WTF? Trump’s Attorney Repeatedly Insists that January 6th Was a ‘Peaceful Transfer of Power’

Last week Donald Trump was indicted for the third time, which puts him in first place for the number of times that an American president or former president was indicted. Second place is a 45 way tie with zero times indicted. And with a total of 78 felony counts pending against him, there are pretty good odds that he will be convicted of something, and even prison isn’t out of the question.

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Donald Trump Insurrection

But Trump isn’t resting on his lack of morals. He spent much of the week defying court orders to refrain from intimidating jurors or witnesses, or obstructing the administration of justice. In multiple posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump overtly threatened everyone from the judge, to special counsel Jack Smith, to potential witnesses and jurors, to his own former Vice-President, Mike Pence.

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On Sunday morning Trump’s lead attorney, John Lauro, pulled what is known in the media as a “full Ginsburg,” by appearing on every major Sunday morning political news television program. But if he thinks he was benefiting his client, he might be sorely disappointed when he reads the reviews of his performances.

What Lauro has offered as a defense for Trump is extraordinarily weak and devoid of any legal basis. For instance, on CNN’s State of the Union, Lauro was interviewed by Dana Bash. He attempted to justify Trump’s crimes by falsely asserting that they were merely expressions of free speech. Never mind that the indictments are not charging Trump for what he said, but for what he did. Lauro even acknowledged that in the interview. However, he went off the rails shortly thereafter…

Lauro: The ultimate request that president Trump made was to pause the voting for ten days to allow the states to recertify or certify or audit, and Mr. Pence rejected that as well. After that there was a peaceful transition of power. So that’s how the Constitution works.
Bash: What happened on January 6th was not peaceful.
Lauro: Wait a minute. The transfer of power was certainly peaceful
Bash: Did you see what happened on January 6th? Did that look peaceful to you?
Lauro: I’m not saying that that was in any way appropriate. But the ultimate power of the presidency was transferred to Mr. Biden.

For starters, Lauro’s assertion that Trump tried to get Pence to “pause the voting for ten days” is a virtual admission of his guilt. The Congress is mandated by the Constitution to certify the Electoral College vote, and the vice-president has no authority to interfere with that. The fact that Pence declined to participate in Trump’s criminal conspiracy doesn’t absolve Trump of guilt.

Perhaps more bizarre was Lauro’s contention that the January 6th insurrection that Trump incited was a “peaceful transition of power.” He is taking the brazenly delusional position that many of Trump’s cult followers in politics and the press have previously tried to take.

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Dana Bash, however, wasn’t having it. She immediately corrected Lauro. Although her correction appeared to have no effect on him. He persisted with his lies. And he elaborated by saying that, because the presidency was eventually transferred, that any suggestion of violence was null and void. By that logic, the Civil War was peaceful. After all, ultimately power was ceded to the Union and the Confederacy acquiesced. See? Totally peaceful.

In his interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, Lauro also claimed that Trump was innocent because “Trump believed in his heart of hearts that he had won that election.” Which is an utterly absurd legal argument. It would mean that if you “believe in your heart” that your bank ripped you off, you have a right to conspire with your friends to rob it.

It’s also notable that throughout the interview, Lauro referred to Trump as the “president,” but in this exchange he referred to the actual President as “Mr. Biden.” This is a deliberate effort to shape the narrative that Biden is not the legitimate President and that Trump was denied his place as America’s first dictator.

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These sort of statements might work well to feed the fetid fantasies of Trump’s cult followers on Fox News, but they will fail pitifully with the nation at large, and especially, in the courtroom. It’s a preposterous defense strategy. But it’s likely the best that Trump can expect considering that he has no coherent case for innocence, or access to reputable attorneys.

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10 thoughts on “WTF? Trump’s Attorney Repeatedly Insists that January 6th Was a ‘Peaceful Transfer of Power’

  1. January 6 wasn’t a “transfer of power” by any definition. It was a clear attempt to seize power.

    As the Traitors would say had anyone not Their God had done this.

  2. You posed the question: “Are Trump’s lawyers that stupid?”.
    My answer is yes they are! After all Trump is drawing his representation
    from the very bottom of the barrel. These are all third rate crackpot

  3. It was an eventual transfer of power, but this was NO THANKS to Ex-president Trump!
    In addition, to peaceful there’s a set time where outgoing Admin briefs the incoming Admin on the many things they need to be aware of to take over from there & have a consistent, informed change of power. Trump’s people refused to do that for Biden Admin at all!
    To compound the problem with that, is the thing I hear no one speaking of… Since Trump absconded with 100+ boxes of U.S. gov’t documents, including many Classified & Top Secret ones… What was left there so that Biden could pick-up where former Admin had left off?? Trump took/stole alot of stuff worth money to him & denied Biden Admin & OUR NATION the documents, agreements, etc., that Biden NEEDED to carry on with our nation’s business!! (Think pull-out from Afghanistan, to name 1 thing.) Biden must have walked into a disaster! A lack of information & 1 helluva mess! WHY Biden has said NOTHING ~ even when lives lost in Afghanistan, due to him not knowing of deal Trump made with Taliban ~ is beyond me! Democracy cannot function that way & it’s our business to know what Biden found upon arrival. It’s not his job to cover-up for Trump… have they all forgotten that they work for US?!?
    Why has Biden essentially, covered-up for Trump about the multitude of important, missing documents at WH??
    WHY?!!? That affected proper transition, consistency in our Country’s change of power & in our actions ~ more than just in Afghanistan!
    Trump got people killed cuz’ he TOOK, for personal benefit, many boxes of documents that he had NO RIGHT to take at all! And who knows what else (damage) has been done? We sure don’t. What Trump did is an act against the USA, not just Biden & we should have been told.
    I’m extremely disappointed with Pres. Biden about this matter & his choice to say nothing, even tho it cost soldiers’ lives & many others too. Biden took the blame for our awful pull-out, instead of telling the truth. Truth is everything ~ without that, we have nothing to believe in.
    Gee, hope Trump at least sent Biden a “Thank you” card for covering his ass for Trump’s theft & huge mess he left for new President & Administration!
    We only get 2 choices & the NOT GOP-MAGA is still the right 1, so I will “Vote Blue” up & down the ballot, but some shit needs to change, if not already too late!!

  4. Well then, I guess if someone were to key the lawyer’s car, for example, it’s just a peaceful looking at/admiring the car. This is were we are now. The lawyer does NOT get to b**ch and moan if someone does key his car, b.t.w. now.

  5. I watched the JAN 6 insurrection and riots, and there was absolutely NOTHING peaceful about it. Was it 5, 6, or 7 people that died from the violent results of that horrible day? and countless others injured. These MAGA’s did show how incredible barbaric they were by crapping in their hands and smearing it on the walls like baboons in cages do. That in itself proves how much lower than humans they are. Some of them took a flag on a pole and beat the Capitol Police with them. Breaking windows and defacing the walls of the Capitol building. Are the stupid and ignorant bastards this stupid?? All of this is blatant lying and deceit, and if TUMP and his third rate Attorneys think anyone that doesn’t worship their God and Savior Donald TUMP would believe a word that comes out of their anus on their face? We all seen what happened, and it was just the polar opposite of what they are telling these political news outlets about it being ”peaceful”. It was violence and hate to the extreme. It was extremely upsetting to me and millions of others that watched that dreadful day. Before TUMP, the United States by far was the greatest Nation on Earth in my opinion, but now i don’t think that way, now i think Canada is the greatest Nation on earth…. Donald TUMP has effectively RUINED the United States. The incredible damage he has done will take not just years, but decades to repair. If we can get a majority in the Senate, House, and President, that will go a long way in getting us back on track. Let’s make it happen!!

    • I heartily agree to all of that. Trump literally ruined the United States so that all we have is bickering between Republicans and Democrats.
      And Jan. 6. Over 1,000 persons (domestic terrorists) have been jailed for taking part in the Capitol riot.
      And US has been mighty slow to indict ringleader mob boss, Donald J. Trump.

      • I agree, they have been slow to indict that sub-human, freak of nature, TUMP. I just can’t see why it seems so many people seem to be afraid of this idiot? I have heard many say that they don’t want to rile up his MAGAT followers, and afraid they will start riots, i say, let them try to riot, and then have the swat teams tear gas all of them and throw their sorry butts in jail with the rest of their MAGATS already in jail and prison and let the sorry bastards rot there It’s time to get tough with these lawbreaking SOB’S.

  6. I was in the hospital during Trump’s arraignment watching it on tv. My nurse, who looks like a younger version of Jack Smith, advised me to turn the channel because my blood pressure kept going up. I replied that I can’t stand “the guy”( when what I really meant was this psycho madman spawn of the devil.) Jimmie said he didn’t believe tfg would go to jail because he was president of the US. I replied one of his indictments was conspiracy to “defraud” the United States.
    That being said, I sincerely hope his lawyers keep up the ridiculous, outlandish statements, samples of which are mentioned in Mark NC’s post. I hope they quit because Jack Smith is too much for them or they don’t get payed or both (They’re not topnotch lawyers in the first place.)
    Once more, I hope his grassroots donors wake up and realize that their money is not going to any campaign, just towards paying his lawyers and whatever personal funds Trump wants.
    I of course didn’t go into all of this in the hospital, but whatever I said helped my blood pressure come down.

    • I sincerely hope you are better now, Judy. Anytime i see or hear what those Fascist Rethugs say or want to mess up for us, i would be afraid to check my blood pressure. I have an electronic portable blood pressure monitor at my house, and i have to check my blood pressure frequently. I am currently on 2 different blood pressure and heart medications. I had open heart surgery back in 2014. I hope that Jack Smith and the courts throw the book at the master criminal, Donald TUMP. The entire Fascist Rethuglican Party needs to be indicted and sent to prison. All of them have flaunted the laws of the United States, i would like to see Qevin McCarthy and his mistress Maggot Traitor Goon indicted next.

  7. I hope, for his sake, the prosecution doesn’t show the TV footage of Jan 6.

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