Fox News Blames Biden for the Lack of Foreign Policy Officials – That Republicans Have Blocked

The catastrophic conflagration in the Middle East continues as Hamas terrorists persist in attacking Israeli civilians while threatening to murder innocent hostages, including children. Meanwhile, the United States, under President Biden’s leadership, has effectively rallied its allies around the world to affirm their support for Israel and to condemn the atrocities of Hamas and all acts of terrorism and war crimes.

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Unfortunately, America’s steadfast opposition to the perpetrators of crimes against humanity is not shared by all in the Republican Party and its Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. Led by their Dear Leader Donald Trump, many in the GOP and their aligned right-wing media rushed to assign responsibility for the Hamas savagery to Biden, dishonestly and grotesquely accusing him of financing the barbarism.

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On Tuesday morning, Fox News host Emily Compagno joined the “Blame America First” brigade. In a thoroughly untruthful tirade, she lashed out at Biden, saying that he “has set the tone for a lack of response.” Whereupon she imparted almost verbatim part of an article published in “Foreign Policy.”

Note that Compagno is upset about the “lack of Senate confirmed elected officials.” But, of course, Senate confirmed officials are not elected, and elected officials are not Senate confirmed. Then she gave her edited version of what the actual article said. Which was…

“At the time of the deadly Hamas attack on Israel, Washington’s closest ally in the Middle East, the United States had no confirmed ambassadors to Israel, Egypt, Oman, or Kuwait. The State Department’s top counterterrorism envoy position has sat empty for more than two years, the top human rights envoy position—the assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor—has been unfilled for the entirety of the Biden administration, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has not had a top Middle East official in nearly three years.”

However, Compagno deliberately left out the paragraphs that followed the part she robotically recited. The article went on to say that…

“The mostly empty bench is due to a nearly broken Senate confirmation process, where nominees have languished in limbo for months or even years due to the ‘new normal’ practice of Republican senators placing sweeping holds on all nominees for different agencies over policy disputes with the administration. On the Pentagon side, hundreds of senior military posts are on indefinite pause due to Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s blanket hold on nominees over the Biden administration’s abortion access policies for the military—including senior officials at U.S. Central Command, which oversees the Middle East. At the State Department, Republican Sen. Rand Paul has held numerous nominees over access to documents on the origins of COVID-19, while fellow Republican Sens. J.D. Vance and Ted Cruz have also previously issued holds.”

So what Compagno omitted were merely the facts that revealed that it wasn’t Biden who “set the tone for a lack of response.” It was the Republicans in Congress who worked to purposefully sabotage the Biden administration, and therefore America and its allies, by hamstringing its ability conduct critical national security affairs.

This is business as usual for both Republicans and Fox News. They have always cared more about trying to cripple their political opponents, and advancing their own hunger for power, than about the welfare of the nation or the world. It’s an obsession for totalitarian control that has driven the right for decades. And Trump is just the most recent personification of their fantasy strongman/dictator.

Despite the right’s determined efforts to impede the goals of Biden and America, the President has performed remarkably well. He successfully brought together our allies in support of Israel. And that success was notice by the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, who told NBC News that “Right now we are grateful to President Biden and his administration. I think they are helping us a lot.”

Surprisingly, even the Chief National Security Correspondent for Fox News, Jennifer Griffin, debunked the lies that have been told by Republicans and other Fox News shills, accusing Biden of being responsible for the attack on Israel. If she continues to do that sort of reporting she might just end up with an Emmy – and a pink slip from Fox.

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