RNC Chair is ‘Very Disconcerted’ that Biden Can’t Get Republicans to Support Trump’s Indictments

The Cult of Donald Trump – aka the Republican Party – is proving once again how devoted they are to their Dear Leader despite the voluminous record of his legal and ethical misconduct. The party is signaling that it will remain loyal to Trump no matter what crimes he has committed, even if he is convicted by a jury of his peers.

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Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), was interviewed by Kaitlan Collins on CNN Friday. The topics of conversation naturally included the recent indictments of Trump on 37 felony counts ranging from obstruction of justice to violations of the Espionage Act. Trump’s response to being indicted was a predictable emotional meltdown attacking President Biden and the the special counsel, Jack Smith.

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Somewhat less predictable was the position McDaniel took when Collins asked her about whether the GOP would still insist that all of their candidates pledge to support the eventual nominee, if that person had been convicted of felonies. At first, McDaniel shamelessly dodged…

Collins: Why should Republicans be asked to support someone who could potentially be convicted of a felony?
McDaniel: There is no convicted felon in the Republican field right now

That’s technically true. There is just a candidate that has been indicted on 71 counts in two different cases. Nevertheless, McDaniel is adamant that the loyalty oath be enforced if candidates want to participate in GOP primary debates. That doctrine is in effect even though there is little hope that Trump would comply with it. Why should he? He never did before.

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The interview actually went downhill from there. Collins sought to press McDaniel on the issue of Trump’s indictments and the GOP’s gutless and amoral toleration of his lawlessness and corruption. But her justifications were pitifully weak and disassociated…

McDaniel: Republicans feel like there’s one system of justice for them and a different for Democrats. There’s one standard for Hillary Clinton and a different for Donald Trump.
Collins: But the allegations are not the same for Hillary Clinton.
McDaniel: Because she never was investigated.
Collins: She was investigated.
McDaniel: She had a BleachBit server. She destroyed phones.

McDaniel has apparently BleachBitted her brain. Clinton may be the most investigated public official in modern times. Republicans held dozens of hearings about everything from her emails to Benghazi and back. FBI director James Comey was investigating her in the final days of the 2016 campaign, which was a significant factor in her loss. And failing in that argument, McDaniel decides to draw a comparison between Clinton and Trump, asserting falsely that she had 22 classified documents to his 17. In reality, Clinton had zero documents that were classified when she obtained them, and Trump had hundreds.

Collins points out that Trump had taken documents with nuclear secrets and confidential information about our allies. To which McDaniel replied that “He hasn’t had a chance to defend himself.” Seriously? He has been ranting non-stop about his indictment since even before it was announced. The problem is that his rants have all been incoherent tirades filled with lies and insults. He deliberately avoids any factual refutation of the charges against him. He has had plenty of opportunities to defend himself, he just never does so. Perhaps because he has no defense. Which may be one reason why his defense attorneys keep quitting. Along with his noxious personality and refusal to pay them.

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McDaniel then complains that Clinton didn’t get indicted or have her home raided, but Trump did. That’s only because Clinton always cooperated with law enforcement. And every investigation, including those by Republicans, concluded that she had not broken any laws. McDaniel closed by whining that…

“We also know we have a President in Joe Biden who isn’t addressing the American people in a time of crisis. A deeply divided country. I think a former president being indicted is a time of crisis. And to not hear from our president, to have Joe Biden hiding again and not bringing people together is very disconcerting.”

Indeed, it is a time of crisis when a former president is indicted. But that’s Trump’s fault for being such an unrepentant criminal. It isn’t Biden’s responsibility to salve the tender feelings of Trump’s cult followers. To the contrary, it would be wholly inappropriate for Biden to comment on the pending charges against Trump. He respects the wall between the White House and the Justice Department. Unlike Trump, whose virtual campaign slogan, referring to Clinton, was “Lock Her Up,” And Trump recently promised to appoint a special prosecutor to “go after” Biden and his family. What’s “very disconcerting” is that after all this time, Trump is still so ignorant that he thinks a president has that authority.

McDaniel spent most of her time in this interview talking over Collins. She deflected with irrelevant detours to the Nothingburger Durham Report, and the Steele dossier. Just like every other Republican who has commented on this, including Trump himself, she clearly doesn’t have a rational response to the facts that led to Trump’s indictment.

Consequently, it is now official Republican policy that candidates and office holders who have committed felonies, including breaches of the Espionage Act, are acceptable and even welcome. In fact, it mandatory to support them in order to be a Party member in good standing. That’s something that all citizens should consider when they vote.

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3 thoughts on “RNC Chair is ‘Very Disconcerted’ that Biden Can’t Get Republicans to Support Trump’s Indictments

  1. Trump did promise a ‘Revenge Tour’ if he were reelected. And he’s already (in 2023) laying the foundation for ‘the election was stolen!’ ‘It was rigged!” He also says the only results he’ll honor are ones showing he won.

    Glad to see some people are finally seeing through him, I love his being compared to Fidel Castro.

  2. I don’t understand the headline. It doesn’t seem to mesh with the story.

  3. Great work, MARK NC. I do wish this post was in every newspaper in the entire nation. I am thankful of you exposing the TRUTH to counter these outright lies and blatant disinformation.. That Ronna McDaniel BITCH can lie with best liars like TUMP and all Retuglicans. The rant that TUMP made is even more outrageous, when he said Biden is the most corrupt President in the USA,,,, was he in front of a mirror addressing himself?? It sure looks that way because that is TUMP he is talking about to that blatant lie, not Biden. I think by that rant he made, it is obvious that this SOB has lost it, he is very severely mentally deranged. And that remark McDaniel made about Biden should be trying to bring the people together, that was a delusion, that is never going to happen. For me personally i had rather be shot than trying to come together with a MAGAT. I had rather be dead, those people are evil, i don’t tolerate people like that under no circumstance.

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