Trump’s Latest Infantile Rant is Chock-Full of Cheap Shots that Expose His Pathetic Weakness

With only a few hours to spare, the House of Representatives passed a stop-gap measure to delay a potential government shutdown for forty-five days. Despite it being a Republican bill, it got more votes from Democrats than Republicans. Ninety Republicans voted to shutdown the government, but only one Democrat did so.

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This confirms that it is Republicans who favored throwing the nation into economic chaos and significantly hurting the American people. It’s a position that they adopted on behalf of their Dear Leader, Donald Trump, who had been pressing hard for Republicans to reject any bipartisan agreement. The stubborn opposition by members of his own party seemed to surprise GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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Meanwhile, Trump was posting more of his hostile diatribes on his failing social media scam, Truth Social. The tenor of his tirades was typically juvenile as he sought to ridicule Congress, including his own party’s leaders, for not submitting to his demands. In a late attempt to sabotage the deal, Trump wrote that…

“I hear that Old Crow Mitch McConnell, together with his small band of weak and ineffective RINOS like Mitt Romney and ‘Hopeless’ John Cornyn, are, as usual, trying to cobble together a series of massive concessions for Cryin’ Chuck Schumer and the Lunatic Left, in order to ‘bail out’ Crooked Joe Biden, THE WORST & MOST CORRUPT PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. The Old Crow, and his group of ten (plus) COWARDS, have savaged our Country by approving Trillions of Dollars for Green New Deal Insanity, and the Weaponization of our System of ‘Injustice.’ Don’t do it!!!”

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Trump is suffering from cognitive decline. And there has been some compelling evidence of it as well. But what seems unarguable is that he has reverted to the emotional maturity of an eight year old with his recent remarks. In the short comment above Trump lashed out with profound immaturity at…

  • Old Crow Mitch McConnell
  • Weak and ineffective RINOS like Mitt Romney
  • ‘Hopeless’ John Cornyn
  • Cryin’ Chuck Schumer
  • The Lunatic Left
  • Crooked Joe Biden

This is the sort of presidential diplomacy and stature that impresses the glassy-eyed MAGA cult. However, the rest of the American population is repulsed by such demonstrations of prepubescent posturing. Particularly when it is employed to undermine policies that the people support.

The two policies cited by Trump were, in his demented words, “Green New Deal Insanity” and “Weaponization of our System of ‘Injustice.” However, broad majorities of the American people favor efforts to mitigate the climate crisis. And they likewise support efforts to hold Trump and his accomplices accountable for inciting a violent insurrection and attempting to stage an anti-democratic coup and overturn an election.

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Trump addressed the question of his guilt at a California GOP conference on Friday. He whined that “When they indicted me — and then again and again and again — I was never indicted, now I’m setting records. Al Capone was not indicted so much.”

Which is a peculiar defense. Trump is comparing himself to mobster Al Capone, and complaining that he was indicted more than Capone was. Which only serves to remind people of two things. First, that Trump is a bigger criminal who broke more laws. And second, that he wasn’t as smart as Capone, who managed to conceal most of crimes and avoid prosecution.

For the record, Al Capone was convicted on five of twenty-three counts contained in two indictments for tax evasion. Trump is awaiting trial on 91 felony counts in four criminal indictments. So yeah, Trump can legitimately brag that he is “setting records” for criminal and ethical malfeasance. He is leading everyone else by levels never seen before. Congratulations!

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  1. Addison Mitchell McConnell is somewhat less than four years older than Trump. So if McConnell is an old crow, Trump isn’t far behind him.

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