Grifter Girl Lara Trump Says When She is RNC Chair ‘Every Single Penny Will Go to Donald Trump’

The corruption and self-dealing of the Trump family has been well documented over many years (decades). And their brazen disrespect for the law has been proven in numerous court judgments, including the ones that resulted in multimillion dollar penalties and shuttered Donald Trump’s fake university and his phony charity.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

However, in the past seven years Trump has turned his grifting operation to politics, raising millions of dollars from billionaires seeking favors from government, extorting funds from foreign countries, and fleecing his deluded MAGA disciples.

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Expanding that criminal outreach into political scams, Trump is now proposing that his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump (Eric’s girl), be made co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). She would serve along side devoted Trump flunky and election denier, Michael Whatley, and Trump’s campaign manager Chris LaCivita. The elevation of that trio of toadies to run the RNC is further evidence that the party has devolved into a true cult that is blindly obedient to the will of its Dear Leader.

Lara Trump has zero experience in managing an electoral organization. So putting her in charge of the RNC in this profoundly significant election year is something that should be extraordinarily helpful – to Democrats. And she has already demonstrated how much help her leadership will be in a recent interview on Newsmax, the network that employed her as a guest host and contributor after her termination from Fox News. She told her colleague Rob Schmitt that…

“If I am elected to this position I can assure you there will not be any more $70,000 – or whatever exorbitant amount of money it was – spent on flowers. Every single penny will go to the number one, and the only job of the RNC. That is electing Donald J. Trump as president of the United States.”

The rest of the Republican candidates for office must be happy to hear that. The RNC is supposed to be a neutral enterprise that advances the prospects of all GOP candidates. But in the Era of Trump “the only job of the RNC [is] is electing Donald J. Trump.” For some reason Lara’s allegedly billionaire Sugardaddy-in-Law doesn’t think that he has enough money, or access to donors, to finance his own campaign. And that may be true because Trump has had to spend millions of his donors dollars on his legal fees and incompetent lawyers.

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So now Trump has to appropriate all of the donations made to the RNC that were intended to benefit the party nationally. And even that may not be enough, considering that the Party’s current leadership under chair Ronna McDaniel has been so inept that the party has little to show for it’s efforts. They have raised record low amounts in the past year and have far less available cash on hand than their Democratic opponents.

But not to worry. With Trump’s daughter-in-law at the helm of the RNC, there will be no more wasteful expenditures on things like flowers. Now it will just be lawyers, Trump rallies, golfing, and portraits of Trump. Plus they will be able to introduce the tactics that Trump has used for decades to fill his pockets.

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2 thoughts on “Grifter Girl Lara Trump Says When She is RNC Chair ‘Every Single Penny Will Go to Donald Trump’

  1. I have a question. Is it illegal to spend money on Trump lawyers, golfing and all of the other nonsense that they are doing that comes from the RNC?

  2. This is a gift to the Democrats. If you thought Ronna not a Romney anymore McDaniel was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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