Tucker Carlson’s Attempt to Malign Biden as a ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Describes Trump Much Better

On Tuesday afternoon, during the Fox News coverage of Donald Trump’s arrest and arraignment on a historic 37 felony count indictment, they aired a now infamous chyron that maligned President Biden in a particularly malicious manner. It read “WANNABE DICTATOR SPEAKS AT THE WHITE HOUSE AFTER HAVING HIS POLITICAL RIVAL ARRESTED.” Most of the reputable media castigated Fox for it’s unethical bias expressed in a childish insult. But not everyone was appropriately disgusted.

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Tucker Carlson apparently concurred and, in the fourth episode of his Twitter rant-cast, he delivered a full-throated defense of the repugnant message. He claimed that it was written and approved by a Fox News producer who was later fired by Fox secretly, so as not to further inflame Carlson’s hateful fans. And there is confirmation that the chyron wasn’t the work of a rogue intern, but was actually the former producer of Carlson’s own canceled Fox News program. Which may explain why Fox has been getting crushed in the ratings lately.

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Carlson’s latest Twitter tirade (video here if you can stomach it) embraced the fallacious Fox framing of Biden. He disingenuously suggested that “You’ve gotta wonder, if you’re being honest with yourself, is Joe Biden a wannabe dictator?” Then he blatantly lied that Biden was “trying to put the other candidate [Trump] in prison for the rest of his life for a crime that he himself has committed.” Carlson is trying mightily to outdo the outrageousness of the previous episode of his Twitter screed.

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Of course, Biden didn’t indict Trump. That was a citizen Grand Jury in Miami. Also, Biden never committed the crimes that Trump has been indicted for, and has even confessed to. Biden never withheld any documents from the FBI. He never lied to authorities about having them. He never shared them with others. He never attempted to move and hide them. He never tampered with witnesses. And he never defied a search warrant or subpoena.

Nevertheless, Carlson raged for 13 minutes over the assertion that Biden is an aspiring totalitarian tyrant. The only problem with his harangue is that it was a far better description of Trump than Biden. If no names were mentioned, most people would associate the following with Trump…

“It is not a small thing to become a wannabe dictator. It’s quite a process. There are a lot of steps. First off there is the money. The one thing that all dictators have in common is they enrich themselves and their families, their tribe, even as the countries they govern grow steadily poorer and more desperate. They take kickbacks from businesses and other dictators. They use the official functions of their governments to funnel cash to themselves. They don’t bother to hide the fruits of this. They live in garish mansions with big lawns far from the teeming cities.

And that was just for starters. Carlson plundered on saying that…

  • “If Joe Biden was a wannabe dictator he’d have the family to match. Saddam Hussein had Uday and Qusay.”
    You mean like Eric and Don Jr?
  • “He doesn’t do photo-ops in mirrored sunglasses driving a sports car.”
    No, just with his private jet, Trump Force One
  • “Joe Biden doesn’t award ridiculous, inflated titles to his relatives, that the media are then required to take seriously. He doesn’t call people ‘doctor’ who didn’t go to medical schools.”
    Or make up fake Time Magazine covers?
  • “A dictator would stockpile ammunition for his own bureaucrats, including his tax collectors.”
    And perhaps command private militias like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers?
  • “He’d define what attitudes they were allowed to have about sex, and religion, and how to raise their families.”
    Like banning abortion, oppressing LGBTQ people, and forcing a warped version of Christianity?

Everything that Carlson is directing at Biden is patently false. For example, his reference to arming tax collectors relates to the fallacy that Biden’s budget called for 87,000 armed IRS agents. And his allusion to fake doctors is a dig at First Lady Jill Biden (which he has done before), who does, in fact, have a PHD.

Carlson is especially fond of attacking women. In this new video he complained that “the women who run the network panicked.” He’s probably angry with Fox’s CEO Suzanne Scott, who fired him. But for the record, most of those running Fox News are men, including it’s chairman, Lachlan Murdoch, its president, Jay Wallace, and ten of the twelve members of its executive management team.

It will be interesting to see how Fox News responds to this latest Carlson video. After all, they have already sent him an official “cease and desist” letter to notify him that he is in violation of his contract’s non-compete clause. if Carlson persists it could cost him tens of millions of dollars. Although a Tucker Carlson/Fox News legal cage match would be loads of fun.

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  1. If any other network had a chryon calling Their God the dictator he is and hopes to be again, every Trunt Worshiper would mount the ballistrades and their high sloths (never a horse unless its Maggot Margie) to demand that network be taken off the air.

    And for once, they’d be right. But Fux Spews again proves IT should be taken off the air!!! NOW!!

  2. This entire thing just proves that Twitter is no better now under
    Elon Musk, than it was before when it kicked tRump off the site!

    • Elon Musk has made Twittler even much worse. He is another SOB I thoroughly despise.

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