GOP Debate Affirms It’s a Pro-Criminal Trump Cult that Wants to Put a Felon in the White House

The first debate for the 2024 Republican nomination for president is in the can. And it lived down to most of the expectations that people had for the roster of groveling also-rans who were mostly too scared and weak to challenge the party’s frontrunner, Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump, Prison

The debate began inauspiciously with a probing question about the government’s coverup of UFOs. Thank goodness Fox News has the courage to broach the issues that are uppermost in the minds of the American people. And from there the affair descended into whiny squabbles and attempts by the participants to ingratiate themselves to the most notorious non-participant.

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Perhaps the most notable moment in the two hour snoozer was when the moderators sought to interject some Trumpiness into the discussion. They did this with a tangential reference to Trump’s legal tribulations. While it was encouraging that they raised the subject at all, they did so in manner that didn’t promote discussion of Trump’s crimes, but merely the other candidates’ political reactions to them.

Bret Baier: We’re all going to take a brief moment and talk about the elephant not in the room.
Martha MacCallum: Former president Trump was indicted in four different states on 91 counts. He will be processed tomorrow in Georgia at the Fulton County jail for charges related to the 2020 election.
Baier: You all signed a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. If former President Trump is convicted in a court of law, would you still support him as your party’s choice.

It’s important to note that the question was not simply whether they would support
Trump if were the nominee. It was if they would support him even if were convicted of crimes ranging from sexual harassment and rape, falsifying financial records, stealing and hoarding classified documents (and lying to the FBI about it), interfering with an election, and staging a violent coup.

Six of the eight candidates raised their hands indicating that they would indeed support Trump, even after he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. The only holdouts were Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson. What this tells us is that most of the Republican Party is a pro-criminal organization that is comfortable with putting a recidivist and unrepentant felon in the White House.

Presumably, these wankers hold that position because they believe it is what the base of their party wants. They are desperately afraid of offending any of Trump’s cult followers. However, they might want to check with recent polling to see if their analyses are aligned with reality. For instance…

“The Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 45 percent of Republicans said they would not vote for Trump if he were convicted, while 35 percent said they would still cast their ballot for the former president. Another 20 percent said they were unsure of how they would vote.”

So a significant majority (65%) say that they would not vote for a convicted Trump, or are not sure. Meanwhile, Trump is hanging on to the same 30-something percent of dead-enders that he has had for months. And it’s on the “strength” of that public “support” that most of the GOP candidates are committing to back Trump, even if he’s running from prison. That message should be spread generously throughout the upcoming campaign, whether or not Trump is convicted or has even come to trial. Because it still represents their views embracing criminals.

For his part, Trump is busy campaigning on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, where he has posted 45 comments Thursday (so far). He was pretending to spend Wednesday night during the debate being interviewed by Tucker Carlson, but that was actually pre-taped days before.

The content of the interview was ridiculous in the extreme. They spent much of their time delving into critical matters such as whether his pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein was murdered, his opinion on the possibility of his StormTrumpers starting a civil war, the prospects his being assassinated, and the tragic consequences of low water pressure. And based on that, it really was a shame that he didn’t participate in the debate so he could address those issues before the nation. Nevertheless, in typical Trumpian fashion, he’s bragging (lying) that he and Tucker won the night…


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4 thoughts on “GOP Debate Affirms It’s a Pro-Criminal Trump Cult that Wants to Put a Felon in the White House

  1. I didn’t’ watch either of those deplorable shit shows. I wouldn’t have watched either one of them if someone offered to pay me to. I can’t stand the sight of any Fascist/NAZI Rethuglicans, much less sit and watch their lie marathons. To me personally, watching them would be like having a TV program from groups of inmates from an institution for the criminally insane. Actually, the inmates probably could put on a better show than the members of the Fascist/.NAZI Rethulican party. I will not waste my time watching and listening to their utter nonsense. They are WORTHLESS.

  2. Remember, this is the very best of all Republicans running for Office. Any one of them, probably all, will screw the US if elected, since they know Trumpf (R) did get away with it. Pence wants registrations of young girl’s menstrual cycles, which he tried to pass in Indiana, as a way of total control. De Santis did try to “cancel Disneyland” as a part of his culture, Asa is just a smiling evil man, Christie will steal your donuts, Haley is a hater of Democracy, coming from wealth, have not watched so do not know the rest. Vladimir Trump (R) will invade Canada if he gets in, and the USA if he loses, again. He and the “Tucker Child Molester” kept hinting at Civil War inside our Nation, as they schemed publicly, so they will attack like January 6th, 2021 losers, yet with weapons next time. Treason used to be a High Crime.

  3. Even worse than their support for criminals was their unanimous belief that climate change is a hoax. Less than 5% of the country still believes that.

    • Climatology is one of my most cherished hobbies. With the exception of the so-called microclimates of some regions, i can advise anyone that asks me what the climate of most anywhere on earth is, i can tell them correctly. The climate change thing is REAL. The arctic regions are where the changes are most prevalent, and to a lesser degree, Antarctica is undergoing minor changes. In Barrow, Alaska up on the sea coast of the arctic ocean this past June, July, and August the average temperature was up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal, to me, that is an alarming find. Greenland is also experiencing above normal temperatures. Water temperatures on the Pacific coast are above normal, and the water temperatures just off the Florida coast on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean reached an astounding 102 degrees Fahrenheit a few days ago…. i could go on and on with the boring statistics, but i won’t. Those ignorant asshats in the Fascist/NAZI Rethuglican party will never believe anything that is factual, or doesn’t agree with their wicked and damaging agenda. All they want to do is take away the things like our social safety nets, implement, very unnecessary tax cuts for the rich, these people need to be eliminated from our society before it’s way too late. They want to destroy the United States.

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