Trump Demands Indictments Be Withdrawn After Fox News Falsely Reports on January 6th Committee

The rapidly deteriorating mental state of Donald Trump has been evident since at least November of 2020 when he decisively lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, a man he tried (and failed) to malign as a senile communist. And Trump’s debilitating dementia has not been helped by his mounting legal peril.

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Donald Trump, Wah

Trump has now been indicted three times on 78 felony counts, with more to come. This has resulted in his relentless stream of fear-drenched comments on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, bemoaning his pitiful victimhood at the hands of political foes that he apparently concedes are smarter and stronger than he is. Even Fox News is having trouble defending Trump without inadvertently portraying him as feeble and failing.

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Late Tuesday night Trump exercised his thumb muscles to post several comments expressing his dismay over something that he saw on Fox News. Never mind that he has lately been trashing the network for not adoring him enough, he still watches faithfully and, like many other elderly American right-wingers, gets his daily dose of outrage from their propaganda spewers.

What Trump saw on this occasion was a segment on Jesse Watters’ program alleging that the House Select Committee that investigated the January 6th insurrection that Trump incited had destroyed materials it had accumulated during their probe. Watters, and subsequently Trump, were incensed at what they considered to be proof that the Committee was suppressing evidence. Trump raged

“So now that I have full Subpoena Power because of the Freedom of Speech Sham Indictment by Crooked Joe Biden, Deranged Jack Smith, and the DOJ, it has just been reported that the Unselect January 6th Committee of Political Hacks and Thugs has illegally destroyed their Records and Documents. This is unthinkable, and the Fake Political Indictment against me must be immediately withdrawn. The system is Rigged & Corrupt, very much like the Presidential Election of 2020. We are a Nation in Decline!”

Skipping over the routine infantile nicknames and insults, the subpoena power that Trump is drooling over comes with his being a defendant on dozens of federal criminal charges. Which is nothing to brag about. However, if thinks that he will be able to use it to compel testimony regarding the January 6th Committee, he’s even nuttier than we thought. Special counsel Jack Smith has not charged Trump with anything related to the riots on January 6th. So any attempts to subpoena testimony from the Committee will likely be challenged and dismissed.

What’s more, Trump is badly misguided if he thinks that his indictments will be withdrawn over this. For one thing, the claim that records were illegally destroyed is utterly false. And Trump’s whining that “these Indictments aren’t “Legit,” they were all thrown up at me, quickly an haphazardly,” is particularly comical, since he has also been complaining bitterly that the indictments came too slowly and should have come two and half years ago. Which would have been in January of 2021, just days after the insurrection and before the stolen classified documents were found at Mar-a-Lago.

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The reporting by Watters likely came from a Fox News report that was typically filled with innuendo and lies. The entire report was based solely on information provided to Fox by ultra-MAGA GOP congressman, Barry Loudermilk.

The January 6th Committee chairman, Benny Thompson, responded to Loudermilk saying that his letter contained “factual errors” and that “the committee had followed the rules and turned over ‘4 terabytes’ of data.'” Thompson further disclosed that the Committee had fully complied with “guidance from the Office of the Clerk and other authorities” as to preserving and archiving documents. Only “temporary” records that were not part of the Committee’s probe were not preserved. Neither Loudermilk nor the Fox News article provided any evidence that any relevant documents were withheld or, as Trump alleged, were “Discarded, Deleted, [or] Thrown Out.” The Committee’s report, and supporting materials, are all available online.

So as usual, this is another nothingburger courtesy of the GOP Crackpot Conspiracy Complex. All it does is give Trump material to freak out over, and Fox News another few days of falsehoods to tack onto the news cycle. It’s further proof that all they have left are baseless accusations and factless gossip. Fortunately for them, their cult followers eat that crapola up.

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12 thoughts on “Trump Demands Indictments Be Withdrawn After Fox News Falsely Reports on January 6th Committee

  1. The only good thing about that idiot posting such garbage on his “anti-social liar’s site” is that is more than enuff ongoing proof of how deranged & mentally unstable that man is!! There’s no way in hell that he should ever be allowed anywhere near a position of power ~ ever! ~ & he proves it daily! Nothing like keeping a live, public record of his complete & headlong pitch into total insanity… “Thanks Trump, ya’ psycho chump!” Have a feeling that psych students in college courses are studying & may even write their thesis on this painfully obvious nosedive down the mental shithole that is DJT’s brain…what remains of it! History books will easily keep record as the whole world watches & judges us all.
    Maybe I wouldn’t care that his mental demise is freely flowing online, but sadly, we have many others whose brains are addled enuff to not recognize that it’s a mental illness their leader is sharing with them & they actually believe the shit he spews! That’s dangerously scary on many levels & they should be protected, as should we all, from even more of his unhinged insanity. We’ve seen him numerous times refuse to obey court orders & yet there’s no real consequences. The only way to protect the feeble-minded followers & their chosen Mayor of Simpleton is to cut off his access to internet. It’s for his own good! The only real way to shut him up & prevent him from screwing up his own case (& God knows what else!) is to “Lock him up!”
    Any of us would’ve been locked up until the trial long ago! Yet he is not. Why not? Obviously, there IS different justice for the rich & powerful in U.S. No one else would get & “blow” so many chances as he has had! Put him in a mental institution (at least), for his own good. He can rest & have some quiet time without being in public. Or, put him in jail to wait for court date like any other person with so little self-control & no respect for laws or courts! (Not to mention, a huge flight risk if he gets a moment of lucidity & flees.) He has PROVEN that he’s a danger to society ~ we’ve all seen it happen! This is a man who promotes violence w/o even thinking & lies like the devil himself. Why is he still out here spewing lies & hatred?! He is a messenger of evil at worst & a deranged psycho at best. Lovk him up & shut him up! Put him where he cannot keep doing damage to our Country & people!
    Since nothing else has worked & he’s a proven danger, there’s just 2 choices: a jail cell, or a comfy room in mental health facility, until trial dates. His lawyers will still have access to him & maybe he can calm down before trials?!
    He has called for public executions to be brought back & always yelling to, “Lock ’em up!”…when no laws were even broken. He needs a “time-out” & we all need 1 too ~ to calm down, breathe & not hear from him for a little bit, before he turns his court cases into shit shows. No threats. No lies. No ugly name-calling. Silence. Time to think.
    His constant chaos, lies & turmoil has destroyed our country & divided our people far more than our worst enemy could have done & in less time too! Since the newsmedia insists on covering every damn thing he does & says, everyday, the only way to get a break in this 7yr & counting nightmare & let our heads clear is to put him where we won’t have to hear him for a while! (Deep Space would be my 1st & best choice.)
    And hey! Maybe we can hear about some of the real news happening in the world, for a change! There is some, ya’ know.
    My apologies for venting all this, he brings out the worst in me too!

    • No apologies required, Sunny: vent away! All your points are cogent, relevant and well expressed, and they’ll resonate with good people all over the country. Meanwhile, imagine having to live within Trump’s head — a place of such chaos and unreality that even a healthy, normal brain would never survive. Trump never had such a brain; his was warped beyond repair during his childhood by his awful parents, leaving him incapable of actual rational thought. It made him into the quintessential schoolyard bully, which he never outgrew because he couldn’t. Now he has to face a real tough guy, with real power behind him, and he’s terrified. He’s also, as my salty old Granny used to say: “fucked up and down and sideways too.”

        • I loved her madly. She’d have gone to Mar-a-Lardo in person and kicked several shades of shit out of trump long ago.

  2. When I read that Donald Trump suffers from insanity, I have to disagree. Even though I have no training or experience in psychology or psychiatry, I can definitely say that Trum does not suffer from insanity.

    He enjoys every minute of it.

    • To the contrary, I have read opinions of Trump by well known PSYCHIATRISTS whp writw that Trump is
      so mentally deranged it borders on INSANITY.

      • Either I forgot to add a “/s” to my post or someone doesn’t know sarcasm when she sees it.

        • Sorry, with Trump, it’s hard for me to discern sarcasm, fantasy, reality, conspiracy theory……
          I only know that I intensely dislike the guy.

          • I made a graphic version of that little bit of snark, but I don’t know how to embed it in a comment. We can’t let our dislikes get in the way of our appreciation of ridicule. If you want some humor at Trump’s expense, try this link, this link or this link.

          • To be honest, i intensely HATE and despise Donald TUMP. That goes for Qevin McCarthy, Maggot Traitor Goon, Lauren Boebert, Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz and all of the Fascist Rethuglicans. All of them are lower than the scum in a cesspool.

  3. And here we are: A lie based on a lie being extrapolated from a lie created from a fantasy to justify an act of treason.

    All to protect a wannabe god who is so not worth all the trouble and eternal worship….

  4. The TUMP Crazy and lie train rolls on and on. I have never seen such a string of lies spewed like he has vomited out in a long time. Only his ignorant hick followers will think what he says is the absolute truth. There is no way this low life son of a bitch gets near the White House again, if he does somehow win, it’s goodbye United States. He isn’t fit for anything,

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