Tony Snow Celebrates Iraq

White House press secretary Tony Snow appeared on The O’Reilly Factor yesterday to discuss, amongst other things, the war in Iraq and the magical progress being achieved by General David Petraeus, whom Snow described as, “the author of a plan that succeeded.”

Prior to introducing Snow, O’Reilly delivered his Talking Points Memo that surprisingly stumbled onto a factual statement:

“It is almost impossible for the folks to get the truth about Iraq or the war on terror in general. Because there is so much misinformation and propaganda being spit out there by the media and Internet partisans.”

He then proceeded to spit out misinformation and propaganda by promoting the lie that, “Moveon and the others are actually hoping for defeat.” But the real propaganda started when he introduced his guest, Tony Snow, who repeatedly portrayed the situation in Iraq as improving and hopeful. This delusion was capped by a this startling and disturbing comment:

“Americans love to succeed and they love to know that our people are embarked on a noble enterprise. We got young men and women who are doing amazing things. We ought to be celebrating.”

Indeed. Let’s put an end to the dismal memorials and moratoriums. Let’s decline invitations to those depressing funerals and services of slaughtered soldiers and civilians. Why be glum when we could be enjoying 3,800 wakes? Let’s get our party on, dude. C E L E B R A T E good times, come on…..