Read Trump’s Raving Arraignment Response as Foretold By His Unhinged Truth Social Rants

The indictment of Donald Trump in the “Stormy Daniels Hush Money Affair” was a predictable trigger for the sort rancid rhetoric that has poisoned his commentaries for years. So it should surprise no one that he has lashed out in the most offensive and irrational manner imaginable in response to his finally being held to account for just a few of his multitude of crimes

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Donald Trump Angry

Trump’s unbridled anger at anyone and anything that regards him as less than the savior of humanity, that he delusionally perceives himself to be, has been evident in the remarks that he has been posting on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, for weeks. Many of those remarks have been seething with hatred for his perceived enemies, along with outright threats and fomenting of violence.

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Trump’s post-indictment incitements have trickled down to his sycophantic cult followers in the press and politics. For instance…

Trump himself has announced that he will be delivering an address to the public from his Mar-a-Lago bunker on the evening following his arraignment in New York. That should be an entirely ignorable event that would be a pitiful waste of time for anyone considering tuning in. That’s especially true for the media, who must resist the temptation to cover it as if it would contain anything newsworthy.

We all know what Trump is going to say in his self-serving spiel. It will undoubtedly be filled with intense rancor and panicky lies, and be devoid of any coherent substance relating to the law. In fact, it will be just a rehash of his recent social media harangues.

To that end, what follows is a presentation of what can be expected from Trump so that no one needs to suffer through it. Every word is verbatim from his Truth Social posts over the past two weeks, except for the words in brackets.

“The Fake News refuses to report this, but now everyone knows. [It’s] Election Interference! These Thugs and Radical Left Monsters have just INDICATED the 45th President of the United States of America. THIS IS AN ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE.

“Biden is guilty of Obstruction, I am not! China paid him and Hunter Millions of Dollars. [A] Trump hating Prosecutor and a Trump Hating Judge, hand selected by the Soros backed D.A. [are conducting a] WITCH HUNT, as our once great Country is going to HELL!

“The Corrupt D.A. [Alvin Bragg] has no case. What he does have is a venue where it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get a Fair Trial. HIS TRUMP HATING WIFE AND FRIENDS [and the] Radical Left Insurrectionists, Extortionists, Crooked Politicians and Thugs that are destroying our Country.

“[We are] a Nation in Decline. [They] Weaponized the FBI & DOJ to Interfere with, Rigg, and Steal our once SACRED ELECTIONS. Now they are using PROSECUTORS to CHEAT. We are now living in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. [There were] NO ERRORS, NO AFFAIR, NO MISDEMEANOR, NO CRIME, NO CASE! [But] Corrupt Democrat Prosecutors [push a] Fake, Corrupt, and Disgraceful Charge. A Witch Hunt to destroy the Make America Great Again movement.

“These Prosecutorial Scams and Hoaxes are all about Election Interference. How do you indict an innocent man? They’re not coming after ME, they’re coming after YOU! Violent Crime in Manhattan soar[s] to Record Highs In USA history, there has never been anything like this.”

“The Manhattan D.A. Witch Hunt against me is DEAD, no evidence at all. [But] I HAVE GAINED SUCH RESPECT FOR THIS GRAND JURY, & PERHAPS EVEN THE GRAND JURY SYSTEM AS A WHOLE.

“[In closing,] if you are doing poorly, as so many of you are, do not send anything. If you are doing well, which was made possible through the great policies of the Trump Administration, send your contribution to…

That pretty much sums it up. You can all now plan to watch something on TV that is actually entertaining or educational. And you can spend your evening with family, rather than suffering through another one Trump’s televised tantrums. Hopefully the media will give this sociopathic sermon the attention it deserves – NONE!

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3 thoughts on “Read Trump’s Raving Arraignment Response as Foretold By His Unhinged Truth Social Rants

  1. WOW!!!!! How many lies were in this recent tantrum were told this time??? I tried to count them, but my vision became blurry from trying to read through all of this blatant lying and ranting.. This insane old bastard needs to go away, in fact i hope he does go away to the worst prison in the United States. I would guess there were over 50 lies told in his tantrum. Additional new charges need to be made against him for the threats to DA Alvin Bragg. Bragg is just doing his job and shouldn’t have to put up with these bogus threats and intimidation from TUMP’s rotten sorry ass.

  2. I can’t stand to listen to Trump’s singsong voice. As he lies, lies, lies To him belongs all the responsibility for causing such division in our precious America.

    • I can’t stand to listen to TUMP’s voice, look at his rust covered face. or even say or write his name. That is the reason i call him TUMP. Also, he has caused unbelievable division in our nation and caused so much damage to our nation that it will take a decade or longer to repair the damage…. I would love to see his sorry ass go to prison and rot there.. DAMN HIM !!!!!!

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