President Biden Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Hysterically Lame Swipe at Democratic Successes

The spectacle of the Republican Party’s efforts to malign Democrats is spiraling ever deeper into an abyss of pitiful nonsense. Since they have nothing of substance with which to attack President Biden and the Democrats. so they have resorted to humiliating themselves with preposterous rants and fabricated scandals.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gun

The fake scandal factory of the GOP has already spent untold hours in hearings wherein they thought they were hammering Democrats, but in which they only managed to dirty themselves with the mud they were throwing.

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On Sunday, the Shadow GOP Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, delivered a speech at the ultra right-wing Turning Point conference. She was surely convinced that her oratory would sink the Democratic Party and President Biden. Unfortunately for her, it had quite the opposite effect. So much so, in fact, that Biden embraced her speech and reposted on Twitter with the retort that said simply “”Caught us. President Biden is working to make life easier for hardworking families.” Greene began by noting the similarities between LBJ and Biden, saying that…

“Lyndon B. Johnson was the majority leader in the Senate. Does that sound familiar? He was Vice President to Kennedy, Joe was Vice President Obama. He was appointed as the president after JFK was assassinated. Then he was elected. His big socialist programs were the Great Society.

“The Great Society were big government programs to address education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and welfare, the Office of Economic Opportunity and big labor and labor unions. Now LBJ had the Great Society, but Joe Biden had Build Back Better. And he still was working on it, the largest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs, that is actually finishing what FDR started, that LBJ expanded on and Joe Biden is attempting to complete.”

OH NOES!!! What a monster. President Biden is successfully addressing “education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and welfare.” Whatever will become of America and her poor, beleaguered people when those problems have been mitigated?

Indeed. Biden has followed in the hallowed footsteps of past Democratic leaders who also sought to improve the lives and everyday Americans. And he is proud of having done so. It is the longtime mission of Democrats to advance the interests of hard-working people and middle-class citizens. As opposed to the mission of Republicans to advance the interests of corporations and the wealthy.

Greene continued with what she regards as failures of the Biden administration, such as $32 trillion of debt, much of which is attributable to Trump. She adds remarks about homelessness, which Republicans have never sought to address, or even pretend to care about. Then she comes to inflation, which has gone down for the last twelve consecutive months.

The speech that Greene disgorged was so ridiculous that the Lincoln Project turned it into a Democratic advertisement. And a damn good one…


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18 thoughts on “President Biden Trolls Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Hysterically Lame Swipe at Democratic Successes

  1. I’d love to see every penny of those tax cuts paid back — from Dubya through Trump. That’d put a dent in the det and gag (wishful thinking) MTG.

  2. True. Democrats have long been the Party for blue collar working-class Americans. But, guess they got tired of also being the Party without the big $$$ & donors…& with GOP raking in the big bucks, cost of campaigning skyrocketed! Dems found it hard to compete & had to feel like the other side had all the money, while Dems were Party of the NOT-wealthy.
    This is what happens when private money – now, “dark money”, secret donors – is allowed to fund campaigns. Corporate power & greed having been unleashed, spent $$$ saved on taxes to keep their GOP pals in power to do more favors. And, maybe the Dems got sick of being the Party of the working-class (poor), watching GOP get many million$$$ to campaign agsinst them?!
    We CANNOT have a real & fair democracy that works for ALL OF US as long as private funding (wealth) is gifted to 1 political Party. It breeds rampant CORRUPTION! Now both major parties are working for those giving out 10’s of MILLIONS free money, in addition to lobbyist $$$. Who is working for the majority of working-class Americans now?? Just Inds. & smattering of Dems in Congress & folks, a small group of them cannot do it alone!
    Are we not as smart as other democracies, who have seen the corruption within & REMOVED private funding from their politics?!!
    You want to make America great again? This is where it has to begin!
    Where are our true American Leaders? We need you NOW, please!

  3. Who’s this terrorist and why has she NOT been arrested yet? What’s the hold-up there?

  4. This reminds me of a time when I was channel-surfing and landed on a woman reading off a list of interesting and fun things to do. Then I realized that I was on the Christian channel and she was reading from a list of things she considered sins.

    • Oh my! What a surprise that had to be!
      Church & potlucks would be a short list of what’s good to do. The potlucks are great ~ those ladies put together some tasty food & it’s a good time.

  5. Recently, another wingnut job, Lauren Boebert, submitted a bill, “Impeach Joe Biden”. Why ? Because she wants to. Marjorie doesn’t have many more brains than that, so from where does she get her big words? I read an article today, she uses “Wikipedia”. I would like to add, she googles them. And, let’s not forget her lord and savior, Donald Trump Sn. , IF elected president in 2024,, Donald wants to eradicate government in favor of Executive Rule, And, clown, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is looking forward to being his Vice President. Donald has already said MTG would serve well as Senator.

    • Don’t they just make you want to puke?! I’m ready to give up my citizenship if that orange-faced asswipe gets in again!
      Article 3 of 14th Am. is quite clear — why is the other Party silent on this?!! Need to clean House & Senate too — the place is a pig-stye full of hogwash! SCOTUS too!

      • I am in the process of applying for Candian citizenship now. I am going for the dual citizenship thing because i am afraid they may stop my Social Security if i revoke my United States citizenship. But i am not staying here in the United States if the Orange Dictator gets in. I just read an article on the Steady website that outlines TUMP’s plan for dictatorship starting in 2025 if he gets in. It is extremely disturbing and scary to say the least. I sure as hell don’t want to be here then. We are going to have make sure we get the votes out for our side next year. That article has me spooked. TUMP has aspirations of another Adolf Hitler or maybe worse.

        • Kudos to you for applying to Canada! Dual is definitely the smart way to go, or likely would take away your S.S., even though it’s a “trust” that you paid into & they owe it to you! Plenty of folks like me may not see 65.. .67 to collect it & I was self-employed for a while, so had to pay double amt. during that time. I was born & raised in CA (64 now & still in CA) — never did I think I’d give up my U.S. citizenship for any reason, but this is NOT my America anymore & the more I know, the less I want to be associated with it & what’s to come.
          Timothy Snyder wrote a book called, “On Tyranny” that I think everyone should read. A short book — 10 Chapters (Lessons) — on how tyranny takes hold. We are well on the way, sadly. Scariest book I ever read; GOP will likely ban it soon. Blatant authoritarian tyrants like DeSantis & Trumpty Dumpty (+ fellow GOP) are hardly even hitting ‘speed bumps’ to slow them down. USA will be cautionary tale for any 2-Party system where money/greed run amok & the people are not vigilant. (Sigh) We thought “we’d never let it happen here”. (Doesn’t need to be everyone.) Greed; complacency; arrogance; FauxNotNooz & a struggling electorate w/o a “safety net” & those who accept lies, chaos & corruption…divided by hate, they’ll hand over the only power the people ever had…the Power of their Vote. It’s not EZ decision to give up citizenship & leave it all behind.
          But this is NOT the America we loved & pledged allegiance to as kids. More like Putin’s oligarchy, or Hungary. If here, might be jailed for speaking “inconvenient truths”…!¿! (Hmmm…sounds more like Russia, than USofA.)

          ~~> “I speak my mind cuz’ it hurts to bite my tongue.” <~~

          Best wishes, always. And don't leave w/o saying "Bye"…

          • You are so right in saying this is NOT the America we loved and pledged allegiance to as kids. It is more like Putin’s oligarchy. It really does sound a lot like Russia. I am distressed and dismayed the way things are now. And the sheer number of people that still think TUMP is God and Master of the Universe. I hope i can still get this site when i do go to Canada. I really won’t be too far away as i have chosen the provinces of New Brunswick, (Which shares it’s western border with Maine) or Nova Scotia. Those 2 provinces have a lot in common with the same stores, restaurants, malls, and products the United States has. They even have the brown UPS trucks as they do here. Canada has a Social Security agreement with the United States also as they do with England, Scotland, Ireland and a host of other free democratic nations in the world.

        • John, good for you for starting the Dual Citizenship process now. If No Labels gets on the ballot, they may have the opposite effect (or intended — they could do Ross Perot/Ralph Nader/Jill Stein size damage to the election (Ralph Nader’s rallies were helped along by Republican operatives and his election bills paid for by the Republican party. I remember that from Oregon). The GOP was probably very thankful to Jill Stein. Her party took just enough votes from Democratic candidates (not just the presidential election) to swing the needle in a lot of elections. But we’ll miss your incisive wit.

          • I read a post on another comment site last night about TUMP and his aspirations if he gets elected Dictator next year that told me to get on with this citizenship thing at a little faster pace. That article scared the bejeebers out of me when a lady that interviewed TUMP said he was going to have power over all of the government and was going to run all government programs without any pushback from the Senate, House, because he wasn’t going to let them, in other words, he said he is above all and run things like he sees to suit him, and only him. That is the words of a true to life Dictator. For example, just look at what that DeSatan SOB has already did in Florida. He has already made the state a Dictatorship. I am not going to live under any Dictatorship, They aren’t going to tell me what i can and can’t do. Authoritarianism is a very scary thing to me. I just hope this citizenship thing doesn’t take too long, i know of a few people that it took quite a while to get their Canadian citizenship. I am very alarmed at what is happening here in the once great United States. There are a large number of deluded cultists here that worship their God and master Donald TUMP. He shouldn’t even be allowed to run for anything here in the USA. I would hope the Democrats would use the 14TH amendment to ban him from running, as he did incite the JAN 6 riots and insurrection. Treason is what he committed that ugly day. Jack Smith is on that now, according to what i have read.

  6. This thing, by the name of Marjorie Traitor Goon, is not even a human being. Her brain is smaller than a Chimps brain.. She is half Neanderthal, and half Goon. What she says doesn’t mean anything. She speaks, and makes an outright fool of herself. She belongs to a Fascist, Authoritarian political party. There is nothing good about this pre-historic animal. The rotten, arrogant, corrupt House Speaker loves her. What more should i say about this thing that should be in a cage at a Zoo?? This thing and TUMP in the White House????? The result: NO MORE UNITED STATES.

    • Neanderthals object to that comparison… claim her knuckles are draggin’ along with her face.
      No zoo would take her ~ that harsh, screaming voice of hers would cause the other animals to poke sharp sticks in their ears, or attempt suicide! Even her husband has had enuff! Divorced her & would like us to drop his last name off end of hers.

      • i do agree, and i would like to apologize to Neanderthals and Goons for the comparison.. and i sure don’t want to be cited for cruelty to animals for suggesting that she be put in the zoo. I know about her husband divorcing her sorry azz and not wanting his name at the end of her’s . He probably caught her in bed with Kevin McCarthy and several other male Congress critters. Thank you, Sunny B for setting me straight on this.

        • Thank YOU! For making me laugh ~ 1st thing in the morning even!

  7. They should end that Lincoln Project commercial with the following statement:

    “I’m Joe Biden, and I improved this message.”

  8. Just heard that there’s a new campaign ad out for Biden — and it’s all MTG’s complaints about him. Which, I do have to admit, sound like compliments. She’s listing all Biden’s successes, “He wants to finish what FDR started!” “He wants to strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid so they don’t go broke” “He believes in socialism!” Things like that.

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