Trump’s ‘Blame America First’ MAGA GOP Aims Their Fire at Biden Rather than Hamas Terrorists

The always volatile affairs of the Middle East have unfortunately become inflamed again with a barrage of brutal missile attacks against Israel by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. The surprise assault has resulted in dozens of casualties of mostly civilians, including children. The free world has united in condemnation of the attack that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has described as an act of war.

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Here at home in the United States the reaction by leaders has been a mostly uniform expression of outrage, along with firm commitments to stand by our Israeli allies. However, there have been some despicably diverging sentiments as to who is responsible for this grotesque and unwarranted hostility. And the source of those sordid sentiments is all too predictable. Beginning with the guy who regards himself as the messiah…

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Shortly after the news of the attack broke, Trump posted his thoughts on his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social. He wrote that

“These Hamas attacks are a disgrace and Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force. Sadly, American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks, which many reports are saying came from the Biden Administration. We brought so much peace to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords, only to see Biden whittle it away at a far more rapid pace than anyone thought possible. Here we go again.”

It didn’t take long for the chief spokesman of the “Blame America First” faction to point his fat finger at the United States as the promulgators of the terrorism. Although his awkward phrasing makes it unclear if he’s accusing the U.S. of conducting the attacks or merely paying for them. Either way it isn’t true by any stretch of his warped imagination. What’s more, the Abraham Accords that he is flaunting were between the U.S., the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, explicitly excluding the Palestinians in Gaza.

Trump also offers no support for his baseless and bizarre assertion that President Biden “whittled away” anything related to the Accords. To the contrary, he supported and enhanced them. But the mere presence of facts has never deterred Trump from making wildly preposterous claims. After the post above, Trump added the following in another post…

“Joe Biden’s ineptitude, weakness, and incompetence has led to this horrible attack on Israel, and it will only get worse. Just four years ago we had the signing of the historic Abraham Accords, and today we have an attack on Israel. What a difference a President makes!”

Once again, Trump’s tirade bears no resemblance to reality. It is simply his effort to make the U.S. the villains and to agree with and affirm the position of his pal, Vladimir Putin, in Russia.

Meanwhile, Biden released a statement that demonstrates how an intelligent, effective diplomat responds to a crisis such as this, putting the blame on the responsible parties. He wrote in part that

“The United States unequivocally condemns this appalling assault against Israel by Hamas terrorists from Gaza, and I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the Government and people of Israel. Terrorism is never justified. Israel has a right to defend itself and its people.”

Elsewhere in Washington, Trump’s MAGA minions were parroting his “Blame America First” positions. Republican House majority leader, Steve Scalise said that

“The Biden Administration must be held accountable for its appeasement of these Hamas terrorists, including handing over billions of dollars to them and their Iranian backers.”

Like Trump, Scalise insists that it is not Hamas that “must be held accountable.” And he is, of course, lying about the U.S. “handing over billions of dollars” to Iran. That is likely a reference to a recent deal to secure the release of Americans from Iran by unfreezing iran’s own funds, held in South Korea, to Qatar, where they would be dispensed only for bona fide humanitarian projects.

Contrast that with the statement by the Democratic House minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries who wrote that

“I strongly condemn the violent and ghastly attack by the terrorist organization Hamas on the Jewish people and the State of Israel. America stands firmly and unequivocally with Israel. We will strongly support Israel’s right to defend herself from this despicable attack.”

So while Democrats properly blame Hamas for the attack on Israel, Trump and his MAGA Republicans blame America and Biden. At least they are consistent as they also blamed America and Biden for Vladimir Putin’s terrorist attack on Ukraine. However, will they be consistent with regard to how the U.S. should respond to the those attacks?

Many Republicans are opposed to the U.S. funding Ukraine’s defense from Russian aggression. They believe those funds should be spent defending America’s borders, not Ukraine’s. So to be consistent, the GOP should also oppose funds for Israel for the same reasons.

However, if you’re expecting consistency from the GOP you’re going to be sorely disappointed. They value hypocrisy far more than consistency. And they will always jump at the chance to malign America if it serves their political interests to do so. That’s the sort of perversion of patriotism practiced by the MAGA-publicans.


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4 thoughts on “Trump’s ‘Blame America First’ MAGA GOP Aims Their Fire at Biden Rather than Hamas Terrorists

  1. The Traitors – particularly Pathological Lyin Levin – are all whining that Ilhan Omar has said nothing to condemn the Hamas invasion, even though she already has.

    All Traitors must die. Painfully.

  2. Until Trump came along, no former president spoke the way he does about President Biden! I just wish that the DOJ would hurry up try him! He needs to be behind bars, with his outside communication ability taken away!

  3. Well, WHY would they? Terrorists have to stick together, you know.

  4. Yes. Those mental midgets in the Fascist GQP party are domestic terrorists and will always find something bad to say about Pres. Biden. In reality, they are really the ones that are weak and will never do anything that helps the American people. They are liars and traitors and shouldn’t be allowed to run for any office here in the United States.

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