GOP Speaker Johnson is Helping Criminals who Stormed the Capitol on January 6th to Evade the Law

The Republican Party has long referred to itself as the party of “law and order.” That has never really been true, but it is farther removed from that description than ever with its current leader, Donald Trump, who is facing 91 felony charges, and has already been found liable for multiple crimes including financial fraud and rape.

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GOP Insurrection

The GOP has lately been embracing the alternate designation of “outlaw and disorder.” That’s especially evident in the aftermath of the violent insurrection that Trump incited on January 6, 2021, when he refused to peacefully leave office. Ever since then Trump has been feverishly disseminating his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged and stolen” from him. Never mind that he has failed to produce a shred of evidence to support his claims in more than three years and 60+ court cases. And that failure is driving him crazy(er).

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Adding to the GOP’s commitment to criminality is the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. In a press conference on Tuesday Johnson was asked about the 44,000 hours of videos of the January 6th insurrection that he has promised to release to the public. He claims that this is an act of transparency that will allow the American people to judge for themselves what happened. As if they didn’t already see it live on television at the time. And does Johnson really think that people are going to sit through 44,000 hours of video, a task that would take them five years if they watched 24 hour a day?

Making matters even worse (a key feature of today’s Republicans in Congress), at Tuesday’s press conference Johnson repeated his intention to blur the faces of the people in the insurrection videos. However, on this occasion, Johnson stated his reason for doing so…

“We trust the American people to draw their own conclusions. They should not be dictated by some narrative and accept that as fact. So they can review the tapes themselves. We’re going through a methodical process of releasing them as quickly as we can. As you know, we have to blur some of the faces of persons who participated in the events of that day because we don’t want them to be retaliated against and to be charged by the DOJ, and to have other, you know, concerns and problems.”

To be clear, what Johnson is saying is that he is going to deliberately hide the identities of the criminals who stormed the Capitol, assaulted police, terrorized members of Congress and their staff, and vandalized public property, all in an effort to obstruct Congress from carrying out its constitutional duty to certify the election. In other words, he is obstructing justice in order to help treasonous thugs get away with their crimes.

This raises some pressing questions for Johnson and others on the right who insist that January 6th was nothing more than a pleasant stroll through the Capitol by tranquil tourists. For instance, why would Johnson want to blur the faces of people who were allegedly engaging in a peaceful, legal protest? And wouldn’t he want to expose the members of Antifa and the FBI stooges that the right claims were inciting the riots?

Apparently not. It appears that Johnson’s motives are to shield lawbreakers from accountability for their criminal acts. He is purposefully obstructing justice and withholding evidence from law enforcement. Although it’s likely that the FBI already has these videos, so the only people Johnson actually cares about releasing them to are the MAGA media who will distort them to create the sort of false narratives that Johnson said he wants to avoid.

Johnson’s method of editing and releasing the tapes will only aid and abet those who intend to commit more crimes in the future. And he is simultaneously casting doubt on the 2020 election by supporting those who falsely claim that it was stolen. But then, Johnson has been open about his own intentions with regard to his stewardship of the House…

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Between now and November of 2024, the American people need to be repeatedly reminded that Republicans are affirmatively pro-criminal. They demonstrate that in their efforts to protect the Capitol rioters. It’s obvious in the excuses they make for undermining democracy. But even more so, it is evident in their worshipful, cult-like support for Trump, a recidivist lawbreaker who aspires to install himself as an American dictator. Which every patriotic American must work diligently to oppose and prevent. in the weeks leading up to the next election.


UPDATE: Johnson’s spokesman walked back his statements about blurring faces in the videos to keep the insurrectionists from being prosecuted. He says that Johnson meant that only videos available to the public would have the blurring. That, however, is not what he said. And how does it advance “transparency” if there is any such modifications at all? It’s likely they were told that Johnson’s remarks constituted obstruction of justice and they are trying to avoid legal liability.

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2 thoughts on “GOP Speaker Johnson is Helping Criminals who Stormed the Capitol on January 6th to Evade the Law

  1. I’m sure DOJ already has the tapes. It’s only a matter of time until people are identified. What Speaker Mike Johnson is doing is obstructing an active investigation into an egregious crime of seditious conspiracy and obstructing an official government proceeding. What Johnson should be concerned with are those family members and friends who will work with and identify to the FBI, those who bragged at the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner table how they were “at the Capitol and didn’t get caught.”

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