The Republican Party’s Desperate Smears of President Biden are Getting Even More Pathetic

It is getting harder and harder to be a lying Republican propagandist these days. The success of Bidenomics is narrowing the field of criticisms that the GOP can purposefully twist into perversions of reality. Inflation is down, Gas prices are down. Wages are up. Unemployment is at record lows. The trade deficit is declining. Manufacturing is booming.

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What’s a Republican spinmeister to do? Their efforts to malign President Biden and other Democrats have not only failed to unearth the slime they have hoped for, they have actually wound up sliming themselves.

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As the indictments for their Dear Leader, Donald Trump, continue to accumulate, Republicans are venturing ever farther into an abyss of crackpottery. Recall that Trump previously insisted that any candidate under felony indictment “has no right to be running.” Among the cretins who have sought to cast aspersions on Biden is Fox News Senior Trump-fluffer, Sean Hannity. Having nothing of substance with which to attack the President, Hannity resorted to playing a video of Biden walking spritely up an airplane stairway. But Hannity augmented the clip with his comically absurd, “Whoopsie daisy” narration saying that Biden had tripped, when he obviously did not…

Elsewhere at Fox News, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends tried to belittle Biden’s impressive fundraising as something less than the profound success that it is…

Will Cain: There’s been a bit of a coronation! I think that’s fair to say. Coronation may be the right word, but there is no debate. There will literally be no debate over who the Democratic nominee for president will be.

Nicole Saphier: Let’s actually put it into context. Sure. Joe Biden has raised $72 million to this point, but in 2019, Trump raised 105 million at this point.”

First of all, rarely does an incumbent president have a primary opponent or debate. And the only Democratic names that have surfaced to date are new age guru, Marianne Williamson, and Steve Bannon’s meat puppet, RFK Jr. So that’s a manufactured controversy that Fox News is obsessing over.

Notice that the Foxies aren’t saying anything about the fact that Trump has been hinting that he may not participate in any Republican primary debates, even though he has at least a dozen challengers, including senators and governors and even his own former VP. And Trump isn’t an incumbent. He’s just a straight up coward.

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What’s more, Biden’s fundraising totals that Fox News is cavalierly dismissing are twice what Trump has raised. But Fox tries to compare that to what Trump raised three years ago, as if that has some relevance here. The only point that they have succeeded in making is that Trump’s fundraising has declined 30% since 2019. Nice work Fox.

Finally, the Republican National Committee joined in the desperation parade of ludicrous Biden complaints. They tweeted a video of Biden boarding his helicopter for a trip to Camp David.

The RNC was apparently bothered that, unlike Trump, Biden doesn’t have a diseased ego that requires him to be in the media 24/7, and taking questions every time he leaves the White House. The RNC also complained that Biden didn’t salute the Marine stationed at the helicopter. Of course, presidents are civilians. They have no military rank and are not required or expected to return salutes.

The RNC also brazenly lied about the purpose of Biden’s trip and his vacation schedule. Camp David is not a summer camp. It is a Navy military facility that is fully equipped to conduct any presidential business. Biden has spent far less time on “vacation” than Trump, and the few times that he has vacationed, he wasn’t enriching himself with taxpayer dollars at his own golf resorts.

The Frenzy of farcical fiction by the GOP is off the charts ridiculous. But it isn’t surprising. They have demonstrated that they couldn’t care less about the issues that matter to the American people, and they are wholly devoted to advancing asinine assertions that emanate from their sickly psyches. They are frantically ignoring the vast improvements made in the past two years, because they are rooting for America to fail. Their entire mission is to harass Democrats and lie to their cult followers. They have pretty much admitted it explicitly.

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6 thoughts on “The Republican Party’s Desperate Smears of President Biden are Getting Even More Pathetic

  1. Not surprised the RNC/Fox refused to say that halfway through the President’s honeymoon period Trump spent half that time at his golf resorts; in that same amount of time (halfway through the honeymoon period) Joe Biden got a vaccine for COVID and 1,000,000 shots in arms. Immediately set a goal of 2,000,000 shots in arms. And met it.

    • And what about Trump’s experience with Covid? One, he turned it into a political venture. More blacks and Hispanics died in blue states than whites. The thing I can’t overcome is, two, his carelessness
      caused approximately 500,000 Covid deaths. Just his lingo, for example, “herd immunity” plus broadcasting it’s not necessary to wear masks caused people to become careless. Everyone who worships
      every word coming out of the mouth of that useless mad man.

  2. And no one cared that Their God never saluted the marines. The Traitors were more angered by marines not saluting Their God…..

  3. The level of immaturity of Sean Hannity, Fox Spews, and the pure scum at the RNC is astounding. These cretins sound like a group of spoiled brat adolescents that are jealous of the smart kids and what they have accomplished. These asshats need to grow up and act their damn age. I would assume that Hannity is trying to lower himself to the fired asshole Carlson Tucker. However, how could that happen? Hannity was already down to the level as Tucker is. In fact the entire Fascist GQP are down to their level. I do not see how these scumbags can sink any lower than they are now. They are all a disgrace and horrific embarrassment to the United States.

    • Hannity probably won’t be fired like Tucker, but he is pressing his luck. Recently I read that he appeared as a guest on the show of his partner in crap, Laura Ingraham.

      • I agree, Hannity probably won’t be fired, even though he is a lying, loud mouthed scumbag like Carlson Tucker is. In fact, the whole batch of the low life, lower forms of human beings at Fox Spews needs to be fired and arrested for treason and promoting domestic terrorism and sent straight to prison with life sentences without parole. I am about ready to leave the United States and not look back, i am beyond fed up with this insane nonsense going on here. I am going to cram as much of my personal belongings in my mini van as i can and leave everything else behind. I have had it with this unacceptable behavior of these deluded people here in the United States. These nut jobs in the Fascist GQP are trying to make the United States another Russia. I don’t need this crap.

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