REALLY? Dementia Addled Trump Babbles that ‘I Have Never Seen the Republican Party So Unified’

The 2024 presidential election cycle has been dominated in the media by questions of the mental acuity of both candidates. It’s not a particularly fair contest considering that President Biden’s alleged signs of aging are generally harmless verbal glitches that were common in his youth, while Donald Trump’s are frightening expressions of vengeance, aspirations of tyranny, or just plain incoherence.

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Trump’s remarks prior to and following the South Carolina Republican primary affirm the fragility of his psychological state. Among his mental malfunctions were his tribute to the violent January 6th insurrectionists; his fear mongering about “terrorist” migrants who speak “languages nobody has ever heard of;” and his comparison of his 91 felony charges, that were issued by citizen grand juries, to “Stalinist show trials.” He was so debilitated that even Fox News couldn’t pretend anymore.

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Naturally, Trump’s notorious narcissism and massive ego were on full display. And never more so than when he attempted to glorify himself and his supposed blowout victory. Despite defeating his opponent, Nikki Haley, by about twenty points – after he predicted it would be thirty or forty – Trump had the audacity to proclaim that…

“There’s never been a spirit – ever – there’s never been a spirit like this. And I just want to say I have never seen the Republican party so unified as it is right now.”

WHUT? No rational person could describe losing 40% of your own party’s vote as a show unity. And that’s what happened, not just in South Carolina, but in New Hampshire and Iowa as well. By contrast, Biden won 96% of the vote in South Carolina’s Democratic primary. That’s unity.

What’s more, does Trump see GOP unity in Congress, where Republicans took 15 votes to elect Kevin McCarthy Speaker? Nine months later they booted him out. Then it took three weeks to replace him with Mike Johnson, who was their fourth choice, after Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, and Tom Emmer failed. And they have been unable to pass critical legislation to fund the government, secure the border, or aid America’s allies in Israel and Ukraine. If anything, Trump has unified the GOP for its own destruction.

Once again, let’s see what Fox News had to say about Trump’s boasting of party unity. This time from Fox anchor John Roberts…

“The real key here is that 59% of Haley voters say that they would not vote for Donald Trump should he become the nominee. That tracks to about 24% of the Republican Party.”

Indeed, this is key. Because there is little hope for Trump to prevail in the general election if he can’t hold more than 60% of his GOP base. And these are not simply people who chose a different candidate in the primary. They are declaring that they won’t for Trump in the general election either.

Trump’s dementia has to be pretty bad for Fox News to notice it. But apparently, it has to be even worse for Trump to notice it. He told his cult followers at CPAC not to worry, because…

“There is no cognitive problem. If there was I’d know about it. In fact, if there was, you’ll be the first to know. Because I will tell you.”

Of course. And everyone knows that Trump would readily observe any cognitive decline that he might suffer, and he would immediately declare it to the world. Just like he’s declaring the unprecedented unity of the MAGA Republican Party that regularly throws their own under a caravan of buses, and can’t pass any significant bills if their lives depended on it. But never fear. Trump will keep us posted if his brain ceases to function. That should make his cult disciples feel better.


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5 thoughts on “REALLY? Dementia Addled Trump Babbles that ‘I Have Never Seen the Republican Party So Unified’

  1. By contrast, Biden won 96% of the vote in South Carolina’s Democratic primary. That’s unity.

    TrumpButts: “Duuuuh! Dat’s not yeewneeety!! Dat’s a KULT!! Yeeew must worship Our God Trumpovah!!

    TrumpButts would know about KKKults, right?

    • Sure should, since he’s King of a Katastrophic Kult.

  2. Even if he gets 100% of the SC Republican vote (which he didn’t) he still has no following among Indepedents or Democrats so he won’t get more than 30% in the general. I’m afraid he’s going to prison.

    • I sure hope you’re correct about that prison time! Never have I seen someone more deserving of a prison cell, even if it is the cushy version reserved for Federal Prison inmates, ~ where if you get in trouble there, they might take away your cell phone for a few days, or more. I heard a DC official say once on TV that, “…the fact that they are taken away from their homes & family, their normal lifestyle, is punishment enough.”
      Really?? Tell that to State Prison inmates ~ where it’s a good day if the food you get doesn’t gag you & a great day when it’s fairly edible tasting. State Prison is a dirty, nasty & dangerous place to do your time.
      “Club Fed” is just that ~ like an embarrassing inconvenience in your otherwise opulent life. But they have many niceties you don’t usually have in prison.
      And that’s supposed to be enuff to “punish & deter” those caught committing a Federal Offense. (Or 91 of them so far, in Trump’s case!) If you or I had anything even close to 91 felony counts pending against us, who, in their right mind, would think we are the best choice to LEAD our nation & represent the USA, out in the world on the global stage??!?
      No one would think that… & rightfully so!

  3. Trump: “There is no cognitive problem. If there was I’d know about it. In fact, if there was, you’ll be the first to know. Because I will tell you.”
    LOL… There’s a cognitive problem in that statement itself. (He would not know about it.)
    There’s also a Narcissistic problem/lie in it too… cuz’ the last person on Earth that will admit he has any problem whatsoever, is the Narcissist himself. They’re so totally convinced they are smarter & better than EVERYONE ELSE, that they’d never even consider admitting to themselves, or anyone else, ANY flaws ~ big or small!
    They really do think they’re PERFECT in every way. Getting them to even go to a Dr. when sick is such a struggle, because that would mean they are not perfectly “perfect” right now…& these Loony-Tunes actually believe they are PERFECT in every way!
    So, even if someone were brave enuff to tell him about his obvious cognitive decline, he’d NEVER believe it, admit it, or tell anyone else about it! Thinking it can’t possibly be true, whoever said it is an idiot… & that he is still so superior to everyone else, that no one would notice a difference, even IF there was one!
    NOT a coincidence that the worst, murderous dictators in history of the world, also happen to be Malignant [or Covert] Narcissists that were given too much power!

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