Fox News Hosts GOP Rep and Trump ‘Doctor’ to Complain that President Biden – Looks Too Healthy?

In the days following President Biden’s eloquent and well received State of the Union address, Republicans have had to dig deep to find the sort of preposterous pseudo-scandals that they need to incite their rabid base of Deplorables. Fortunately, they have their Ministry of Propaganda, aka Fox News, to run cover for them.

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Recent breaking stories on Fox News have included hard hitting journalism such as their scoop that Biden had an ice cream cone at a campaign stop, and that he dared to say that he’s optimistic about America’s future. Commence the impeachment hearings NOW!

On Friday Fox News aired a very special Hannity episode that featured an interview with Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas. Prior to his election he was Donald Trump’s White House physician. Which he apparently thinks qualifies him to speak authoritatively about the health of Joe Biden, who he’s never examined and virulently hates. Jackson was especially suspicious about Biden’s observably robust demeanor and general fitness…

“To be honest with you, I think that there’s a medication. I want to know when he gets his physical done what medications is he actually on. Because he looks sometimes like he’s really jacked up something.”

It’s notable that Jackson is admitting that Biden appears to be in profoundly good health. It’s also notable that Jackson is profoundly disturbed by that fact. Consequently, he presumes that Biden must be on drugs, a presumption that Jackson pulled straight out of his assiduously anti-Biden predisposition.

That ingrown animosity would be bad enough, but Jackson was just getting started. He went on to diagnose Biden’s mental acuity based on his fashion accessories…

“And I want to know why he wears sunglasses all the time. Because, you know, one of the physical manifestation of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases out there is that your pupils dilate and you have an issue accommodating to light. And I think there’s something going on here.”

What’s interesting about this clip is that, while Jackson is asserting that Biden “wears sunglasses all the time,” the accompanying video shows exactly the opposite. Biden is not wearing sunglasses in any of it. So Fox News couldn’t even find any b-roll of Biden to support Jackson’s ludicrous claims.

To be sure, Biden has posed for some photographs looking dapper in his Aviators, while cruising in his Corvette. But by far, most of his public appearances are sans sunglasses. Trump, on the other hand, must be the picture of health because he never wears sunglasses, even when looking straight into a solar eclipse.

The ludicrous diagnoses of Biden by Jackson are consistent with his reputation for bizarre medical analysis. As Trump’s White House doctor Jackson produced some laughably far-fetched findings as to Trump’s health. To begin with, he made the visibly absurd contention that Trump is 6’3″ and weighs 236 pounds. And following one of his physicals, Jackson gushed that Trump “has incredible genes” and “might live to be 200 years old,” despite his obesity, junk food diet, and aversion to exercise. And then there was the time that Jackson unleashed this malarkey…

“Rep. Ronny Jackson says that Biden should be removed from office after calling Pete Doocy a “stupid SOB,” since it proves that he is cognitively unfit to be president.”

Trump has praised Jackson, both as a congressman and a doctor. He was especially proud of the cognitive test that “Doc Ronny” gave him that allegedly proved that he was mentally competent. That was the test wherein Trump was able to correctly identify an elephant from a picture, and recall five words (person, woman, man, camera, tv). He couldn’t even think of five words that weren’t immediately around him at the time. But to Jackson, it’s Biden who is mentally and physically failing because he looks too healthy?

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4 thoughts on “Fox News Hosts GOP Rep and Trump ‘Doctor’ to Complain that President Biden – Looks Too Healthy?

  1. Oh, just give it a day or two, and the GOP will be spreading rumors that Joe keeps his youthful manner by taking that adenochrome that Hillary supplies him from the trafficked children in the pizza parlor basement. You know they will….

  2. HA, HA, HA.. This incredibly dumb SOB Ronny Jackson must of been a regular on ” Comedy Central” at one time or another. Is it him that says TUMP is 6’3” and weighs 236 pounds? That is a bald faced lie in itself. It is well known he wears jacked up shoes to make him look taller than his sorry ass is, it is more likely he is 5’8” and weighs 475 pounds. These demented, mentally deficient fools never cease to amaze me at just how much utter nonsense they make up out of their pea sized brains. I know TUMP weighs much more than 236 pounds because that is exactly what i weigh and he is 5 times bigger than i am. I wonder how much that orange mullet weighs that he wears on his ghastly head??? Fox Spews should only be shown in zoos around our nation in TV’S installed in baboon and chimp cages, those animals would get a big kick out their brothers and sisters telling lies on Fox Spews. These GQP fanatics are just angry that our outstanding President Biden continues to make absolute fools out of the chimps and baboons at Fox Spews.

  3. Well, it’s open season on Biden, now that McCarthy appointed heads of committees, caving into their demands, in order to win his speakership. Now Jim Jordan can, along with the rest of the cut throats, start his revenge tactics against Biden ,on the people’s dollar. I am so ashamed of Jordan, from my state of Ohio. And is this Dr. Ronny Jackson a professional Doctor??.Or a Dr. Oz. Dr. Jackson would know all about Adderall, being Trump’s physician. Google Trump and Adderall. Probably why, throughout his presidency,, Trump posted frequent disjointed hopped up statements on Twitter. By the way, who could be more disjointed than Marjorie Taylor Greene? It’s a toss up.. And this baloney about Trump’s weight, height, etc. He wore elevated shoes, and if one ever saw him in his gulf shorts and top, photographed from his posterior, bending over to pick up a golf club, his butt is amazing. He might carry all of the quoted weight there.

  4. What happened to “Doctor” Keith A-Blow-Me? Isn’t that HIS job at Fux Spews?

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