, most of the nation sees Gutfeld in primetime when there are more people watching television. Plus, Fox has their built-in cult audience that never changes channels.

Finally, Trump’s description of these shows as having “no laughs” raises the question: How does he know? Does he watch them? And if so, would he know a funny joke if he heard one? After all, has anyone ever actually seen him laugh? His face appears to be stuck in a permanent scowl. So he’s not exactly the best person to be criticizing comedy.

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10 thoughts on “Trump is Silent About the Insurrection in Brazil, But is Very Upset About Late Night Comedy TV

  1. Hmmm…. TUMP calling late night tv hosts, ” untalented fools?” TUMP and his band of untalented fools, Steven Bannon, MTG, Max Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, Ester Stone, Donald TUMP, jr. and so many more i can’t even remember all of their names. They are all, including TUMP, untalented fools to the maximum extent. I have a second name for Steven Bannon, he used to be known as, ” The Whitehouse skid row bum” he looks the part and i would be willing to bet he stinks to high heaven. I think the real reason TUMP gets so upset about this is because these Late Night TV show hosts are telling the real truth about him and his corrupt untalented fools. The truth about TUMP and his evil and corrupt doings hurt him more than anything does. He hates to be exposed and laughed at and that cuts him to the core. He is so corrupt and evil and the truth doesn’t exist in his feeble mind. Millions of lies over his retched life have gotten him out of a lot trouble during his incredibly deplorable life.

    • Add Kevin McCarthy to the list. I think the law is closing in on Trump. Examples are two hardliner for Justice judges, one in Georgia who will oversee the Raffensperger case and one in New York who will try Trump for business fraud. Hope and pray Trump’s lies are nearing the end with his coming prosecutions. In the meantime we can laugh him to death by watching the very talented late night hosts.

      • i DO hope and pray for his coming prosecutions. I want to see the day they lead his sorry rear end marched off to jail in an orange jumpsuit in handcuffs and leg cuffs. I only wish i could be there to laugh and point at him and yell slurs at him. I want to see him embarrassed to the maximum. I would guess one of these talented late night hosts would be Jimmy Kimmel, i know for a fact he hates TUMP and really pours on the insults when it comes to talking about TUMP. Have you ever seen a guy named Mike Rappoport talk about TUMP??? My gosh, he really pours on the insults about TUMP and says some really nasty things about him… Rappoport is from New York city and TUMP was in New York a few months ago and Rappoport was at the building TUMP was going to and he actually yelled insults to TUMP and TUMP just kept walking and giving him thumbs up but all the time i could tell TUMP was so angry he wanted to respond, but he just kept walking, in a parting shot to TUMP, Rappoport yelled at him, ” go home you fat pig, we don’t want you here in our city!!!!!!!” That was so funny. Rappoport has been banned from every comment site and social media site for giving his views about TUMP. My TUMP loving youngest son hates Kimmel and Rappoport for saying bad things about his beloved Donald TUMP. …….. I am watching a TV program about Winston Churchill now, and Mr. Churchill sure didn’t hide his feelings about his disdain for Hitler and Stalin. He hated both of them… and i am sure if he lived in our time now he would have despised TUMP too…

        • I agree about Kimmel. He’s the best on late night political satire. He’s not afraid to quote on air exactly what numb skulls like MTG and Trump say. It was humorous when MTG reported him to police and he mocked her, “Officer, I’d like to report a joke!” I don’t know anyone named Rappoport, but if he did what you say, I am all for him. John, I fear I have an alter self in political thought processes in you. Unlike Jimmy Kimmel, I am afraid to use such expressions. But I get a big charge out of yours.

          • I had almost forgotten about the time Kimmel made the joke about our favorite female goon MTG. I wonder what they said when she reported that?? I would have loved to see the look on the police’s faces when she reported that. Kimmel did have a field day with that one. I have never seen a guy that hated TUMP more than i do, but that Mike Rappoport really hates him very much. He really has been kicked off a lot of sites, including Twittler, Farcebook, and that Tik Tok site for his rants about TUMP… He is very amusing to watch, and he does rant quite a bit about MTG too… It is very amusing when he calls TUMP, ” Dick stain, Donald TUMP” TUMP has been a stain on the United States, a stain that will not go away…

  2. I did see a Youtube of Mike Rappoport last evening after reading your comment I think the reason he is not well received might be that every other word is sh’t or f”k I prefer your expressions “Nipples on a boar hog.”

  3. I have made a resolution of some sort to try to cut back on the bad language, although i still do use bad language to a small degree at times. When i was growing up my Father would really get on to me very firmly when i used bad language. Sometimes he would take his belt to me when i used bad language. That Rappoport guy really cracks me up with his gestures and his unhinged rants, especially about TUMP. I like it especially when he hurls the insults to TUMP. I think he hates TUMP even more than i do and i didn’t think it was possible for someone to hate him more than i do…..I do know Robert DeNiro doesn’t like TUMP either, but he holds back and doesn’t insult him when he is on camera. Steven King sure doesn’t like him either.

    • DeNiro compares him to a Mafia boss. Correct, but I can think of far worse things. I’ll have to look up King.

    • I would never lay hands on a child of any age. Looks like you served your father right. I have no respect for him from my part. When my daughter was grade school age, her babysitter slapped her hands. When I found out about it, I promptly called her, Thanks, but no thanks!

      • Some of the school teachers in the schools were really bad here, i had a teacher in the first grade that slapped me on the arm very hard when i couldn’t answer a question she asked me. I was only 6 years old and had just started to school. She was mean and very hateful and the whole class was so afraid of her. That same teacher also forced us to eat food we didn’t like at lunchtime and she made this little girl eat some macaroni and cheese despite the little girl said she didn’t like it. She stuffed the little girl’s mouth full of that stuff and she vomited all over the lunch table. This was in 1961 and in the Southern USA, and this is what we had to deal with here. My mother did pay this teacher a visit and set her straight on a few things…An incident like that now would have cost that teacher her job. One more celebrity i know that had a big incident with TUMP is Patricia Heaton who played the pretty wife of the guy on the comedy show, ” Everybody Loves Raymond” I do not know what it was about, but it did get ugly between her and TUMP. The basketball player, LeBron James also had it out with TUMP too, it’s too bad that LeBron James didn’t rough TUMP up with his fists.

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