Self-Appointed Pseudo Messiah Trump Decrees that ‘Nobody Else’ But Him Can Keep Israel Safe

While the world is watching with anguish and dread the ongoing assault on Israel by Hamas terrorists, the leader of the Republican Party is behaving in his typically infantile manner as he exalts himself and maligns anyone who he regards as insufficiently worshipful.

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Flaming Trump

In the immediate aftermath of the savage attacks on innocent civilians, including children, Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican confederates sought to shift responsibility from the perpetrators of the inhumane brutality, to President Biden. They have engaged in a flagrantly dishonest and disgusting campaign to “Blame America First” in an effort to gain some paltry political advantage.

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True to form, Trump keeps making matters worse with every comment in the media or post on his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social. Case in point, on Tuesday Trump posted his declaration that…


This is just the latest expression by Trump of his perception of himself as a holy figure with powers greater than mere mortals. He has previously declared that he alone can “bring peace to the World!” He also recently boasted that he is “stand[ing] up to the evil and demonic forces that want to destroy our country.” Now he is Israel’s savior and he claims to “know all the players.” Really? Even those in Hamas? All of which is consistent with the delusions of someone who once proclaimed to reporters that “I am the chosen one.”

These are the mad ravings of a wannabe messiah who yearns for the sort of devotion that is showered onto cult leaders. And when he isn’t elevating himself to sainthood, he is condemning his perceived enemies as heathens from the depths of hell.

More often than not, that disparagement is aimed at President Biden. Trump is now lying to his disciples that Biden used “American taxpayer dollars [to] fund these attacks” in Israel. He asserted what he falsely calledBiden’s ineptitude, weakness, and incompetence [that] has led to this horrible attack.” And like every bad thing that ever happens, he insists that it “WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IF I WERE PRESIDENT.”

Trump is also fomenting imaginary fears that “The same people that raided Israel are pouring into our once beautiful USA.” So Trump is now claiming, without and proof whatsoever, that Hamas is “pouring into” the U.S. And all of this is at the behest of “his BOSS, Barack Hussein Obama!”

For additional evidence of Trump’s nightmarish hallucinatory dementia – not that any more evidence is necessary – Trump also posted a harangue aimed at some of his fellow Republicans who have dared to withhold their pledge of blind loyalty to him. He posted a comment whining that

“The problem with so many in our Party, they go after the people who are on their side, rather than the Radical Left Democrats.”

This was in response to a report that a few of his challengers are gathering at a summit in Utah. What makes this hysterically absurd is that that same post began with Trump saying…

“I understand Candidates that are losing by 57 to 70 Points are getting together with RINO Paul RINO, Mitt “The Loser” Romney, Bill “No Guts or Talent” Barr, and some broken political ‘investors'”

Needless to say, no one more viciously attacks Republicans that Trump. This comment displays it in a single post. However, he has previously called the GOP minority leader in the Senate “Old Crow” Mitch McConnell, and his wife “Coco Chow.” During the January 6th insurrection, he blasted Kevin McCarthy saying, “I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are.” He viciously attacks his Republican challengers in the GOP presidential primary with childish nicknames such as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” “Sloppy Chris Christie,” “Bird Brain” Nikki Haley,” and “Liddle'” Mike Pence.” And he even threatened those he deems “weak” Republicans, saying that “we will put them all in jail where they belong.”

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Well, that’s actually not a bad idea. However, we should start with those who already have multiple pending criminal indictments, such as Donald Trump.


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9 thoughts on “Self-Appointed Pseudo Messiah Trump Decrees that ‘Nobody Else’ But Him Can Keep Israel Safe

  1. The same guy who danced across the stage when hearing of the hostage cricis and hostages dying is the same one who says NO ONE BUT ME CAN KEEP ISRAELE SAFE. I hope no one with a brain is listening to his BS.

  2. So…..only he can keep Israel safe. That is what I thought his son-in-law was supposed to have done already.

  3. “…Radical Left Democrats.”
    There is nothing radical about the Dem Party, or their politicians. They’re so “middle of the road”, am surprised none of them have been hit by passing vehicles. Radical? Ha! Hardly that.
    (…thanks to the same corporate $$$ that’s been corrupting GOP for many years, making them quite wealthy & unable to represent the rest of us adequately, since they don’t relate to we who live in the real world!)
    Democracy cannot function properly when private funding corrupting it! They have more than enuff profits to be paying their damn taxes, like rest of us who actually work for a living! Thanks to bad SCOTUS rulings ~ seems all of them getting $$$ pay-offs, including SCOTUS itself!

    • I read an email tonight that was published by the NYT or maybe it was the ”Vent” that consistently called TUMP and Gym Jordan ”conservatives,” but that was so wrong as they are hard right reactionaries, or as i would call them, ” Domestic Terrorist Reactionaries.” It is so astounding that so many here in the United States has allowed to be conned into believing what this raving and ranting and lying monster says and does. What is he going to claim next? That he can walk on water? or he can cure any disease? His cult members will fully agree with all those lies. TUMP calls our side, ”The Radical Left?” I will not say what i would call the ”Reactionary Right”. I could call them something much worse.

  4. “…He has previously declared that he alone can “bring peace to the World!”

    Trump & his MAGA-GOP cult know nothing of peace. They can’t stand the thought of peace… not in our government… not in USA period… & certainly not in the global community! They thrive on disharmony, chaos, hatred & strife, as is on display right now, in Congress — where our country’s real business is NOT getting done AT ALL, due to their never-ending greed for total-itarian power & the bloody demise of our democracy!)
    There can be NO PEACE where the GOP rule at all!
    The last thing the Party of Unrest + Guns-Guns-Guns [PUGGG] want to see is a nation that’s calm, at peace & paying attention! (What they disparagingly call being”woke”.)
    If what you see going on now in House of Reps & being reported daily by multiple white-wing ‘news’ outlets, is your idea of “peace”, then yeah, they can do peace. These are same people who called Jan 6th a “peaceful protest”. I think we’ve survived all the so-called “peace” the GOP has to offer.
    NO MORE!!
    VOTE? BLUE!!! …& do it in unprecedented numbers!! No one will save US, but us!
    We must GO BIG to save US from becoming Russia West ~ where billionaires get it all!

  5. Again and again and again, he proves himself the most monstrous, treasonous, demoniac creature who ever lived. AND THEY STILL WORSHIP HIM!!!

  6. Well, he can go OVER there and prove what a bad a*s he is then. DO it.

    • He will not do that! Cpl. Bone Spurs is all talk and no action. He should just keep his pie hole shut for once!

  7. …ah yes, ONLY the 5 time DRAFT DODGER can save Israel? How’s that work, anyway?

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