Trump Says that ‘Absolutely’ He Will Testify at His Trial for Stealing Classified Documents

Next year Donald Trump will undoubtedly be very busy. He’ll be doing interviews on right-wing media, golfing, posting self-exalting comments on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, holding cult rallies, and seated at the defendants table in numerous criminal trials. And, oh yeah, running for president.

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The demands on Trump’s time will surely be a huge burden. Someone should have warned him that conspiring to illegally steal an election, absconding to Mar-a-Lago with classified documents, and inciting an insurrection, would prevent him from enjoying the life of luxury to which he has become accustomed.

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Trump is already engaged in his media tour, having made recent appearances on Fox News and Newsmax. And on Wednesday he visited with conservative radio host, Hugh Hewitt, to spread some more of his lies and propaganda about the pending legal cases that are driving him to extreme levels of anxiety and fear.

The interview was typically devoid of any substance with regard to the upcoming trials. It was mostly Trump evading questions, repeating himself relentlessly, invoking irrelevant legal excuses, and disgorging utter nonsense that rarely had any resemblance to reality. Two separate times Trump refused to answer direct questions about whether he had “direct[ed] anyone to move the boxes” at Mar-a-Lago to prevent the FBI – or even his own attorneys – from discovering them. “I don’t talk about anything,” Trump lied. “You know why? Because I’m allowed to do whatever I want.”

In the course of the interview Trump was asked about the 91 felony charges against him. He insisted, without any legal reasoning, that “They’ll get dismissed.” He also flagrantly lied that the January 6th Committee had “destroyed and deleted all evidence that they created [because it] was unbelievably bad for crazy Nancy Pelosi.” For the record, all of the materials compiled by the Committee were preserved and are available online.

However, perhaps the most newsworthy item in this interview was Trump’s claim that he would take the stand in his own defense when these cases come to trial. That bold assertion came during the following exchange with Hewitt..

Hewitt: So if you have to go to trial, will you testify in your own defense?
Trump: Oh, yes, absolutely. Oh, on that, that, I would do. That, I look forward to, because [commence rambling] that’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia. That’s all the fake information from Russia, Russia, Russia. Remember when the dossier came out and everyone said oh, that’s so terrible, that’s so terrible, and then it turned out to be it was a political report put out by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They paid millions for it. They gave it to Christopher Steele. They paid millions and millions of dollars for it, and it was all fake. It was all fake.
Hewitt: Now I think that obstruction charge is going to get to trial, Mr. President.
Trump: So I look forward, I look forward to testifying. At trial, I’ll testify.
Hewitt: I think that – okay, if you do and they ask you on the stand, did you order anyone to move boxes, how will you answer?
Trump: I’m not answering that question for you, but I’m totally covered under the law. If you read the Presidential Records Act, just read it. You take a look at it. I’m totally covered under the law. It’s a civil act. It’s civil. Now Biden had no civil act. The things he did are criminal. But he doesn’t have a deranged person on his case. You know, they gave me Deranged Jack Smith.

Despite Trump’s assurance that he would “absolutely” testify, it is highly unlikely that will actually do so. First of all, because he lies like a rug. Secondly, because doing so would open him up to cross examination which would undoubtedly result in him incriminating himself further. And thirdly, because his lawyers would probably revolt and possibly resign.

Trump frequently references the Presidential Records Act, despite the fact that it affirms his guilt. It literally states that “Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the [National] Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.”

Furthermore, if Trump is “look[ing] forward to” testifying, why wouldn’t he answer Hewitt’s question? Doesn’t he have the proof that he claims to have that would fully exonerate him? More often than not, what he calls exculpatory evidence is usually just more evidence of his guilt. And, by the way, Trump recently announced that he would hold a press conference to reveal all of that “proof,” but later canceled it, blaming his lawyers for making him back down.

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Later in the interview, Trump interrupted Hewitt to interject what he thought was critical information. “Listen to me for a second,” Trump pressed. He then elaborated saying…

“Do you know that Biden has 20 times the number of boxes that I have? Do you know that he’s got boxes stored in Chinatown? […] And he’s getting a lot of money from, he’s getting a lot from Robert Hur.”

First of all, Biden doesn’t have any boxes of documents, classified or otherwise. He returned whatever were found without obstructing or lying as Trump did. But more troubling is Trump’s accusation that Biden is “getting a lot of money” from Robert Hur, the special counsel who is investigating the circumstances of how some documents came to be stored at Biden properties. That’s a bizarre charge. Why would Hur be paying Biden?

Oh, never mind. Trump has clearly gone off the deep end. He’s reduced to muttering inanities that make no sense, driven by his abject fear of prosecution and eventual conviction and incarceration. At this point, it’s probably useless to try to understand anything he says.

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  1. His family should get him a psych evaluation, and maybe have him committed!

  2. No one believes you, Milord Moronikus, but we have no problem with you convicting yourself. Saves a lot of hassle. And, besides, you’ve kinda already done this everytime you open your big fat mouth.

    So let your freak flag fly!

    • And, Judge Tanya Chutkan has warned you about spreading pre-trial “inflammatory statements.” Or she will be forced to schedule the trial sooner,
      Just what you and your lawyers don’t want.

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