Trump Suffers Mental Collapse Over Poll that Asks About His Obviously Collapsing Mental Health

The fragile state of Donald Trump’s massively bloated ego has been observable in his increasingly unbalanced behavior for years. He suffers from a severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Delusions of Grandeur, and age-related cognitive decline.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

With each new public appearance or posting on his sinking social media scam, Truth Social, Trump displays the depth of his dementia and desperation. His ranting grows more incoherent. His insults become more vicious and unhinged. His attempts to defend himself fall flat, and far outside the bounds of reality.

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This weekend Trump went online to rage pathetically about a poll by the ultra-conservative Wall Street Journal that asked voters about the mental and physical health of both Trump and President Biden. The poll’s results actually placed Trump in a more favorable light. But just posing the question was too much for Trump to bear. Consequently he lashed out in a pair of comments that only made him look more deranged and decidedly weaker. In the first outburst he whined that…

“In a phony and probably rigged Wall Street Journal poll, coming out of nowhere to softened the mental incompetence blow that is so obvious with Crooked Joe Biden, they ask about my age and mentality. Where did that come from? A few years ago I was the only one to agree to a mental acuity test, & ACED IT. Now that the Globalists at Fox & the WSJ have failed to push their 3rd tier candidate to success, they do this. Well, I hereby challenge Rupert Murdoch & Sons, Biden, WSJ heads, to acuity tests!”

“Where did that come from?” Trump being confused about why the Journal would ask voters about the fitness of two septuagenarians to serve as president is in itself evidence of his “softened” mental condition. And it is similarly proof of infirmity that he reminds people of the test he took wherein he was able to identify an elephant and remember a few words. He gave as an example just some words of things that were immediately around him (person, woman, man, camera, tv). Contrary to his deliberate misrepresentation, it wasn’t an IQ test. It was a simple test given to people who were being evaluated for early signs of cognitive deficiencies.

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Trump then goes on to issue a bold challenge to take on Biden and the family of Rupert Murdoch in some sort of competitive Cognition Bowl (Sunday on ESPN?). Setting aside the fact that he would certainly lose, the whole notion is asinine. But he doubled down in his next posting…

“Page 2: I will name the place and the test, and it will be a tough one. Nobody will come even close to me! We can also throw some physical activity into it. I just won the Senior Club Championship at a big golf club, with many very good players. To do so you need strength, accuracy, touch and, above all, mental toughness. Ask Bret Baier (Fox), a very good golfer. The Wall Street Journal & Fox are damaged goods after their failed DeSanctimonious push & stupid $780,000,000 ‘settlement.’ MORONS!!!”

So Trump insists on determining the time and place for his Psycho Sweepstakes. Lay odds that he will suggest one of his own hotel/golf resorts, and that he will charge admission to attend. It’s also cute that Trump thinks he would best Biden, an avid cyclist who regularly works out in the White House gym. Never mind that Trump is averse to any form of exercise, can barely walk down short ramp, and has trouble holding a cup of water. As for his golfing prowess, Trump is a notorious cheater who only seems to “win” his own contests.

It’s notable that Trump didn’t bother to post a link to the Wall Street Journal poll that triggered his tantrum. As usual, he just expects his cult followers to believe whatever he says without question. For the record, according to Newsweek

“The poll found that 73 percent of Americans thought Biden was ‘too old’ to run for reelection next year, while 47 percent said the same about Trump, who is only three years younger than the president. Some 60 percent of respondents said that Biden was not ‘mentally up for the job of president,’ while 49 percent said the same about Trump.”

While the crosstabs for the poll were not published, the gap between Trump’s and Biden’s results is likely due to the lockstep views of brain-dead Republicans. Rational, free-thinking Democrats and Independents probably split on whether Biden’s age was a factor in their responses. But hive-minded Republicans have demonstrated their devoutly uniform anti-Biden biases and responded accordingly in obedient unison. With regard to Trump, Democrats and Independents probably also split, but cult-driven Republicans all vouched for his saintly perfection.

Additionally, the poll found that majorities regard Trump as dishonest (57%) and corrupt (58%). Biden numbers (50% and 48% respectively) aren’t anything to brag about (and are subject to the gap explanation above), but are far better than Trump’s. Which makes the GOP’s adoration of him all the more distasteful. They remain fervently faithful to their Dear Leader even though they concede that he cheats and lies. That’s not only a sick devotion to a messianic poser, it’s a dangerous signal for the future of American democracy.


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5 thoughts on “Trump Suffers Mental Collapse Over Poll that Asks About His Obviously Collapsing Mental Health

  1. “…why the Journal would ask voters about the fitness of two septuagenarians to serve as president is in itself evidence of his “softened” mental condition.”
    > His response to this is actually typical, expected response of a Narcissist! And DJT is the poster child for Malignant (mean/nasty) Narcissist! He understands why they’d ask it of anyone else, but is incapable of thinking that applies to HIM. It’s a “God-complex” thing. Narcissists never think they are less than the #1 best, smartest – hell, whatever you can add “-est” to. On his deathbed, he will still say & believe that. Narcis are far beyond huge egos!
    >Know the difference between God & a Narcissist?
    >God doesn’t think He’s a Narcissist.

    “…some words of things that were immediately around him (person, woman, man, camera, tv).” DJT could not recall 5 simple words, so they lined up the people/items in the room & he didn’t have to recall the 5 words, just say what he saw in front of him…(& I bet they practiced it 1st)! No lie.

    As for his golfing prowess… That man has THE WORST form & swing I have ever seen anyone have on a golf course!! Bar none! It’s pathetic! He owns golf courses? Major problem with Narcis is they can never learn anything cuz’ they think they already know everything!
    (Married 1. A golfer.)

  2. The fact that this monster is the front runner for the Republican nomination to be president is an abomination. If the Combover Caligula ever gets into the White House again, we can kiss our country goodbye.

  3. How relevant can polls be knowing most Americans who bother to participate usually do not know any more than what has been gathered in the mindless void in front of a television tuned to what is erroneously referred to news and as Groucho Marx is quoted as saying “I find television very educational, every time one is turned on I go into another room and read a book.”

  4. In the words of Dorothy Parker, “How can they tell?”

  5. None of this really matters in the long run. The earth is collapsing as we live and breathe.

    Isnt there a saying something along the lines of “Those whom God would destroy, first He makes mad. ”
    I just wish he’d work a little faster. Destroy 45, then the rest of humankind.
    It’s written in the stars that we’ll insist on living in ways that destroy life on earth.
    That’s underway right now, if we pay attention.

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