Trump’s Mugshot Merch May Be a Violation of Copyright Law that Could Cost Him Millions

The former Grifter-in-Chief, Donald Trump, has blazed a unique trail in American politics. There has never been a political leader who so thoroughly corrupted the presidency with crass commercialization. Although what else should be expected considering that Trump’s experience prior to his White House gig was as a real estate huckster and a reality TV game show host.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

While in office, Trump refused to divest himself of his business interests, as his predecessors had done. He made fortunes off his hotel properties, forcing his staff and Secret Service detail to pay top rates for rooms at his resorts domestically and abroad. By some estimates he raked in more than $160 million fleecing political groups, foreign officials, and the American people.

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So it should come as no surprise that Trump saw his mugshot as a ripe opportunity for profit. What ought to have been regarded as humiliating for him and the nation, he embraced for it’s potential to line his pockets and rile up his cult followers. Within hours of the mugshot being taken and published, Trump had t-shirts, coffee mugs, and beer koozies for sale on his website. He reported that he made more than $7 million dollars in the few days following his arrest and arraignment on charges of attempting to subvert democracy.

However, there may be a small problem with his vending operation. According to MSNBC’s Dean Obeidallah

“Trump’s sale of that mug shot, taken by the Fulton County sheriff, may violate U.S. copyright laws. This could mean that theoretically, the millions he is making off that photo may rightfully belong to the Fulton County sheriff.”

That opinion was affirmed in a 2022 article in the University of Georgia School of Law’s Journal of Intellectual Property Law that noted that…

“In the context of photographs taken by law enforcement during the booking process, the author of the mugshot photograph is the law enforcement agency.”

Consequently, Obeidallah concludes that…

“the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office would have exclusive rights under U.S. copyright law to reproduce, sell or otherwise distribute Trump’s mug shot, except for certain uses like publishing the photo for news purposes.”

It is probably unlikely that the Fulton County Sherriff would seek to litigate this matter. While the Department is struggling for sufficient funding, it is not a retail operation. However, it is ironic – and rather hysterical – that the Trump camp has already threatened to enforce intellectual property rights that they absolutely do not have. Trump aide Chris LaCivita recently posted a threat to anyone else who might dare to profit from Trump’s felonious face, warning that if they do so, “WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU … you will NOT SCAM DONORS.”

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That’s a predictable threat from the Trump Fraud & Con Ops, where they fiercely protect their right to be the only enterprise that can scam their donors. And even though Trump spent weeks bitterly complaining about the prospect of having to get a mugshot, he is now determined to turn it into a revenue source, since he can’t grift off of the White House anymore. After all, he has to have some way to pay his mounting legal bills.


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10 thoughts on “Trump’s Mugshot Merch May Be a Violation of Copyright Law that Could Cost Him Millions

  1. In comments I made shortly after the swag appeared online, I speculated as to whether Trump owed royalties to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department for use of the mug shot. I think it would be totally appropriate for the FCSD to sue Trump and collect a load of punitive damages to boot.

    • “…whether Trump owed royalties to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department for use of the mug shot. I think it would be totally appropriate for FCSD to sue Trump and collect a load of punitive damages to boot.”

      Yes… It’s clear to anyone who can read, it, that the copyright to “ugly man mugshot” of Trump belongs to FCSD. Anyone wanting to use it, &/or make $$ off it, needs to make request & pay FCSD a fee for the privilege of usage. {[Even DJT}. I’m sure his 2-bit lawyers would know that & advise him of it, if asked. Trump thinks everything belongs to him. Period. He’s a Malignsnt Narcissist so thinks all things are his to take…like 100’s of boxes of U.S. Top Secret & Classified documens + various sculptures & decor items from WH that he liked; along with any gifts, large & small, given to U.S.. Hell, he probably took the gold toilet & fixtures we had to install in WH for him & Melania! Trump feels entitled to whatever he wants & hasn’t the class nor manners, to politely ask for things. He wants it — he just takes it. We call that theft, cuz’ that’s what it is…but seems he always gets away with it. FCSD could sue him for punitive damages – & should – but like others, must pick their battles. Is it worth the P.I.T.A., or not? Sadly, most folks say, “Nope; not worth it”.
      Ms. E. Jean Carroll is a rare lady who said, “Hell yes!”(2x) ~ on principle difference…he has none! (& she won!) I say, “Good for her!” 99% of people could win against him, but just want him to “go away!” (Can’t blame them — such an ugly little man to have to see again!)

      • It’s hard to for me to believe that so many people would pay good money to have merchandise with TUMP’s brutally ugly mug on it. That just goes to show just how many dumb and ignorant and mentally deficient people there are in the United States. The only practical use that TUMP’s ugly face would be good for, is to make a really scary and ugly Halloween mask. It is a total mystery to me why so many millions worship this useless piece of crap as their GOD. Donald TUMP is an astounding and horrible mistake that the USA might never recover from. I hope i am wrong, though,

        • I hope you’re wrong too, about us never recovering from the age of “Trump-dumb”, but I fear you may be correct. There’s like, a huge rip in the time-warp continuum or something. It just feels like something has changed, broken… How can an idiotic, lying, self-absorbed, POS…a bombastic blowhard, hot airbag, never worked hard a day in his life & cheated on his SATs, plus never took/passed a HS gov’t class, get elected (GOP) & end up running (ruining!) this Country?! Knowing ‘zilch’ -0- about how our gov’t is set up, or how it works, nor Laws, or what a President does, exactly? Even our lousy presidents at least had a clue of how things work & had advisors assisting them. DJT had none of that & his “advisors” – Ivanka & Jared – knew as little as he did/does, so no more smarts/experience in the WH, just family intent on abscounding with as much $$$ as they could grift from the job & loads of freebies & perks.
          A Malignant Narcissist who has never worked for anyone else, thinks they’re smarter than everyone else & is a liar/grifter/hater, crass & crude, a word-bully with no class, manners or diplomatic skills at all, checks ALL the boxes for person to NEVER give such power to! Literally, all the traits that make him a disasterous leader! A danger to all cuz’ he’s mentally ill, so UNstable + dumber than rocks in a pile of manure. The world will not forgive us if he gets elected back in WH & they’re forced to deal with him again! At this time in the world, nothing could be worse!!

          • Sunny B, i can only wish there was a way to get your comments published nationally. Your comments give a very honest essay about that Orange Baboon and a detailed description of EXACTY what TUMP really is all about. Those last two sentences in your great comment really does hit home, especially the remark, ” At this time in the world, nothing could be worse.” In regards to him getting elected again. I just do not think i can stay in the United States with a career criminal at the highest level of leadership. I fear our Social Security will be completely gone if the TUMP Fascists gain control again. There is NO WAY a career criminal could get elected in any other free nation on the planet. I am already making preparations to live out the rest of my life in Canada if those corrupt criminals get back in power. I have got November of 2024 to get ready to flee from here with the passports and the necessary paperwork completed. I thought i would never see this Fascist/NAZI crap taking hold here in the United States. What a damn disgrace all of this is.

    • Did you know that in the early 1900’s there was a famous author named E.A. Blair? He adopted a pen name because he was ashamed of what he wrote. George Orwell, 1984.

  2. And the grift goes on! Why is that bastard not behind bars already? Any other ordinary person would have been arrested, and jailed to await trial.
    It was just to bad that the republicans in the Senate did not have the stones to try him after the first impeachment, and then again after the second one.
    I do not think that congress as a whole would have the balls today to enact section 3 of the 14th amendment, which would prevent him from ever holding any government office!

    • “Any other ordinary person would have been arrested, and jailed to await trial.”
      You got that right! And there’s good reason for that ~ quiet ,alone time to think about shit & not shoot your mouth off, is a very good thing. But, justice for the moneyed class, is far different than justice for the common man in USA! If any deny it, don’t you buy it!
      **Like Capital Punishment… Those without the capital, get the punishment.**

      “Don’t think…congress as a whole….to enact section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which would prevent him from ever holding any government office!”
      Again, you’re correct on that!
      And, if NOT for this very serious matter of violence & conspiracy, an attempted insurrection, led from the highest Office in the nation…Then what the hell is Sec.3, of 14th Am, ever to be used FOR??!!!
      The losing candidate, after pack of lies & accusations…recounts galore…many failed court cases…our nation angrily divided…strongarm tactics & various ways/tries to do election fraud…all done BY THE ACCUSER/LOSER & his Party of lying Co-horts….+ newsmedia lies & propaganda flooding airwaves…total chaos & discord… {{DID I FORGET ANYTHING??!?}} NO proof of any stolen election, despite throwing everything nasty into the mix & dividing our country with lies. Election results 100% legit in the end & 1 of the 2 major political parties conspired with their leader… knowingly spreading lies… to keep him in WH anyway…& it culminated in violent mob attacking the Capitol on 1/6/21, at Trump’s prompting, trying to STOP Congress from confirming the win for Biden. This resulted in deaths & 100’s of injuries. Afterwards, many in GOP voted against confirming the true winner of election.
      I think that’s everything!
      It is more than enuff to apply Sec.3 of 14th Am. of U.S. Constitution!!
      If it is not…then what the hell is?! What do we have that Section of 14th Am. FOR, if not this??!!

      Yes, I am angry! Cuz’ this is bullshit & 1 entire GOP Party is now corrupted & cannot be trusted to defend our Constitution, to uphold our Laws! The only 2 GOP who stood up for the USA & did the right thing, were thrown out by their Party! 2 1/2 yrs later & the lies continue, while the GOP works AGAINST our Country & democracy ~ suppressing voters rights & planning to steal next election, taking over permanent power & destroying our democracy! If this Law does not apply to Trump & his GOP, then we have NO democracy & no Laws!
      The GOP won’t agree to apply this Law to their Party leader because it would also apply to most of GOP in Congress! They conspired & all are guilty. Why are they still free to be in Congress & screw up our Country? Our ekections next year? Why the hell is the loser/man who did all this running for Prez again in 2024? With his Party’s support & tons of secret donor money?!?
      What Trump has called “shithole countries” handle coup attempts very differently than we are! It is taken care of immediately. They don’t keep their inside jobs, money, power, etc. They are GONE!! “Game over” for them & won’t try it again!
      Are we so slow & dumb that we have the whole bunch of them still in power, abusing it to make a slow- running coup to take place 2024?!?

      Of course they cannot hold any govt job again! And should be fired RIGHT NOW! Trump & all those who helped, & supporting him are NOT eligible ever again!! Duh! That’s the price you pay for being traitors. Any other country, you’d be dead, or life in prison 2 1/2 yrs ago!
      There’s a very smart reason for that!

      Get them all out of office now! Let them wait for court behind bars! And clean up cells at Guantanamo — plenty of room for those working AGAINST US!! Start with Trump! Go no contact & give them quiet time to think about their actions.
      You know…like if it were any of us regular Americans. The truth must be told & maybe, maybe then our country xan begin to heal & kearn from this American nightmare.
      I apologize & say Good night.

      • Great comment, Sunny B. I am also angry and disgusted beyond belief. I want to get out of the United States so badly i would go next week if i had all of the plans already made with passports, financial planning, birth certificates and everything ready to go, but it takes time and red tape and planning to leave. Another thing that irritates me is these emails i get saying, Biden is behind in polling, and a certain Senator is behind in polling and on and on and on with the scare mongering and their wanting donations. I am sick of all of this. I just want to get out of here. These polls they take are NOT accurate, they are biased in the areas they are taken in, and a poll of just a few thousand doesn’t prove anything, I get sick of hearing about that Nate Sliver 538 BS too. They are wrong more times than they are right.

  3. Aren’t the Traitors proclaiming that Joe Biden stole Their God’s “copyright” by trying to fundraise off Their God’s mugshot? Even though he didn’t.

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