Trump Claims to Have Magic Words that Will End Ukraine War in 24 Hours, But Won’t Tell Anyone

After several years of Donald Trump making assertions that he routinely fails to back up, most people will rationally dismiss his remarks as the raving lunacy that they are. However, that doesn’t seem to deter him from continuing to disgorge utter nonsense on a regular basis.

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Donald Trump, Padded Cell

Trump has the advantage of having a devoted following of glassy-eyed cultists who will believe whatever he says, no matter how obviously preposterous. That has enabled him to make ridiculous claims to having easy solutions to every problem. They usually include unfilled promises to complete those solutions in two weeks (see his healthcare, infrastructure, and border wall plans).

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On Friday Trump did another of his lazy call-in interviews. This one was with the ultra-rightist Right Side Broadcasting Network. In the course of their friendly chat wherein Trump was never challenged on any of his flagrant lies, Trump disclosed that he has hidden powers to wave a wand and resolve any crisis. Even one as complex and intractable as the Russian war against Ukraine. After being asked about his prior claims to being able to negotiate an end to the war – which centered wholly on appeasing Putin – Trump rambled on saying that…

“Well, first of all it should have never started. It would have never started had I been president. There was no chance of this war starting and, frankly, I don’t think Putin wanted to do it. I think he was sort of forced in by the statements being made by Biden.” […]

“With that being said, I think it can be negotiated within 24 hours.It really has to be done from the office of the president. And you have to get both in a room, and there are things you can say to each one of them, which I won’t reveal now, which will guarantee that this war will end immediately.”

Naturally, there is no world calamity that would have occurred if only Trump were President for Life. What’s more, every catastrophe that befalls America is the fault of President Biden. Never mind that Trump had previously praised Putin as a “genius” for his threats against, and invasion of Ukraine.

More to the point, Trump revealed that he has wizardly ways to invoke some clandestine incantation that would magically produce peace in the region “within 24 hours.” He even suggested that he be dispatched to lead negotiations between Putin and Zelenskyy. However, he isn’t going to disclose the magic words he has unless he is returned to the White House.

In other words, Trump is offering a “guarantee” that he could end the horrific war crimes of his pal Putin, and stop the slaughter of thousands of innocent Ukrainian civilians, but he isn’t willing to do that for at least another two years because of his megalomaniacal lust for power. He is, in effect, holding the world hostage to his demand to be crowned King of America.

Trump thinks that that expression of callous and deadly self-interest will get him reelected. Of course, Trump’s guarantee is worth about as much as a diploma from Trump University. And Trump couldn’t be relied on to keep his word, even if he had the occult capability he claims. He couldn’t even cast a spell to get reelected in 2020, or to get his candidates elected in 2022. Although he did blame those losses on his evangelical devotees.

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Trump did another call-in interview on Friday wherein he gave right-wing hack Hugh Hewitt an incoherent position on the Ukraine war in which he expresses his desire to see Ukraine and Russia fight. Although he wants to make sure that Russia wins by denying Ukraine any aid. Which pretty well sums up just how ignorant and potentially dangerous Trump is. See if this makes any sense…

Hewitt: Do you want to cut off aid to Ukraine right now, Mr. President?
Trump: I want to make it so that Ukraine and Russia have to fight, and fight for the last time. We gotta make peace. If we won’t make peace…if we just keep sending everything over…you know we’re sending over. We gotta fight for the last day, for the last two days. This thing has to stop. And it’s gotta stop now.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Claims to Have Magic Words that Will End Ukraine War in 24 Hours, But Won’t Tell Anyone

  1. Why ask him if HE wants to cut off aid to Ukraine? Not his decision!

  2. Should anyone remind this traitorous nit that his “plan” to get out of Afghanistan didn’t work very well either?

  3. Trump’s call-in interviews? Or discussions with those who are willing to sink so low so as to to have him on their shows. Trump’s singsong, childlike, monotonous voice. Spouting lies, at the same time attempting to sound the polar opposite-a reputable businessman. For anyone not willing to listen to this criminal, don’t tune into far right extremist networks

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