BE AFRAID: Trump is Scared that the New York Post Has ‘Gone Bad’ and May Soon ‘Be No More’

On this All Hallows Eve the Creature From the Black (Mar-a) Lagoon is prowling the Interwebs with his plaintive whines and sharpened combover in search of weakened RINOs and the fearsome “Fake News.” In his corporal disguise as Desperate Donald Trump, he is casting infantile insults at his perceived foes, which includes those on whom he used to depend for propaganda and adoring affirmation.

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Forsaking the season’s traditions of entertaining children and dispensing sweets, Trump was up late posting pathetic comments on his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social. At 1:12 AM Trump yowled “REMEMBER, CROOKED JOE BIDEN AND HIS RADICAL LEFT THUGS WAITED THREE YEARS TO BRING THESE INDICTMENTS & LAWSUITS AGAINST ME, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY CAMPAIGN!” Then, at 4:24 AM, he re-posted the same comment, cryptically adding “ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!” These are laments that have lately been consuming his oatmeal-like brain matter.

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As the day wore on, Trump’s tantrums became more pronounced and less coherent. And by midday he was in a rage over some undisclosed offense committed by the New York Post, the sister newspaper to Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News. Trump wailed that…

“Since the New York Post went bad on Trump – and they have gone bad – their numbers have fallen tremendously. People aren’t buying it. They don’t wanna read that. The New York Post has treated me great for almost a lifetime. And now, for whatever reason – and I guess it’s radical left or the RINO stuff – they have gone really bad, and it’s ridiculous. But their numbers are down. The numbers of readers and everything else have gone down tremendously. Great people are tired of hearing fake news. The New York Post used to be so good, but not anymore. We have to get it back before it’s too late. Because frankly, if they don’t change, there will be no more New York Post. And that would be sad.”

Judging by his babbling repetition, Trump is apparently of the opinion that the New York Post has “gone bad” and that that is “sad.” He doesn’t bother to back up his claims that “their numbers have fallen tremendously,” but anyone who has paid attention to the print news business knows that most newspapers have suffered declines in the digital age, and that it has nothing to do with being insufficiently worshipful toward Trump.

Perhaps Trump is upset in sympathy with the Post’s White House correspondent, Steven Nelson, who has been bitterly complaining that Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, hasn’t called on him lately. A couple of weeks ago he barked that “You haven’t called on me in two seasons Karine.” To which she replied, “And I’m not calling on you today.”

Now he’s lashed out again after trying to ask a political question about the 2024 presidential election, which would be improper for White House personnel to comment on. After Jean-Pierre told him that she wasn’t going to answer his question, he yelled out that “It’s anti-democratic to refuse questions from our country’s fourth largest newspaper, Karine.”

Maybe he should try asking proper questions, rather than making political attacks in costumes covering up his thinly veiled MAGA motives. [Note: Steven Nelson of the Post advises me that he was not the reporter who asked the political question. That was an assumption based on the video clip above that was unclear and unwarranted].

It’s all pretty darn terrifying. Especially Trump’s obvious psychotic collapse. If only this was just a Halloween prank. But it is all too apparent that Trump is in a downward spiral that is noticeably accelerating. And it is horrific that he still attracts a small but noisy band of glassy-eyed disciples who want him back in the White House. And that, to put it mildly, would be sad.


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2 thoughts on “BE AFRAID: Trump is Scared that the New York Post Has ‘Gone Bad’ and May Soon ‘Be No More’

  1. trump is in the last stages of cognitive decline, and Faux Noose, indeed, the entire GOP, is whistling past the graveyard pretending nothing is amiss. trump keeps ranting that Biden should have addressed trump’s crimes 3 years ago. Three years ago was October 31, 2023. The president on that day was … trump. The 2020 election had not yet occurred. Joe Biden was a private citizen, albeit running for President. Joe Biden had NO executive power or authority on 10/31/20.

    Now, if Biden started insisting that some action be taken in regard to an activity that had not yet occurred, the faux GOP bullsh!tters would be howling for his blood, screaming that he is senile and needs to be locked up. Just who are these lying a$$holes kidding? The American public is not really so stupid as the GOP and their idiot enablers think we are.

    • You might want to fix your date from Oct 2023 to Oct 2020. There should be an option to edit that on your end.

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