Trump’s Attorney Tells Fox News He’s Not Facing Reality, He’s Denying the Prospect of Prison

No rational observer is ever going to characterize Donald Trump as someone who has a firm grip on reality. He lies with extraordinary abandon, and constantly presents a version of the world that is in stark contrast to the one that the rest of us live in. However, it is still rather astonishing that his own lawyer takes the position that he is something less than cognizant of the circumstances he faces and the legal peril that is looming.

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Donald Trump, Prison

After being indicted on 37 felony charges ranging from obstruction justice to violations of the Espionage Act, Trump is suffering a severe mental meltdown that is evident in his remarks in public and online. And he isn’t getting much help from his legal team, two of whom he dismissed immediately after the indictments were announced. One of his remaining attorneys, Alina Habba, has been making the rounds of right-wing media to attempt to state his case. But she has not been particularly effective.

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On Sunday morning Habba was interviewed by Shannon Bream on Fox News, who actually asked a pretty good question. She did not, however, get a very good response…

Bream: “I know you’ve been with the president. What is his mood? I mean, a conviction here on any number or multiple of these charges could be decades in jail. Has that sunk in?”
Habba: No, I don’t think he’s thinking of it that way, and I don’t really think that’s a realistic way to think about this case. He’s done nothing wrong. He said that this is completely politically motivated. It’s election interference at its best by a political opponent.

For any criminal defendant to approach a case this serious with the view that it’s not “realistic” to consider the prospect of decades in prison if convicted, is bizarre, to say the least. It’s an admission that Trump isn’t facing reality at all. And the defenses that Habba floats (“politically motivated,” “election interference”) are equally distant from reality. But then again, she is not an especially qualified lawyer. She went on to say…

“So to his credit, and the world should understand, an indictment is a one-sided document. He has a defense. The defense is real. He had the Presidential Records Act, which only he has in play. Hillary Clinton didn’t have that. Biden didn’t have that. And we’ll put that defense on. The team he’s going to have will be strong and knows exactly what they’re doing.”

Habba’s assertion that the Presidential Records Act is a defense ignores the fact that Trump’s indictment doesn’t charge him with anything related to that. It is never even mentioned. What’s more, it wouldn’t exonerate him if it were included. And her deflecting to Hillary Clinton and President Biden is just plain pathetic. Whatever crimes she thinks they committed, it wouldn’t have any bearing on Trump’s guilt or innocence. Although, she has apparently coordinated with Trump as to what their legal strategy should be…

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Habba also praises Trump’s legal team, which currently consists of just one newly named lawyer, Todd Blanche, who has yet to actually assemble a team. So she can hardly pretend to know that Trump’s team “knows exactly what they’re doing.” However, another lawyer who has had some history with Trump – his former Attorney General, Bill Barr – has an opinion that diverges significantly from the Trump defense. Barr now says about the Trump indictment that “If even half of it is true, HE’S TOAST!”

Consequently, Trump is running around crying about being a victim and the target of “Deep State” persecutors who hate him. He’s trying desperately to rile up his cult followers and incite them to commit more acts of violence on his behalf. So far, that isn’t working. But it’s still too soon to rule out the harm that could be done by the crackpots who have devoted themselves to his malicious MAGA movement. He is a clear and present danger to the nation, and has already predicted a political apocalypse should he be held to account for his crimes.

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10 thoughts on “Trump’s Attorney Tells Fox News He’s Not Facing Reality, He’s Denying the Prospect of Prison

  1. Trump has the uncanny ability to reach the most unbalanced of us and trigger that deep dark spot to whatever degree he is able. For one, I am getting sick of flipping through channels and seeing Trump with a raft of facial expressions- Proud look, downtrodden look, defiant look, flirting look. Does nothing for me. Well, disgust.

  2. That Judge Canon is going to run interference in this case and delay, delay, delay. Justice delayed is justice denied!

    • Months ago, i thought i read that this Judge Cannon B**ch was dismissed from her duties as a judge, i evidently was reading a false news source. I wonder who arranged for her to just happen to be the judge in this case?? Sounds like the ”Rotten in Denmark” thing to me.. I hope this low life mentally deficient bastard TUMP doesn’t somehow weasel out of this too. When i read this yesterday, my hope dropped for this case took a turn downward. Uuuuuuggg!!!

      • Jack Smith will handle Judge Cannon. He is ready, willing, and able. And he is sitting 20 ft. from Trump, staring at him. Trump is afraid to glance back.

        • Judge Loose Cannon knows she’s under surveillance this time. Not just from the other two Trump judges and the one appointed by another Republican, the judge who is so conservative he makes Genghis Kahn look like a liberal, the whole world is watching too. She’s a lot less likely to play with the facts this time (I hope!)

          While Trump posted bail and i out on release, the judge added one special condition. One i THINK Trump is constitutionally unable to meet. He can’t talk to anyone about the case. Only his lawyers. I think that means even if he doesn’t say something out loud, if he tries to fundraise off of it, it’s goodbye release and hello jail. He’d also forfeit any bail he’d posted. Okay, do I have that right?

        • The TUMP baboon should be afraid of Jack Smith. I recently read where Smith is assigned to the Jan 6th riots too that the orange baboon incited. If this is so, Smith will be busy on that JAN 6th insurrection incident very soon. There is no telling what he will uncover about that. I hope that the Congress critters that were in on that get into BIG trouble over that too and get expelled from Congress, especially Marjorie T. Goon and Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz and the SOB Kevin McCarthy.

          • It’s true. Jack Smith is working on the J6 case. In fact, he’s even got a Grand Jury on it right now. Plus there are more indictments coming: Georgia (Fani Willis) and NYC (Letitia James). Plus, a Grand Jury in Florida for the Documents Case and will be looking into Wire Fraud charges oof the Orange Buffoon. He’s going to be a very busy man!

            • He also has the election fraud thing here in Georgia too where he tried to get out Secretary of State to find him over 11, 5OO votes, i think the DA’s name is Fannie Willis. That cretin TUMP should NOT even be allowed to run for any office for the numerous crimes he has committed…. It makes want to vomit that he is even allowed to run for Dictator. He certainly would be a Dictator if he got elected.

    • I think she’ll be much more careful this time. She already got a slap-down from the 11th Circuit Court. They will be watching her behavior in this case. There is most likely to be a Motion to Recuse filed; Jack Smith has already sealed off a majority of the avenues Trump could try to delay the trial. I’m going to wait until Jack Smith’s case bears fruit; he didn’t prosecute war criminals at The Hague and learn nothing. He learned plenty!

  3. To deny reality, to think you can deflect with ‘whataboutism’ to someone else who has been cleared of your insinuations, is a real denial of reality. And to put boxes of highly classified documents in bathrooms, ballrooms, on display (Mr. Trump. your own words) , where anyone could easily see them. Showing classified documents to staffers, customers at Mar-a-Lago, just plain showing off classified material — do you have any understanding of the word “classified” or was that to mean Hillary only?

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