Ted Cruz, Attacking FCC Nominee, Unwittingly Makes a Damn Good Argument Against Donald Trump

The state of Texas has been suffering from extraordinarily poor representation by their junior senator, Ted Cruz, for many years. He has distinguished himself as the most hated man in the Senate, and excelled only at scoring airtime on Fox News and humiliating himself and his state.

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Ted Cruz, Donald Trump

On Tuesday the Senate Commerce Committee held a confirmation hearing for Gigi Sohn to the Federal Communications Commission. Sohn’s nomination has been held up by Republicans for two years, despite having outstanding credentials and support from a broad and bipartisan array of industry and citizen constituents. So naturally Cruz is expressing his customary knee-jerk opposition to whatever any Democrat proposes or is associated with.

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During his time to question Sohn, Cruz unleashed an extended rant slandering her with flagrant falsehoods. He enumerated all of the things about Sohn that he regarded as disqualifying. It was a list of utterly fictional grievances. However, his complaints actually applied more closely to Donald Trump than to Sohn.

Cruz began by objecting to Sohn having been associated with “far left organizations.” They were actually fairly mainstream organizations, but Cruz, and all Republicans, accuse every liberal organization of being far left socialist commies. And of course, Cruz has no problem with all of the radical right organizations that Trump is beholden to. He then elaborated in a stream of petulant whining (video below)

“[Sohn] retweeted and liked posts by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling for defunding the police.”

Cruz didn’t provide any examples of the tweets that offended him. But if liking allegedly offensive tweets is disqualifying, he should address Trump’s embrace of truly heinous postings by QAnon and other fascist, racist, hate mongers.

“And, in July 2020, during riots in Portland, Oregon, she retweeted a post attacking federal law enforcement officers as armed goons in riot gear with tear gas. It’s no surprise that her nomination is opposed by multiple law enforcement groups, including the Fraternal Order of Police and National Sheriffs Association.”

Again, there was no evidence of offending tweets. But attacking law enforcement is one of Trump’s favorite pastimes. Just this morning he referred to the FBI as the “Gesatpo.”

“Ms. Sohn portrays herself as a defender of free speech but has a history of campaigning to censor conservatives.”

Sohn has never campaigned to censor conservatives. But Trump has literally called for the termination of the Constitution and repeatedly maligned the press as “the enemy of the people.”

“[Sohn] calls Fox News ‘dangerous to our democracy’ and has urged the FCC to revoke Sinclair’s broadcast licenses.”

Ok, let’s give him this much. Sohn is correct about Fox News. However, Cruz is lying about her urging revocation of Sinclair’s licenses. Although she did suggest that a hearing should be held to ascertain whether Sinclair should be punished beyond the $48 million fine they received for lying to the FCC. Trump, on the other hand, regards all of the media (except those that worship him) as dangerous and hopes that most of them go out of business.

“At the same time, she has a history of fighting against indecency regulations that protect children from exposure to filth on TV. To Ms. Sohn, it seems conservative speech is worse than obscenity.”

Often what Cruz regards as “filth” is just anything that he disagrees with, including lifestyles of LGBTQ persons or non-Christians. And To Trump liberal speech is an apocalyptic-level abomination.

So every point that Cruz made fit Trump better than it did Sohn. Consequently, if we accept his arguments, then Trump should be disqualified from public service. That, of course, is a given for so many other reasons: inciting an insurrection, undermining democracy, pathological lying, hoarding hundreds of classified documents, promoting racism, embracing dictators. The list goes on and on.

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3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz, Attacking FCC Nominee, Unwittingly Makes a Damn Good Argument Against Donald Trump

  1. As with all Republicans, for Cruz every accusation…

  2. When I think of Ted Cruz, I think unpleasant thoughts. First thing I remember about Ted Cruz was his interview of the twitter CEO. He was so loud, like a bleating goat in tone. And every interview in the Senate following. Very loud. His brown, gray, white beard was becoming unkempt and he was gaining weight at those times. Causing me to envision a yeti from the Himalayas. He is the Senator who received the most money from the gun lobby. And, now we have the 2022 horrific massive shooting in Uvalde. In Cruz’s home state of Texas. Cruz put on social media that Heidi and he were praying for all the dead. Four days later he and Trump went to the NRA convention. A short distance from Uvalde. In my mind, he is a despicable hypocrite. And , after reading this posting, he can’t keep his lies straight either.

    • I will never understand why these criminals like Cruz, TUMP, and all of these GQP Fascists have been tolerated. All of them should be locked up in a prison now, or at least in a cage like the other wild animals in the Zoo. They are all domestic terrorists and should be treated as such. They can say and do whatever they want to only to never be held accountable for any crimes they commit.

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