Trump is Flush With Fear Over His Dreadful Future and the Deluge of Justice That’s Coming

A common symptom of mental illness is the relentless repetition of words and phrases that often make little sense or have any connection to reality. That symptom has been observed with ever greater frequency in Donald Trump as his legal peril mounts and the dates for his trials near.

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

Trump has been raging for months (years?) over what he calls “election interference,” but which is actually well documented felony charges for crimes against America. He insults the “Injustice Department” that, in his paranoid stupor, he perceives as persecuting him. In his mind his enemies are all “fascists and Marxists,” despite those ideologies being polar opposites of each other and having no relation to the views of his opponents. He frets about being the victim of a “witch hunt” by “Deranged [special counsel] Jack Smith & his team of Thugs,” who have acted with unparalleled professionalism and integrity.

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No matter how many times Trump regurgitates those same notions, they will never suddenly come true. But he can’t control his obsessive, compulsive urges to endlessly echo his deepest fears. And he’s convinced that his cult followers will never tire of the repetition. Which judging by their continuing devotion, may be true.

Trump’s latest pronouncements are just as worn out as ever. For the most part they are attacks on prosecutors and judges who are doing their civic duty on behalf the people. Among Trump’s tedious tantrums is this pitiful complaint…

“The Fake Indictments and lawsuits against me, 8 of them, all come out of the Biden Campaign for purposes of Election Interference. This is their new way of Rigging the Election.”

Fact Check: The number of indictments and lawsuits that came out of the Biden campaign is actually zero. And Trump’s criminal cases are not interfering with his campaign. To the contrary, it’s his campaigning that is interfering with the course of his criminal cases. Trump went to whine

“Has anyone checked the background of Fani Willis, who lets Murderers go free to roam the streets of Atlanta and KILL, but wastes time, energy, and money on LETS GET TRUMP, who has done NOTHING wrong. RINO Governor Brian Kemp has lost control of violent crime in Atlanta, and Fulton County as a whole. To walk the streets is a death sentence, it has NEVER been worse, yet he wants to protect this incompetent prosecutor. Number 1 in violence per capita in U.S. Sad days for the Great State of Georgia!”

Fact Check: Atlanta is not even in the top 20 of highest violent crime cities in the United States. And Fani Willis was elected by her constituents in Fulton County, who walk the streets every day without being subject to a “death sentence.” Then Trump added

“The Crooked Joe Biden Campaign has thrown so many Indictments and lawsuits against me that Republicans are already thinking about what we are going to do to Biden and the Communists when it’s our turn. They have started a whole new Banana Republic way of thinking about political campaigns. So cheap and dirty, but that’s where America is right now. Be careful what you wish for!”

Fact Check: Once again, the Biden Campaign has had no role whatsoever in Trump’s indictments. However, that isn’t stopping him from promising a parade of meritless lawsuits and indictments, in the true fashion of a tyrannical dictator intent on weaponizing the Justice Department in service to his own personal crusade of vengeance.

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What’s troubling Trump is simple. He knows what he did and he knows that he’s guilty. And as it becomes more apparent to him that he will not evade accountability this time, he is losing what was left of his alleged sanity. That venture into derangement, desperation, and depression, is manifesting in hostile assaults on President Biden, law enforcement, court officials, and even friendly media that fails to be sufficiently worshipful. It’s a downward spiral that we can expect to accelerate as his comeuppance comes closer.


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10 thoughts on “Trump is Flush With Fear Over His Dreadful Future and the Deluge of Justice That’s Coming

  1. I thought Trump sounded deranged on the day he rode the escalator down to announce his candidacy to his crowd of hired catchfarts. Over the years it’s only gotten worse. He sounds like (and has the vocabulary of) a bad-tempered toddler. He reminds me of a three-year-old who keeps prattling on about the truck that drove by twenty minutes ago.

  2. I do not know why his family do not have him committed! He is truly mentally ill, and needs psychiatric help.

    • They’re probably waiting until he chokes on a burger or drinks a milkshake, and the ice cream gets caught in the wrong pipe. Then they can claim their inheritance. They may be considering commitment now, though, since with all the lawsuits, there probably isn’t going to be much left.

  3. What justice, exactly, huh? This ungrateful, unappreciative, dangerously unqualified traitor is STILL out there, spreading his bulls**t, STILL running for president. WTF is that about? Justice will only come when he’s locked up. Why isn’t he, huh? What’s the hold-up? ANYONE else would have been long ago.

  4. This monster is not only a danger to this country, but to the whole world. He is deranged yes, but his moronic MAGA cult believe everything that he vomits out of his mouth. The fact that he has a chance to become president again is disgusting and very scary. If he gets into the White House again, that will be the end of our country as we know it. I don’t think that is hyperbole either.

    • You are right, it isn’t hyperbole that if TUMP gets back into the White House it will be the END of the United States. Have you seen that manifesto thing called, Project 2025, or whatever it’s called that the Fascists have planned for the United States if they win the elections.? That is beyond scary, it’s actually very alarming. A few things i quickly read in that was, they will be reducing or eliminating many Government programs, cutting or gutting all social safety nets like, SNAP benefits, Social Security, Medicare, and doing away with the civil services, no more postal service. What government programs that don’t get cut or ended will be directed and ruled by the president…ooops.. i meant the Dictator. So it seems to me that the United States will be under a Dictatorship, with TUMP or some other corrupt Fascist Rethug ruling almost everything. If he wins next year, i am gone from here.

  5. Trump can whine all he wants. He is not the victim here, The American people are.

  6. You vote for a pimp, you get a pimp. Why is anyone surprised by Trumps behavior, this is how he acts.

    • You vote for a mob boss, you get a mob boss!

  7. Don’t vote, or vote R, you get a conman crook, Dick-tater, F head, #%&@#3$ SOB
    your Loss is His Big Deal Win
    Excuse me while I Puke…

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