Fox News Whines that ‘You’re Putting Donald Trump’s Life in Danger’ By Trying Him for His Crimes

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s arraignment on 34 felony counts of tax fraud, financial malfeasance, and election interference, Fox News has taken a firehose approach to defending their poor, mistreated victim of persecution by the “Radical Left, Soros-sponsored communists” of the Democratic Party. Their pleadings on Trump’s behalf have literally portrayed him as a Christ-like figure on the cross of political prejudice.

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Jesse Watters, Fox News

In the hours following Trump’s arrest and court appearance in Manhattan, Fox News has presented a parade of Trump sycophants and apologists to deny that he’s done anything remotely wrong. Never mind the abundance of accumulated documentary evidence and witness testimony. Trump himself was pitifully incapable of offering up his own defense in the address that he delivered upon his return to his Mar-a-Lago bunker. He rambled aimlessly about everything from the January 6th insurrection, to his theft of classified documents, to Hunter Biden.

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Among the twisted takes that were televised on Fox News was one by Jesse Watters, co-host of “The Five.” What Watters was terribly disturbed by was the wholly delusional fear that the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, was putting Trump’s life in danger by charging him and setting in motion the schedule for his trial. Watters wailed that…

“You’re putting Donald Trump’s life in danger. You’re setting him up and advertising the entire world, the former president of the United States, the Republican nominee for the presidency, is going to be at this location, at this time, on this date. And you’ve got towers, and you’ve got windows. You think that’s good for this country, to put a man like that in a certain location — December 4. And then what if it goes to trial? He has to be there every day. You think the Secret Service wants that? That is dangerous. And he is playing a dangerous game.”

WHUT? Has Watters been submerged in a bilge water tank for the last seven years? Donald Trump is constantly publicizing his whereabouts at precise locations and times. He is either serving as maître d’ at his Palm Beach hotel/home, sermonizing at his cult rallies, or otherwise exalting himself at some public event where his presence is widely advertised.

The audiences at these affairs are often not subject to any security checks. And they are populated by gun-loving, conspiracy crackpots who might want to make a martyr of their messiah, or they may think he’s a “Deep State” body double who is impersonating Trump. So it could be argued that he’s putting his own life in danger.

What’s worse is that Watters is propagating a bizarrely illogical premise that no criminal defendant can ever by put on trial because the locations, dates, and times of the hearings would be known by anyone wishing to do them harm. Watters thinks the Secret Service would have more of a problem with guarding Trump in a courthouse than they do guarding him at a Mar-a-Lago wedding or a McDonalds.

This is the depths to which Fox News will sink to invent controversaries where none actually exist. It’s an insult to the intelligence of their viewers, even if it does accurately predict the idiocies that they will believe. It is certainly no more idiotic than most everything else that Fox News has aired since Trump’s indictment. For instance…

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Whines that ‘You’re Putting Donald Trump’s Life in Danger’ By Trying Him for His Crimes

  1. Fox Spews gets more delusional by the day. I suppose with wackos like Jessie Watters, Carlson Tucker, Sean Hannity, and sewage mouth Laura Ingraham, what can one expect? In my opinion i really don’t give a damn if this rant of Watter’s about putting TUMP’s life in danger comes true. Our nation would be better off without the orange baboon. Good riddance is my opinion of that asshat.. Germany sure did come back to life after Hitler was gone and came back strong and democratic. I sure as hell don’t care if his life is in danger. TUMP has only been a festering cancer to our once great nation since he came onto the scene back in 2016. Look at the damage and division he has caused us.

  2. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer man. [rolling eyes]

  3. Good. That traitor’s life SHOULD be in danger. He’s a threat to the security of the nation and the world.

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