Fox News on Tennessee GOP Expelling Black Reps: It’s Wrong to Storm Government Buildings (?)

Republicans in the state of Tennessee have a long held pride in their prejudices and radically extreme conservatism. From their treasonous days in the Confederacy to their blind devotion to Donald Trump, they are a party that has slipped the surly bonds of reason and rational judgment in their quest for ultra-conservative supremacy.

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Unfortunately for them, with their latest political pothole Republicans have only succeeded in cementing their reputation as unabashed racists and aspiring totalitarians. On Thursday the GOP-dominated Tennessee House expelled two Black representatives for allegedly breaching the “decorum” of the House when they joined with citizens protesting in support of gun safety reforms following a mass shooting in Nashville that took the lives of six people, including three children.

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Let’s just set aside for the moment that the Tennessee Republicans gave a White representative a pass for doing the exact same things as the Black Reps who were expelled. The GOP opposition to common sense measures aimed at reducing gun violence is starkly contrary to the positions of most Americans.

In response to the grotesque assault on democracy by the Tennessee GOP, Fox News defended them by saying that it wasn’t undemocratic at all because the expelled lawmakers could still run for reelection. That’s an argument that is devoid of any coherent logic. By expelling the two Democrats, the Republicans stole the votes of the majority of citizens who elected them. Running again doesn’t erase that. But the exchange by the co-hosts of Fox and friends got even worse…

Correspondent Alexandria Hoff: The action was not undemocratic because the representatives are still able to be voted back into office.
Brian Kilmeade: Right, they’re out for now
Ainsley Earhardt: Sending a message not to storm our government buildings, right?

WTHolyF? So Fox News is saying that the Tennessee GOP were right to expel two Black lawmakers because they were just “Sending a message not to storm our government buildings.” And with that irony is now officially deceased and buried. These are the same people who have been defending the January 6th insurrectionists for the past two years by arguing that they were merely peaceful tourists on an ordinary visit to the Capitol. They have been arguing for the exoneration and release of the rioters who were arrested and convicted of crimes ranging from criminal trespass to seditious conspiracy. And many of them pleaded guilty.

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Someone should ask Fox News if the Republicans in Congress who supported the insurrection should be expelled. We could start with Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Greene. The StormTrumpers caused millions of dollars of damage to the Congress and injured more than 140 law enforcement officers. The Tennessee Three caused no damage or injuries to anything but the tender sensitivities of the bigoted Republicans.

For the record, Tennessee has the tenth most fatalities by guns in the nation (21.3 per 100k). For comparison California and New York, which have among the nation’s strictest gun laws, rank at #44 (8.5 per 100k) and #46 (5.3 per 100k), respectively. These stats include fatalities due to suicide, which should not be dismissed out of hand. However, when only murders are counted, the rankings are nearly identical.

This is the record death and tragedy that Republicans and Fox News are celebrating. And they are painfully blind to the hypocrisy of their callous justifications. Not that it matters. Republicans are only interested in keeping their audience riled up, and the donations from the NRA flowing. And Fox News is not now – and never has been – the least bit interested in honest reporting or ethical journalism. Which why they are currently being sued for billions of dollars for their lies and defamation.

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One thought on “Fox News on Tennessee GOP Expelling Black Reps: It’s Wrong to Storm Government Buildings (?)

  1. Another school shooting at the Covenant School of Tennessee Three innocent nine year old children as well as three of their teachers/caregivers, dead Psychobabble Marjorie Taylor Greene says it was the trans shooter jacked up on hormones. Not his/hers guns? At same time, US Senators are in line for proceeds from gun lobbies in payment for passing pro-gun legislation . Two black Democratic representatives were expelled from Council for taking part in a Tennessean gun protest. Voters need to step up and vote Republican House and Senate pro-gun advocates at state and US level out of office . And vote those two Democrats ousted for their protest against guns back in!!

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