GOP Rep Tells Fox News He Would ‘Probably’ Impeach Biden for – Um – Zero Evidence of Any Crime

The Republican fixation on slandering President Biden is entering a new phase wherein they are publicly advocating to impeach him, while simultaneously admitting that they haven’t got a shred of evidence of any alleged crime. In effect, they are arguing that “We know Biden is guilty because no actual proof exists.”

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Republicans have been doing their best impressions of “Walking Dead” style zombies in search of Biden’s elusive illegality. They would be better off searching for brains, something they are sorely in need of. In the meantime, they have held numerous hearings that have produced nothing but humiliation for the GOP and their efforts to bring Biden down.

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Undeterred by the utter absence of facts, GOP politicians and press have pushed their crackpot conspiracy theories to the outer fringes of extremism. On Friday morning, Fox News shill, Harris Faulkner, hosted ultra-MAGA Republican “representative” Andy Biggs, who outlined his entirely baseless reasoning for why Biden should be removed from office…

Faulkner: Would you impeach the sitting President over this if it came to that?
Biggs: Probably, yes, where it sits today. And I’ll tell you why. There are least seven or eight additional indicia that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business. And this provides the quid pro quo. There are tapes purportedly out there, there are seventeen of them which – by the way the number was the FBI redacted originally when I saw the document – but the point is you have a series of different witnesses, whether it’s Rob Walker, where it’s the AUSA, and whether it’s the Zeigler and the other whistleblower, Shapley, who basically said they believe it was Joe Biden that was involved here. And that leads us to move to an impeachment inquiry. And that’s really where the first step is, so you flesh it out a little bit more.

To reiterate the justifications for impeaching Biden, Biggs cited “seven or eight [vague] indicia; tapes purportedly out there [but that no one has seen or heard]; a series of different [and anonymous or disreputable] witnesses; basically said they believe [not what they know or have proof of].” In other words, complete speculation with no factual basis whatsoever. But, sure, impeach the President based on that anyway.

Not wanting to be left out, James Comer, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, visited with that bastion of non-partisan credibility, Ted Cruz, and had the following exchange…

Comer: I think that Joe Biden has been selling access to our enemies for decades.”
Cruz: What’s your basis for that?
Comer: If you study Joe Biden like I have, he’s always been cash-strapped.

To be clear, Comer’s “basis” is not any actual evidence. It’s just his observation that Biden was not among the wealthy members of Congress. If anything, that’s proof that he was not “selling access to our enemies.” If he were, he would have had a lot more money.

Finally, Marjorie Taylor Greene was interviewed on Fox Business Channel by the former Director of the National Economic Council during the Trump Administration, now Fox host, Larry Kudlow. He prefaced his question by proving his political bias, saying that he was “angling for the big fish (i.e. biden).” Then he asked…

Kudlow: Is there any new developments on these audio tapes and this Burisma oligarch who allegedly has them?
Greene: I haven’t heard any new updates on the location of the 17 audio recordings that are legitimate proof that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden both took $5 Million bribes from the oligarch that owns Burisma.

So in Greene’s twisted mind, not having any knowledge of the whereabouts, contents, or even the existence of some alleged tapes is “legitimate proof” that Joe and Hunter Biden took bribes. Which is pretty much the same argument that Bigfoot hunters use to affirm his existence and likely acceptance of bribes.

Much of the most recent speculation about Biden’s supposed misconduct was triggered by the release of an internal FBI form by GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley. The “FD-1023” form contained an agent’s reporting of unverified information from a questionable source. It spun a tale of the CEO of a Ukrainian company, Burisma, who Republicans falsely claim has implicated Biden in a bribery scheme. The GOP resorted to coercing the FBI to provide the confidential document so that they could misrepresent it.

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However, reality has debunked the GOP’s assertions. In fact, the unnamed source referenced in the document actually refuted the claims by Republican scandal seekers. He reported that he “met Burisma’s CEO once and spoke with him on the phone twice and was unable to ‘provide any further opinion as to the veracity’ of what the CEO claimed.”

So once again, they have nothing but conjecture and their rancid fantasies. What’s more, the release of the form was an inappropriate breach of confidentiality that put the investigation and persons involved at risk. Not that Republicans care about that. They have only one item on their agenda, and it’s something they have literally bragged about…

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4 thoughts on “GOP Rep Tells Fox News He Would ‘Probably’ Impeach Biden for – Um – Zero Evidence of Any Crime

  1. Character asassination is alive and well amongst the sick Rethuglican Party. Pretty much–from what I read– all grifters and plotters. I’d like to see them plotted in 3 by10 holes. It migh be the only way to get get peace in our time.

  2. MARK NC writes: ” Republicans would be better off searching for brains, something they are sorely in need of,” that is a very true statement. I really liked that. And they just had to get Marjorie Traitor Goon’s two cents worth on this topic as usual. These horrible unqualified, corrupt, criminals in the Fascist Rethuglican party aren’t out to govern, they are just there getting paid to cause disruption, disorder, revenge, and pure idiocy to the sane Democrats for trying to do their best for the American people. They are all acting like a pack of baboons in a jungle somewhere. These sorry excuse for humans should be housed in an institution for the criminally insane for the rest of their sorry, miserable lives. They seem to have the mental capacity of an infestation of cockroaches.

  3. The Republican party today is a completely dysfunctional neo-fascist party that deals in total fantasy to promote their fascist agenda to destroy democracy in America.

    • I am in total agreement with you. yet there are these ignorant, gullible, uneducated stupid hicks that will still devote themselves and believe every word they spout out of the anal opening on their faces normally called lips on sane people. I got an email from a website called, ”Proud Patriots” tonight that was decidedly a Fascist Rethug site and when i ”unsubscribed ” to it, my virus protection immediately sent me a message that they had blocked multiple viruses from that site. I clicked the ”Unsubscribe” link again, another warning from my virus protection came up and said the same thing as the first warning did. They must have been spying on my email or other Fascist sites must have informed them i was a Democrat. There is no LOW these half human and half maggot cretins will sink to. They are doing everything they can to destroy Democracy.

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