Fox News Floats Inane Theory that Every Democrat Would Vote for Trump for House Speaker

In the continuing soap opera that is the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, the aftermath of the ouster of Squeaker McCarthy has ignited a firestorm of intramural fury within the GOP. They have commenced their circular firing squads and set a near certain course for the minority in 2024.

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The animosity between the establishment McCarthy supporters and the MAGA fringe faction is boiling over. The latter regard the former as RINOs, and the former regard the latter as traitors. Even as McCarthy has begun to walk back his promise not to seek a return to the speakership, his minions are reportedly plotting to banish the lead instigator of the Speaker’s coup, Matt Gaetz, from Congress.

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Terrified of being ignored for a nanosecond, Donald Trump has waddled into the debate with fantasies of his own promotion from political loser to House Cat Herder. And the Senior Trump-Fluffer on Fox News, Sean Hannity, was quick to jump on board with support for this preposterous notion. However, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends have some even nuttier notions. On Monday morning, co-host Steve Doocy dropped this slice of silliness…

“Donald Trump can’t be Speaker right now because there is a House rule that restricts people with felony indictments from House leadership, and because he is facing all those charges. The House certainly could change it, but I was talking to somebody down in DC yesterday.”

Let’s interrupt Doocy here to note that he is correct about the Republican Conference rule prohibiting any member from serving in a leadership post if they have been “indicted for a felony for which a sentence of two or more years imprisonment may be imposed.” But if you’ve only been indicted for a felony with a one year sentence, you’re cool. And, yeah, they could change that rule if they don’t mind the optics of embracing leaders with even more serious pending felonies. Like Trump, who has 91, so far. Then Doocy went to say…

“Just imagine if somebody put Donald Trump’s name into nomination. Every Democrat would vote for Donald Trump because, if you look at X (Twitter) right now, the White House and the DNC, they are talking about all the chaos on the Republican side with the Capitol coup. They would love the chaos to continue. So if Donald Trump were in nomination, every Democrat in the House would vote for him. And he only needs five Republicans. He could be – if they change that rule – the next Speaker. That would be crazy!

The idea that Democrats would vote en masse to make Trump Speaker of the House is beyond absurd. Democrats are not needed to help Republicans produce chaos. Republicans do that quite well all by themselves. And while Doocy is correct that Democrats – and everyone else in Washington – are aware of the chaos created by GOP incompetence, Democrats are not in favor of chaos. They would prefer it if Congress could behave like adults and pass bills that benefit the American people.

What’s more, if Democrats don’t want Trump to be president, what makes Doocy think they would want him to be Speaker? That would be – as Doocy aptly describes it – “crazy!” And that should go for Republicans too. If there is any plausible chance for a Trump speakership, it would only be by a majority of Republicans voting for him, along with a handful of prankster Democrats. And even that is highly unlikely.

If any party is angling for chaos, it’s the Republicans. They are the ones who orchestrated this Speaker debacle. They are the ones who nearly pushed the nation, and the world, into an economic collapse by threatening to default on the debt. They are the ones who wanted a devastating government shutdown. For Fox News to suggest that it’s the Democrats who are the chaos agents is just plain dishonest and/or idiotic. In other words, it’s business as usual at Fox News.


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  1. Republicans have blocked many ambassadorial appointments including Egypt and Israel and over 300 military promotions, are unable to elect a Speaker of the House and several apparently helped plan the Jan 6 attack on Congress. It’s safe to say they are actively attempting to sew chaos. No one’s that inept.

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