Fox News Hypes Hostile ‘Trump Revenge Tour’ Promising that ‘If He Wins He’ll Be Out for Blood’

The Republican Party has long employed brazenly violent imagery and narratives to advance their anti-democratic agenda. And in the Era of Trump they escalated it levels that eventually led to the deadly January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. that Donald Trump incited.

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Jesse Watters, Fox News

in conjunction with that authoritarian style hostility, the GOP’s Ministry of Disinformation – Fox News – has embraced the themes of warfare as a means of keeping their viewers engaged, and more importantly, consumed with blinding anger. The network is committed to the encouragement of violence on behalf of Republican politics and the MAGA movement of Trump.

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On Wednesday night, Jesse Watters (who replaced the ultra-violent Tucker Carlson) delivered a frothing tirade that was dripping with the sort of malice that inspires public massacres. He was mortified by the recent news that Trump was indicted for the third time on felony charges of undermining democracy. And he was determined to see to it that retribution would be meted out to everyone he regarded to be Trump’s tormentors. He harangued…

“If Trump wins, after he pardons himself, welcome to the Revenge Tour. Oh, he’ll be out for blood. You think he’s going to let bygones be bygones? He’s going to put his men at Justice, and the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, the Pelosi’s, the Schiff’s, and yeah, of course, the Bidens, everyone will be legally assaulted. Their family members, providers, their businesses, everything’s fair game after this. Trump won’t care about reelection because he’s only serving one term.”

SHEESH! Watters managed to cram in every scrap of animus he could muster. He began by floating the notion that Trump would pardon himself, for which there is no provision in the Constitution. What’s more, Watters was not subtle about his lust for “assault[ing]” Trump’s perceived foes and for Trump being “out for [the] blood” of even their family members.

Watters also warned that Trump’s revenge rampages would be unhindered by public will because he wouldn’t have to face another election. That should stir fear in the heart of every rational, patriotic American. But it’s even more disturbing than it appears on the surface. Watters is right if all means is that Trump could not run for a third term. But the prospect of Trump declaring himself president-for-life is a plausible one considering his efforts to cling to power after he lost in 2020.

This isn’t the first time that Watters has expressed his yearning for deadly violence. He previously raged that citizens who disagreed with Dr. Anthony Fauci should “go in with the kill shot.” But as sick as that is, most of Watters’ ravings are grossly oversaturated with his sexual perversions.

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4 thoughts on “Fox News Hypes Hostile ‘Trump Revenge Tour’ Promising that ‘If He Wins He’ll Be Out for Blood’

  1. He didn’t have two consecutive terms, so even if he wins (big IF) it would still be his second term. He spent the first one golfing off. Don’t give him too much credit: you said if he wins, he’ll be on a revenge tour and not to worry because he’s only serving one term. Mr. Watters, I’m presuming you know better. The Constitution (ever hear of that document?) says a president can only serve two terms. It doesn’t say they have to be consecutive, just that he can’t serve more than two terms.

  2. A reminder that if anyone NOT Their God takes these actions or acts like Their God, every Trunt Worshiper would demand that person’s assassination.

    The Traitor Party is not a political entity. It is a terrorist organization. Why are we not treating them as such?!!

  3. Ah yes, THAT’S what you want a leader of a country to do, a REVENGE tour and NOT bothering governing at all. God almighty.

  4. The GOP leadership announced publicly they’re intention to take back power & “will not give it up again”. McConnell was dead serious when he said it! Right after that is when GOP started screwing around with elections in many States. Like, changing State Laws for Federal Elections & stuffing elections depts with GOP-MAGA workers. For some reason I cannot fathom, Democratic leaders did/said nothing about any of it!? They basically ignored it, as if “no big thing”! They were focused on their own agenda in Congress. They did nothing to strengthen Voting Rights Act while they had majority & Biden seems “not-inclined” to use his Executive Powers provided by the Constitution to do things that need doing, but Congress won’t do!?!!
    We have 1 Party playing by old rules of when Congressional Parties worked together to negotiate things/solutions, with our Country’s best interest as focus.
    Those days are long gone! Decades gone, old timers. Now you have no friends “across the aisle” that will work with you on anything of substance for THE PEOPLE you are supposed to be representing! (“Hi! Remember us?!? You know, We The People?!”)
    The 2nd Party is GOP-MAGA. Thry ran without any agenda they could tell their voters about. NONE. “Whatever he wants”…pointing to Trump. And theirs voters didn’t care ~ said “ok”. That Party fully inrends to kill Medicare & SocSec, but got sidetracked with killing democracy, taking away freedoms, like… what you can read/teach, what you can do with your body, who you can love & how, rewriting US History & generally forcing their beliefs on the entire nation! (And they’re just getting started!) Then (now), it’s all about “Revenge Tour” — revenge for what?! Upholding laws? Proper decorum in Congress? For not being ok with Pres using strongarm thug tactics to extort allies? For holding leaders to follow laws & act like actual grown-ups?
    If step back & look, it really looks like our U.S. democracy is being stabbed to death by 1 Party, while the other 1 looks on, or looks away. Meanwhile, We The People are struggling down here in real world & being ignored by those who are supposed to GOVERN the nation for ALL Americans — NOT just wealthiest people _ corporate entities!
    Oh yeah! And how come so many of you are so wealthy now too? We don’t pay you THAT much!

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