Bizarro Trump Embraces the ‘Fake News’ New York Times, While Bashing the ‘Unwatchable’ Fox News

With election day 2024 now officially one year away, some people will begin paying a little more attention to campaigns and candidates. Although it’s still likely that most Americans will avoid the subject until after both Democrats and Republicans have selected their nominees at their respective conventions next summer.

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On the surface there doesn’t seem to be much mystery about who the candidates will be. President Biden is unlikely to have a serious challenger for the Democratic nomination. And since there are no Republicans who can be taken seriously about anything, Donald Trump will likely cruise to his party’s nomination. The Republican primary season has already begun with two debates completed and the third scheduled for this week. And Trump has chickened out of all three.

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Still, both Biden and Trump have vulnerabilities that could result in their being sidelined. Biden has been hammered in the allegedly “liberal” media for his advanced age, although he is only three years older than Trump, and noticeably more capable and better qualified to perform the duties of the office. Trump, on the other hand, has four indictments pending on 91 felony charges, and has been embarrassing himself with repeated episodes of his mental deterioration.

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Which brings us to the recent poll by the New York Times that found Trump to be leading Biden in five of six swing states. There are as many good reasons to be concerned about those results as there are to dismiss miss them as premature or outliers. So that can be debated elsewhere.

What’s interesting is that Republicans are downright giddy over these numbers and are convinced that they herald a certain Trump victory twelve months from now. And among the MAGA faithful who are clutching onto this poll is their Dear Leader, Donald Trump. In fact, Trump has already dropped five posts citing this poll on his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social.

That’s right, Trump, who devoutly decries the New York Times as the “failing,” “fake news” arm of the “radical Marxist thugs” on the left, is now heralding them as an ideological ally and a bastion of insight and accuracy. For some reason Trump isn’t castigating the Times an anti-Trump rag populated by idiots who hate America. All of a sudden those idiots are prophets doing the Lord’s work.

At the same time, Trump has lately been chastising his longtime Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. He has rebuked it as a “dead, “unwatchable,” network that is “pushing the radical left, do-nothing Democrats,” and “is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected.”

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If you thought you recently felt a reversal in Earth’s geomagnetic polarity, this might explain it. Or more likely, it may just be Trump’s tendency to take diametrically opposing views whenever he thinks it is in his interest to do so. And those positional reversals can occur over a matter of years, weeks, or even minutes.

Case in point, Trump just dispatched his attorney, Alina Habba, to Fox News, despite it’s deadness and unwatchability. However, while there Habba accidently said something that was uncharacteristically true. Following Trump’s testimony in his financial fraud case, she complained that “There’s a real disregard for authority here, and a real primary focus on politics.”

Habba’s remarks were an accurate description of Trump’s infantile behavior in court, although she might not have meant it that way. Fox meanwhile, identified her as “Alina Habba: Save America Legal Spokesperson,” rather than as his attorney. The question now is, will Trump have to dump Habba for fraternizing with the enemy? And will he renew his subscription to the no-longer-fake New York Times? Or will he simply adopt some other opinion that temporarily satisfies his voracious ego? The smart money is on the latter.


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  1. This far out (over a year until next presidential election) political polls have a much validity as using tarot cards, palm reading and crystal balls to tell the future.

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