Trump is Gonna Freak Out: His Name Was Uttered Only Once By Biden in His WHCD Speech

One of the most remarkable things about the post-Trump era is that, despite his humiliating electoral loss, his dead weight impact on the Republican Party, and his unprecedented legal entanglements, investigations, and indictments, Donald Trump refuses to go away.

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Donald Trump, Joe Biden

The continuing presence of the Mar-All-Ego narcissist persists in haunting the American political scene, even though he has been resolutely rejected, even by Republicans.

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No other former president has imposed himself on the nation like this following their term, especially if they suffered a decisive defeat for reelection. But Trump defies the norms in so many ways. Most significantly, he simply cannot stand it when he is not the center of attention. As a result, he will exploit any available measures to thrust himself into the spotlight to steal whatever focus he can from more important matters. And when he’s unsuccessful at that, it generally manifests as petty jealously and outrage.

Consequently, we can expect to see Trump’s anger erupt over his near exclusion from the remarks made at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C. Sunday night. President Biden gave an entertaining presentation that was at times profound and hysterical. But to Trump’s dismay, Biden only referenced the twice impeached, indicted, former reality TV game show host, one time. And even that was a throw away line about their common ages.

Referring to reports in the New York Times, the President noted a headline saying that “Biden’s advanced age is a big issue. Trump’s, however, is not.” That was just one of the jokes Biden made about his age. The only other reference to Trump didn’t mention his name at all. Alluding to Trump’s Stormy Daniels payoff, Biden said that comedian keynoter, Roy Wood, Jr. “offered me 10 bucks if I’d keep it under 10 minutes. That’s a switch, a President being offered hush money.”

That’s it. Nothing more about Trump was said in Biden’s address. However, while almost entirely ignoring Trump, Biden did get some digs in at Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. In addition to noting that Tucker Carlson – who was unceremoniously fired by Fox – is “finished,” Biden made these salient points (video below)

  • It’s great the cable news networks are here tonight. MSNBC owned by NBC Universal. Fox News owned by Dominion Voting Systems.
  • With that $787 million settlement, they [Fox] are here because they couldn’t say no to a free meal.
  • I’d call Fox honest, fair, and truthful, but then I could be sued for defamation.
  • [And on a more serious note] A poison is running through our democracy and parts of the extreme press. The truth buried by lies, and lies living on as truth. Lies told for profit and power. Lies of conspiracy and malice repeated over and over again, designed to generate a cycle of anger, hate, and even violence.

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As of this writing, Trump hasn’t said anything about his absence from the festivities. He may still be nursing his despair or fueling his fury. But he is undoubtedly vexed. It’s possible he might just express it by lashing out at something unrelated to change the subject. He has already posted 48 comments on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social this morning. Most of them about his most feared opponent, Ron DeSantis. So he is apparently trying to flood the zone with bullshit as he weeps over being left out.

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4 thoughts on “Trump is Gonna Freak Out: His Name Was Uttered Only Once By Biden in His WHCD Speech

  1. From the article-“Donald Trump refuses to go away.” Well, you and every other site covering every d**n thing he says, is NOT helping either. So, maybe ease up on the amount of coverage. Unless he actually offers some actual policy about anything, or says something new, and not the same old bulls**t he always spouts, QUIT covering everything he says. THAT would help him go away.

    • I am all for ignoring this walking slime bag, Donald TUMP. I watch a lot of UFO documentaries and have been interested in UFO’s since me and my cousin, uncle, aunt and my parents seen something in the sky at an old drive-in theatre near Atlanta, GA that was very unusual, this thing had rotating white lights on it and frightened me and my cousin very much. I was 10 years old at the time. What i am getting at is, even on these UFO documentaries lo and behold they have scenes with none other than Donald TUMP in them. hell i can’t even get a break from this bastard watching these programs. Most of the newer UFO programs were filmed during TUMP’s Dictatorship. To make things worse, they have that damn shit spewer Carlson Tucker on them also giving his deluded opinions on the UFO subject. It seems there is no getting away from him unless a person stops using the internet or not watch TV. MSNBC even can’t stop writing articles about this corrupt asshat and they are supposedly a Democratic leaning news source, and posting numerous pictures of his vile, ugly, ass face. I can’t stand the site of TUMP, it makes me sick to look at him. I just wish he would go get some dough and put his face in it and make some baboon cookies and take them to Putin and stay in Russia and NEVER come back to our nation. Maybe both of them would choke on them.

  2. Another way Trump gets away with all his bullshit is that he plays the victim like he has done all of hi wretched life No one payed particular attention to the term “deep state” until Trump came along and complained the federal government, especially the FBI and CIA, were working against him I might add MTG listens to Trump She’s way too stupid to come up with all that crap by herself So the polls continue to make me sick.

    • If MTG took an IQ test she would score about 15 on it. It is disgusting someone as dumb and ignorant as she is has a seat in our Congress. It’s a total disgrace that our Federal Government has sank to such depths. I just wished i could hurry up and get out of here.

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