GO FOR IT! The RNC is Considering Barring NBC From Covering the Republican National Convention

The recent kerfuffle over NBC’s hiring – and firing – of former Republican National Committee (RNC) chair, Ronna McDaniel, is continuing to make waves in the partisan political pool. While McDaniel’s dumping had more to do with her being an unprincipled purveyor of lies and a Trump fake elector co-conspirator, than a voice for conservatives, the right-wing media and MAGA minions were outraged and inconsolable.

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Commentators of Fox News chastised NBC as an ideologically slanted network that shut out any views contrary to what Fox regarded as their political biases. Which, coming from the virulently one-sided right-wingers on Fox, was laughably absurd. However, McDaniel’s first scheduled appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” began a stream of blowback from both liberals and conservatives at NBC and MSNBC that was furious and virtually unanimous.

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In the wake of that storm, Republicans remain angry and determined to get revenge. Although their methods of achieving that goal are typically ridiculous and not especially well thought out. Politico is reporting that…

“The Republican National Committee is weighing whether to restrict NBC’s access to this summer’s convention, following the network’s decision to drop former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel as a contributor. Such a move would mark a dramatic escalation in the growing rift between Donald Trump-allies and the TV network.” […]

“‘We are taking a hard look at what this means for NBC’s participation at the convention,’ said Danielle Alvarez, a spokesperson for the RNC and the Trump campaign. ‘Our priority is making sure this is a world class event that allows President Trump to feature his message and vision in a fair way.'”

This is great news. If the RNC, now co-chaired by Trump’s daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump, bars NBC from covering their Trump-a-Thon it would mean that Trump and his MAGA cult disciples would get far less exposure on national television. In fact, the RNC should ban ABC, CBS, and CNN as well. After all, aren’t they all “fake” news?

Fox News could have an exclusive on the Republican National Convention. What better way for them to ensure that the coverage is “fair” in their eyes? Even better, they could offer it as a four day “Orange Man Festival” on their Fox Nation streaming service for $49.95, complete with crackpots in crazy costumes, elaborate booths selling Trump-endorsed bibles and tacky gold sneakers, and a giant golden idol to set ablaze during Trump’s acceptance speech. Just think of how much more money they could earn to pay off Trump’s attorneys.

No should be surprised, however, to learn that the RNC’s idea to bar NBC is just another demonstration of their ignorance and incompetence. That’s because it is likely not within their authority to do so. Politico also reported that…

“…congressional press gallery officials, not the RNC, run the credentialing process for access to the convention hall.”

The only recourse that the RNC might have would be to restrict access to the transportation and hotel rooms it is reserving. It’s fair to assume that NBC could easily overcome those obstacles.

In the end, this just reaffirms that the RNC is a joke that has no idea what they are doing. They don’t even comprehend that they are seeking to punish NBC for firing McDaniel, which is exactly what the RNC itself had done a couple of weeks prior. And that could be why they are badly trailing the Biden campaign’s efforts in fundraising and organizing. Expect more of the same to follow.


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  1. And the Clown Show goes on….and on….and on! An awful lot of these folks are truly stupid!

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