LOCK HIM UP! Trump’s Vile Lies About Judge Violate Court Orders to Cease Inflammatory Statements

Another day, another display by Donald Trump of rancid acrimony and hatred smothered in dishonesty and a determination to deceive weak-minded cultists and to foment violence. These outpourings of Trump’s dark and venomous visions serve only as futile attempts to pacify his fears and to suck funds from his glassy-eyed disciples.

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Donald Trump, Woman, Fear

Last week Trump was given a stern warning by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who presiding over his election fraud and coup attempt case in Washington, D.C. She warned him that any further “inflammatory statements” regarding the case, including those aimed at prosecutors and witnesses, would result in harsh consequences that “would force her to speed his trial on charges related to his bid to subvert the 2020 election.” Trump managed to restrain himself for a few hours, but now he is, as expected, reverting to his familiar form of infantile insults as his total lack of self control reasserts itself.

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However, after having been explicitly ordered to refrain from such rhetoric, Trump’s outbursts are now justification for sanctions by the court, which can include anything from financial penalties to incarceration. And the determination of his breach of judicial orders is not a close call. On his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump raged that…

“Judge Tanya Chutkan—an Obama leftwing activist judge in DC, whose husband also got appointed by Obama as a DC judge—openly admitted she’s running election interference against Trump.”

Of course, Judge Chutkan never “admitted” any such thing. What Trump is referring to is part of her admonition last week wherein she told Trump that…

“What the defendant is currently doing — the fact that he’s running a political campaign has to yield to the orderly administration of justice. If that means he can’t say exactly what he wants to say about witnesses in this case, that’s how it has to be”

In other words, Chutkan is treating Trump like any other criminal defendant who would not be permitted to attack or intimidate people associated with the trial. She is actually being rather lenient by not subjecting him to a full-on gag order. She further noted that,,,

“Mr. Trump, like every American, has a First Amendment right to free speech. But that right is not aboslute… Defendant’s free speech is subject to the release conditions imposed at arraignment and it must yield to the orderly administration of justice.”

Undeterred by the judge’s warnings, Trump re-posted a comment that maligned the integrity of the court, saying that “Donald Trump is not going to get a fair shake in DC, the home of the swamp.” He disparaged the jury pool saying that the people of D.C. “support a double-standard of justice” and that the prosecution was a “politicized case.” And he then extended his assault to special counsel Jack Smith, saying

“How dare lowlife prosecutor, Deranged Jack Smith, break into my former Twitter account without informing me and, indeed, trying to completely hide this atrocity from me. What could he possibly find out that is not already known. Just like the early morning raid of Mar-a-Lago! Why isn’t the DOJ raiding Crooked Joe Biden, the most CORRUPT (and Incompetent!) President in the history of the United States?”

For the record, it is routine for prosecutors to seek communications by defendants that could provide evidence of wrongdoing, conspiracy, and consciousness of guilt. And such probes are rarely disclosed to the subject to prevent them from tampering with, or destroying the evidence. As for why President Biden was not the subject of raids, it is quite simply because, unlike Trump, he always cooperated with law enforcement and never lied to them as Trump did.

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Trump also accused Chutkan of being a “highly partisan Judge [who] obviously wants me behind bars. VERY BIASED & UNFAIR!” His “proof” of that were comments she made in the sentencing of one of Trump’s insurrectionists, wherein she accurately described the January 6th StormTrumpers as “people who mobbed the Capitol [and] were there in fealty, in loyalty, to one man — not to the Constitution.”

Given the unequivocal ugliness of Trump’s statements, and how flagrantly they violate the court orders, Judge Chutkan should seriously consider sanctioning Trump. Failing to do so would only embolden him to engage in more attacks and intimidation. It’s long past time that he be held accountable.


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4 thoughts on “LOCK HIM UP! Trump’s Vile Lies About Judge Violate Court Orders to Cease Inflammatory Statements

  1. Any one, except TUMP, would either be in jail or in a padded cell in an institution for the criminally insane for going on these deluded rants on a public forum. He has now been indicted in Georgia by Fanni Willis and i would bet he will lash out at her viciously. I read a long article published by the New York Times about an hour or two ago, and it was very thorough about his effort to overturn the Georgia election results. The number of threats he made to the GA Secretary of State and Gov. Brian Kemp were astonishing to say the least. He made threats that if they didn’t cooperate with his demands that he would have them prosecuted, and the threats he made to election officials that had to go into hiding because of numerous death threats.. That in itself, was mind numbing to me. TUMP fabricated one lie after another and had false theories about the having stuffed boxes of ballots and outrageous ideas about supposed voter fraud that he made up to satisfy his delusional bloated ego. TUMP is so obviously delusional, that anyone can see he is severely, mentally ill and be sentenced to a maximum security mental institution for the rest of his sorry and corrupt life. This person is very sick in the head. He can NEVER, EVER be allowed anywhere near the White House again.

  2. The “stuffed boxes of ballots” idea was totally swallowed by my daughter, Guiliani altered that video. She is too young to realize what a criminal Trump is.

    • And imagine being harassed and having to go into hiding because your mother handed you a ginger mint, not a USB port like Rudy G said. I wonder how many innocent — really innocent — people he put away in NY. As a poll worker for 35 years and 3 years VLM (Presiding Judge) , the procedures followed were correct. The polls close at 6:30 pm. Ballots usually go to the nearest drop-off point — in my case that’s City Hall in the next suburb — with a Democrat and Republican signing the ballot delivered pages, and then ballot counting can go on until 3 or 4 am. No stuffed ballot boxes.

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