Fox News Fires Lara Trump Nearly 3 Weeks After Her Sugardaddy-in-Law Announces for President

For over six years Fox News has served as the de facto Ministry of Disinformation for Donald Trump during both his campaigns and his presidency. Their programs featured shameless cheerleaders for Trump, including Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, the “curvy couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends, and more.

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Fox News, Lara Trump

Fox’s slavish fawning extended to Trump’s smarmy incarnation of the Republican Party. And they hired many of his administration’s alumni following his eviction from the White House, including his former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, his economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, and his press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. However, no recruit was more brazenly biased than the wife of Trump spawn Eric, Lara Trump.

Well, as of Friday, Lara is no longer a paid Fox News contributor. According to Variety

“Fox News has long maintained a policy that prohibits people from being contributors when they announce a campaign for public office. In this case, since Donald Trump has announced his intention to run once again for president, the network’s rules bar Lara Trump from being paid for her commentary. She could conceivably appear on the air in an unpaid capacity, as she did when Donald Trump ran during the 2020 campaign.”

It took fox News three weeks to muster the courage to dump Trump’s daughter-in-law after the Former Guy’s announcement. But rest assured that she will continue to be welcomed as a guest by the likes of Hannity. What’s more, if Fox News were to take their own policies seriously, Hannity and his Trump-fluffing comrades would be fired as well for openly campaigning for Trump and other Republicans.

In tribute to Lara Trump’s expert, informed, and unbiased contributions (okay, stop laughing now) to the political zeitgeist during her twenty month tenure at Fox News, here is a brief collection of her most memorable moments…

Lara Trump Joins Fox News Just in Time to Boost Her Campaign for the Senate
On her welcome to the family: “I’m so so excited, first of all, to be joining the Fox family. I sort of feel like I’ve been an unofficial member of the team for so long.”

Fox News Vigilantes, Lara Trump and ‘Judge’ Pirro, Issue Call to ‘Arm Up’ to Shoot Migrants
On her advocacy of vigilantes shooting refugees: “I don’t know what to tell people that live on the Southern border. I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready, and maybe they’re gonna have to start taking matters into their own hands.”

Lara Trump’s Fox News Fantastical Fact-Free Revisionist History: Trump vs Biden: The First Year
On her ability to forget Trump’s frequent golf holidays and profiteering from gauging his hotel guests, including the Secret Service and foreign officials: “I’m old enough to remember when we had a president who worked all day everyday for the American people, and by the way, took no salary.”

Fox News Spews Knee-Jerk Defense of Wannabe Dictator Trump After FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago
On her pretending that Trump didn’t steal classified documents, he was just an avid scrapbooker: “[He] loves to save things like newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, photographs.”

Lara Trump Admits on Fox News that Her Sugardaddy-In-Law Interfered with Justice Dept Business
On her confession that Trump disregarded the independence of the Justice Department so she thinks everyone does: “It’s ridiculous to assume the current president did not know about an FBI raid from his own Department of Justice on the last president and a person that he may be running against in the upcoming 2024 election. What an outrageous statement from Joe Biden. I don’t think anyone believes that. And if you do believe that, then who is in charge of the White House? Who is making these calls? It is very concerning on all fronts and completely insane.”

That’s quite a legacy of lunacy. Look for it to continue as Trump embarks on his campaign to lose the popular vote for a third time, and to repulse the majority of Americans with his noxious ranting and anti-American tirades…

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18 thoughts on “Fox News Fires Lara Trump Nearly 3 Weeks After Her Sugardaddy-in-Law Announces for President

  1. Strange. Usually, Fux Spews doesn’t give a damn about stuff like this. Unless her ratings are in the toilet, which is the only reason Fux Spews ever gives a damn. Oh … right ….

  2. Damn, that stupid biatch lies just as much as her baboon-in-law TUMP does. She told a really big whopper when she said the TUMP Dictatorship has helped the American people. These SOB Rethugs have NEVER did a damn thing for the American people. All i have ever heard them do to the American people is try to take things away from the American people like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, tax credits for people with children, snap benefits, and much more. My suggestion for the TUMP family and their minions is to rot in hell. Words can’t describe how much i hate and despise these lower than sewage scum people. They are all the worst scum bags in the entire world.

    • The only ones orange man has helped are those belonging to many and various domestic terrorist organizations. And now he has the nerve to say he will pardon them. IF he is elected. I say keep ranting and raving. That’s exactly why American voters are getting sick of you.

  3. It’s interesting that Lara assumes Joe Biden directs the day to day functions of the Justice Dept. but I suppose her father-in-law was not the first president to weaponize various governmental entities against his political foes. If you are breaking the law I guess you can convince yourself everyone else is doing it also.

    • Sounds somewhat like butcher Putin. He kills whoever is politically against him.

  4. I used to become very annoyed when Lara Disinformation daughter-in-law popped up in tv commercials . ( Was she on other channels than Fox?) inviting us to dinner with her Sugar-Daddy-in-law orange man. I thought at the time. I would be too nauseated to eat sitting beside that fat blob. And when he started the conversation about how great he is, free food wouldn’t be worth it. I’d leave the table promptly. Shoot the Migrants? I’d come pretty close to that with none other than orange man.

    • I have had nightmares about this orange baboon TUMP on three different nights recently,. One of them was that my youngest son ( who loves that orange baboon) invited TUMP to my house unexpectedly, and i went into a rage and told him to get that son of bitch out of my house, NOW!! I woke up confused and shaking like a leaf and almost had one of my dreaded migraines because of it. I have stayed up all night recently and sleep in the daytime now because of this….. Monster nightmares are so filled with scary monsters like Donald TUMP…

      • I wonder why these younger people like this evil, criminal gob of fat.

        • I have no idea why they like that bloated orange baboon. My youngest son is 37 years old and most of his arrogant friends worship TUMP. Seems to me the age group between 27 to 40 years old are like that. But, it seems to me that the 18 to 26 year old group lean Democrat. All of my grandchildren but one are in that age group and are dedicated Democrats. I just had to turn off my TV again because our asshole Governor Brainless Kemp and Hershey dumbbell Walker ads are on again. Those Rethugs have Walker riding Kemp’s coattails thinking it’s going to get him elected in the run off thing. Those advertisements infuriate me and i am sick of watching them. I hate Brainless Kemp almost as much as i do TUMP. He is the worst Governor we have ever had here in crummy old Georgia. He is a liar and very corrupt. Their ads have been running nonstop for the past 4 days. I turn off the TV everytime they come on.. They are vomit inducing and nothing but blatant outright lies…..

          • John, I never disagree with you, but with Kemp, maybe the good weighs the same as the bad. It’s terrible that he has done nothing about crime due to guns. I don’t know his stand on abortion, but since he is Republican, I would guess he’s against it. One, the ONLY thing I am for regarding him is that he is anti-Trump. I believe he has also testified in the Grand Jury regarding Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Besides Raffensberger (spelling?) he was also approached by Trump to cheat on the number of Trump votes. It’s terrible, however, that any Republican would support Hershey dumbbell Walker. I also am infuriated when I see Ted Cruz on the right side of Walker and Lindsey Graham on the left side. Like you, I simply turn the tv off. Don’t even know what those two try to say.

  5. I was going by trends in my very local area about the voting ages of voters. Outside of my immediate family, regardless of age all of my other relatives are TUMP idiots and this has created a huge rift between us. We don’t speak any longer or have anything to do with each other and that includes my own brother and nephews that we used to be very close to. This is just a tiny speck of the damage Donald TUMP has done to many families across the USA. i hope these latest findings by the courts may actually be the beginning of the end for the sorry low down SOB. I am so glad the Walker ads are gone with Brainless Kemp standing with Walker with Kemp spewing his blatant lies and misinformation. I can keep the TV on now while advertisements are on. And i am sure not going to miss hearing Kemp’s hick southern drawl on those ads…That alone makes me sick to my stomach.

    • John, did you know the New York jury on Trump’s organization cheating on taxes came back with GUILTY.

      • Yes, i read about that on this MSN thing on my computer. Now i wonder if they are going to take action on this? I told my daughter that i want to see the authorities go after him with the hand cuffs and leg cuffs. I just want to actually see them go to Mar a Lardo and apprehend his sorry azz. Have you noticed how much it seems like they are scared of TUMP??? What would be your theory on this?? Why are they so afraid of this animal name Donald J TUMP???? i don’t know about you, but i am not one bit afraid of him.

        • John, I found myself repeating myself on Mark’s blogs about the conviction of Trump and his organizations. So, now, as I find my first entry, you did answer. Am I scared of Trump? No way. If he came to my front door, I would rant and rave at a level that I really don’t do with any other human being. If he fought back, I would get this orange monster for elder abuse. Of course, he and I are around the same age I hate to admit. But I believe I am healthier. Even with my immuno-suppressive disease. He can’t fool me that Dr. Oz said he was in good shape. His weight alone messes up his blood chemistry..

          • I wonder just how much TUMP actually weighs?? Just by looking at his ugly appearance i would say about 350 pounds? If he did show up at my home, i might just give him a fist of fresh air right in his ugly mug face. I am about to turn 68 and my muscles are still hard as a rock in my legs and arms. I can’t believe Donald TUMP is in good shape, that Dr. Wizard of Oz lies through his teeth. Did you happen to see a picture of TUMP without his makeup??? It was a scary site as he looks like he is about 96 years old and on death’s doorstep… It was UGLY. Do you have to take medications to combat your immuno-suppressive disease? My first ex-wife had that and heart problems and she was only 60 years old when she passed away..

            • Hi, John! I am about 5 years older than you but also keep myself in good shape. I’m so glad you could beat up Trump. If it ever came to that, I’d want a front row seat! I have seen Trump without his makeup and also running toward Air Force One with the wind blowing in his face showing his tan( artificial tan) lines, revealing a sick pink-white complexion by his hairline. AND an artist’s (or not) depiction of a bald Trump. Just without his hair, he looked 90. I have lupus. Which means I can have lupus flares during which I feel physically terrible. When I fell down the stairs, I was having one. Otherwise, I fee fine. I took plaquenil for years but they discontinued it because it might have hurt my eyes. Thanks for writing back.

  6. Hi guest, i have spells when i feel physically horrible too, this has been going on since i had that Covid 19 two and a half years ago. Some days i will feel good like it was 15 years ago and then the next i will feel really bad. I went to a doctor 3 months ago and they said my kidneys function was abnormal but offered no other advice. All of the medications i take make me dizzy at times too and i almost fall down sometimes. When you told me about your immuno-suppressive disease i immediately thought about Lupus. I have this large medical book with 1600 pages and i used to keep my nose in it many hours per day. I even passed a pre-med test i took quite a few years ago just to see how much i know about medical things. I just barely passed it though. I also took a MENSA test, ( the test that very intelligent people take) and i sure as heck didn’t pass it. I failed it miserably with a 44% score. I wonder what TUMP would score on that test??? Probably a minus 25, His grades in college were bought and paid for by his evil father.

    • You are so right. And his sister even took some exams for him. His ignorance is one reason he has to be so extreme. He doesn’t know any better. Besides that, the fact that he is a malignant narcissist.

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