Fox News is AGHAST that Biden Mock Fundraised Off of Trump’s Mugshot, Which Trump Did For Real

Last week Donald Trump made another appearance in court to be arrested and booked on his fourth criminal indictment. However, on this occasion, Trump was finally treated like any other defendant and required to pose for a mugshot. He had furiously fought that requirement, but was ultimately unsuccessful in getting the special treatment that he craved.

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Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Consequently, the United States now, for the first time ever, has a formal mugshot – or in Trump’s case a “smugshot” – of a former president that will forever be a part of the historical record. Trump has tried desperately to find some political advantage in this humiliation, but outside of of his smattering of glassy-eyed cult followers, the American people are not cooperating with Trump’s wounded ego.

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Over at Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda – aka Fox News – there has been a spasm of spinning taking place to peddle a preposterous picture of Trump’s legal quagmire. And the up-sucking was led by Trump’s former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who is now a co-host of Fox’s “Outnumbered.” McEnany was bigly bothered by a lighthearted tweet posted by President Biden in the aftermath of the Trump mugshot reporting. Biden’s tweet said simply…

Oh, the HORROR! Never mind that Biden never mentioned the mugshot, nor even Trump’s name. But to McEnany and Fox News it was tantamount to treason. McEnany whined to her colleagues that…

“What stuck out to me was that Biden is fundraising off of this. […] President Trump tweeted out that’s the time of his arrest, this goes out from Biden. ‘Apropos of nothing. I think today’s a great day to give to my campaign.’ It seems very suggestive of what was going on at 730, which was the arrest of Donald Trump. And I really think it’s a low point for a president to fundraise over the arrest of his political opponent.”

“A low point for a president”? Really? Lower than inciting an insurrection? Or lying to the FBI about stolen classified documents? Or threatening state officials in order to illegally overturn an election? Or being criminally indicted four times on 91 felony counts, which led to getting the mugshot in the first place?

What’s more, this “low point” of fundraising off of the mugshot that has Fox News so livid is apparently not a problem if it’s Trump who is doing it. Within a couple of hours after the mugshot was posted, Trump was not just making glancing references to it. He was hawking actual merchandise.

Even worse, Trump aide Chris LaCivita posted a threat to anyone else who might dare to profit from Trump’s felonious face. In a testy Twitter tantrum, LaCivita warned that…

“If you are a campaign, PAC, scammer and you try raising money off the mugshot of @realDonaldTrump and you have not received prior permission …WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU … you will NOT SCAM DONORS.”

Of course, mugshots are public property and can be republished by anyone for any reason. So this is just more hollow griping by the grifting operation that Trump runs from the basement of his Mar-a-Lago bunker. It would be fun to see Trump try to sue Biden for allegedly misappropriating his repulsive image. And as for scamming donors, it’s clear why he is adamant about others not doing that. Because that’s Trump’s thing. He wants to be the only one scamming his gullible cult.

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As for Biden, on Friday he was asked directly what he thought of Trump’s mugshot. In an amusingly glib, though diplomatic, reply, Biden smiled and quipped, “Handsome guy. Wonderful guy.” Can you imagine how Trump’s profanity-laced harangue under the same circumstances, complete with yammering about “radical Marxist thugs”? would have gone down?


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3 thoughts on “Fox News is AGHAST that Biden Mock Fundraised Off of Trump’s Mugshot, Which Trump Did For Real

  1. That was a great comment President Biden made on the ”X” thing was pure genius. I hope the MAGA’t asshats can stew in their juices until their heads explode. They are always saying our side is tyranny, i would think their projectionist lies will go into overdrive about this. If TUMP is elected Dictator, they will see what ”tyranny” is all about. Let the freaking ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, low life bastard try to sue Biden over this, it will go no where just like the hundreds of lawsuits he has filed in the past. The mug shot of TUMP is public property. And they say what Biden did is a low point?? Donald TUMP’s entire life has been a low point. I am beginning to wonder if this insanity on the part of TUMP and the entire Fascist/NAZI GQP will ever end?? Democrats are the only sane people in the nation, so it seems.

  2. I think it’s hilarious that Mr. “I know the law better than anyone else” may wind up in big trouble by running afoul of copyright law regarding his mugshot. Seems the sheriff’s office has the copyright laws for those. Trump may face requests to turn the money over to the sheriff’s office, then he has to explain to his base why he can’t send them back their money because it’s already gone to the copyright owner — who isn’t Trump.

    When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Then watch the lemons come back five times sourer.

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